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the last true conservative

the last true conservative

well fred is now out. 

i remember when the rumors of a possible fred thompson run were starting to circulate.  how excited i was about the prospect of it all.  and then came the long protracted non-announcement….  when will he announce?  when will he announce?  when, for goodness sakes, will he announce???!?

a lack luster slow-moving campaign; a low energy candidate…

the anticipation of a fred thompson run was far more exciting then an actual fred thompson run.  sadly.

so now what?  maybe fred will assume the much needed role of guardian of true conservatism — similarly to the role ronald reagan had before his presidency.  clearly some need a voice to remind them of what conservatism is and isn’t.  that conservatism is not fluid and changeable but rather solid like a rock.  we sorely need that voice right now (and fred speaks on conservatism beautifully) as certain gop presidential candidates try desparately to morph the concept to reflect their own very moderate positions.   *coughmccaincough*  *coughhuckabeecough*

i gotta get something for that cough…

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