The IRS files a $79,000 tax lien against Arnold Schwarzenegger

The IRS files a $79,000 tax lien against Arnold Schwarzenegger

With California in dire economic trouble, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in some trouble himself. It turns out that he owes $39,047.20 from 2004 and $40,016.80 from 2005 in taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service has filed a federal tax lien against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for nearly $80,000, public records show.

The lien was filed May 11 at the Los Angeles County recorder’s office for $79,064, according to a record in an electronic database that includes lien filings. The record does not indicate what property the lien was placed on, but it lists the debtor as Arnold Schwarzenegger with the governor’s home address in Brentwood.

… The lien was reported this morning by, which posted a copy of a lien document that says it is from the county recorder’s office. That document shows that Schwarzenegger owes $39,047.20 from 2004 and $40,016.80 from 2005. The document also lists a section of the IRS code that suggests the debt may be penalties for a failure to report certain business transactions.

Schwarzenegger’s spokesman, Aaron McLear, said in a statement that the “governor has paid his taxes in full and on time.”

“No one, including the IRS, has notified the governor of any issues whatsoever with his taxes,” McLear said. “We are contacting the IRS to determine if the document in question, which appears to be a penalty for missing info and not for unpaid taxes, is legitimate and if there is any discrepancy to resolve.”

You can read the lien against him here. According to TMZ — so perhaps take it with a grain of salt — the LA County Recorder’s Office shows the lien as active in their system. He allegedly owes a total of $79,064.

If he does owe that much, then shame on him. Between his multiple traffic violations and this, what kind of governor is he? On his watch, California has become a state in the worst kind of crisis. And their governor is a multi-millionaire who can’t handle traffic violations and he can’t bother to pay his taxes — and all the while, his constituents are suffering.


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  • fozzy says:

    I can’t defend his record as Govenor, this famous tough guy has rolled over for the legislature over and over again, but this tax problem really isn’t his fault. Wiki says his net worth is between 100-200 million dollars, do you really think he deliberately cheated for less than 0.1% of his money, or that he does his own taxes? Some accountant screwed this up.

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