The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Tolerance Argument

The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Tolerance Argument

For years now, conservatives have been painted as bigots and homophobes.  We are intolerant.  We want to control everyone and everything and we are just horrible people who do nothing but hate.  We have tried to defend ourselves, to offer rational and logical discourse why these accusations are incorrect, but it really does no good.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Liberals are the nastiest, meanest, most ruthlessly cruel people out there.  They talk about tolerance like they have a handle on the idea; maybe like they even invented it.  Kind of like Al Gore invented the internet.  But disagree with them and suddenly you are the object of some of the most unhinged, disgusting, vile reactions you’ll ever see. We already know the stories of pathetic freaks who call for Sarah Palin to be murdered or who harass Ann Coulter or spout disgusting names at Michelle Bachmann.  You might think “well, that’s because they’re famous, and they bring out the crazies.”  Not true.  I can vouch for it, because I’ve been seeing it personally for years—and I’m anything but famous.

In eleven years of blogging, I’ve argued with conservatives, argued with RINOs, argued with moderates and liberals and people who thought Jesus was a gay Muslim.  I’ve debated creationism and abortion and gay marriage and capital punishment and illegal immigration and every other issue you could possibly think of.  Never, in all of that time, have I ever been treated with such contempt and hatred as I was by liberals—and not just little wanna-be internet thugs.  By people with college degrees, with successful careers, with families and small children they kiss goodnight.  By people who claim to be adults, who claim to be good, respectable members of society.  They’re not.

I have had my previous blog hacked, received threatening emails, waded through thousands of comments calling me things I cannot repeat here, and treated like absolute trash….because I disagreed.

Two men managed to get themselves added to my hotel room in DC a few years ago when I was planning to attend a conference there.  When I called to confirm my reservation I was told that “Yes, we have you, Frank, and John listed as confirmed. They said they would be checking in right at 4 to pick up keys.”  This was two days after receiving emails saying that I would be beheaded if I visited DC…because of my support for Israel’s war with Jordan at the time.

For years, a Google search of my name turned up a site named Thinking Meat, which spent its time focused on calling me and other conservative writers “racist cretins,” “homophobic lesbian trash” and other interesting epithets…because I wrote conservative viewpoints.

I’ve been called a moron because I believe in God, and much worse because I advocate that children have the right to survive pregnancy.  I’ve been told to drop dead, kill myself in horrific ways, and that I don’t deserve to speak; one liberal woman told me that I should have my mouth sewn shut.

Last night in a debate on Facebook, I was told the following:

“You deserve to get raped with a pitchfork, mutilated and left for dead by the side of the road.  You’re a stupid c—, and you don’t deserve to live.  All you right-wing motherf—-s think you can tell people what they can think or have.  Shut the f— up because you don’t know s— and I wish someone would just kill you.”

What ungodly, horrific insult did I pay this man?  I offered a point-by-point logical analysis of why he is not owed healthcare, and what his own responsibilities are if he expects a “living wage.”  And I can assure you that is not the worst thing I’ve been told.

I’m done playing this game.  I’m done attempting to bring logic to the chaos, and I’m done shrugging it off.

Liberals claim to be loving and tolerant.  They want peace and equality and fairness, so they say.  In reality, they are the most fascist, controlling, foul-mouthed, ridiculous caricatures of “tolerance” you can imagine.  In their world, tolerance means they “speak for all women,” and you just shut up.  In their fantasy, they tell you what you can drink, what you can eat, how you can raise your child, what you can say or think.  If they had their way, you wouldn’t go to church, wouldn’t be able to teach your children moral values, because they have none.  Everything is okay, everything—no matter how disgusting or filthy or lewd—is to be celebrated and applauded, and if you don’t, then you should be silenced. Oh, and by the way…you might be a racist, homophobic cretin, but they’re totally okay with taking your money and telling you that you need to pick up the tab for everything.  They want high wages for flipping burgers.  They want free medical care and free food and free cash and clothing and housing and education and oh, they want you to pay for their sex lives too.  You don’t get a say in anything they do, but by Jove, you better fork that wallet over, you evil capitalist.

They claim they want equality, but in their world, equality means men are emasculated and ridiculed and seen as a bunch of rapist wolves just waiting to prey on the princesses, and women are given carte blanche to make any stupid, irrational, unsafe, immoral choice they want with no financial repercussions, no loss of societal respect, no responsibility for those choices.  Show me a liberal woman, and I’ll show you a whiny, entitled brat who thinks the word “empowerment” means “gimme free stuff and no consequences.”  Show me a liberal man, and I’ll show you a milquetoast, nutless wonder who hides behind his pseudo-intellectualism because he doesn’t have the balls to BE a man.

Liberalism IS hypocrisy.  It is corruption and control and slanted, fawning media more interested in performing sexual favors for the administration than actually doing their job.  It is theft from those who work, to shower free stuff on those who don’t. It is sympathy for the monster on death row who raped and murdered women while screaming about rape culture with no sense of irony.  It is claiming to be “pro-women” while turning a blind eye as hundreds of thousands of them are raped and stoned and oppressed in Muslim countries.  It is claiming to speak for all women while murdering millions of them in the womb.  It is demanding that you and I give our nation up to hordes of illegals, while refusing to help the veterans who bought them the freedom to be as stupid as they are.  It is devoid of logic and rational thought, and it is everything that liberty-loving patriots would give their lives to defend against.

Conservatives who truly believe in liberty, in the right of citizens to live in peace without interference from government, sit there and allow liberals to dictate the terms of our society.  We did nothing when God was banished from schools, and those who believe in Him were not even allowed to quietly pray over their food at lunch.  We allowed the brutal murder of children to become so commonplace that it is now demanded as a “right” that should be funded by taxpayers.  We let liberals encroach on our freedoms, our faith, and our way of life.  We let them demand more and more until we cannot even see the skeleton of what was once the greatest nation on earth.  We have even been informed that words that once meant things like “happy” or “stunted” are now co-opted, and you’re not allowed to say them.  Rainbows belong to the gay community.  Coexist…or we’ll destroy you.

Stop letting hypocrites determine the course of this nation.  Stop letting people with no morals dictate what yours are.  Stop kowtowing in your speech and your actions.  Stop caring what liberals think.  You’re not their slaves.  You’re not subject to them.  They don’t own you.

…or do they?

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  • kender says:

    I remember thinking meat. I haven’t cared what they think, or tried to change hearts and minds for years now. Ridicule, Insult, Mock and Belittle, R.I.M.B., it’s the only way to deal with them.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Back in the 1960s, musical satirist Tom Lehrer wrote and sang a song called “National Brotherhood Week” in which he royally gored the lofty, hypocritical sacred cows of many a liberal-minded Liberal. A Lib himself, he at least was an equal-opportunity ridiculer of some people’s behavior in his songs. He introduced the live recording of this song with, “I know that there are some people who do not love their fellow man and I HATE people like that!” One wonders how many of the audience who laughed actually perceived that double-edged comment.

    How ironic, the vitriolic level of bile from our tolerant “betters.”

  • Xavier says:

    X’s Postulate: Progressivism is the doctrine of hate and envy.

    Apparently you struck a nerve, Kit. Gold star!

  • Xavier says:

    Recently I saw a comment that was so incisive and accurate, so concise and pithy, that I told the OP that I was going to steal it.

    “Name one liberal policy that has worked.”

    Shuts ’em up every time. 😉

  • William says:

    This nastiness is just the tip of the iceberg. If they gain enough power, there is a good chance they will follow their idols like Stalin and Mao, and set up camps to deal with those they hate. Their intellectual kindred have killed over 100 million non-believers in the last century.

  • Deebow says:

    Slow mother facking golf clap….

    They are the ideological decsendents of the Europeans who allowed (and supported) the marching of Jews and “undesireables” into gas chambers. Now they want to do that to Christians, gun owners, and people who believe in the rule of law.

    Morpheus can take it from here…

  • mrfixitou812 says:

    “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.” (quote from Jim Quinn,

  • Eowyn says:

    That about sums it up!

    I don’t recall the entire conversation, but I was once debating (nicely) with an atheist and addressing his points and he told me he hoped I got hit by a bus. Back when everyone was obsessed with the pink equal sign on Facebook I put a does-not-equal symbol. I was called all kinds of names and someone (a transgender man trying to be a woman) actually tagged me in a post ranting about how horrible I was and how he couldn’t believe I was actually a teacher.

    Yeah, liberalism’s totally the way to go. Love and fluffy bunnies forever.

  • Anonymous says:

    This has been going on for a very long time now.

    I’m going to plagiarize a comment of my own that I made on another blog, because I think the points are relevant here also:

    Joan Peterson, and many other would-be Stasi blockwardens make boorish threats against us online, and then are shocked–shocked, I tell you!–that some of the persons they have threatened respond in kind.

    They’re using the Alinsky playbook. They’ve been using it since 1968 or thereabouts. The problem with this is that Alinsky wrote with the unstated, apparently unexamined assumption that the evil, evil conservatives he so despised would just keep on responding politely to libel, slander, and out-and-out death threats forever. That’s the funny thing about Gramscian social Bolshevism. When you start with the stated goal of bring about The Revolution by tearing down all social norms willy-nilly, and you scorn simple civility as part of that “cultural hegemony” that you intend to destroy, well–maybe you should prepare for unforeseen consequences. When your playbook says that victory goes to the side that’s willing to go further, to discard integrity, to discard foolish, outdated, hypocritical ideas, like the concept that the game has rules and there are lines that you can’t cross–well, future generations, if we are fortunate, may have the opportunity to record that some object lessons got taught that explained why those rules exist and why you don’t cross certain lines.

    Me, I am not sanguine. I’ve given up on “dialogue.” I’ve given up on “honest conversations” with people like Joan Peterson and David Guth who openly state that they want me dead. I’ve given up on politics and politicians. I’m convinced that there’s going to be another civil war in this country. I’ve accepted that and I’m at peace with it. Because I know who has the guns. And it isn’t them.

    • Kit Lange says:

      LOVE that. Especially the last paragraph. Amen. The only real question is, do we have the guts? Because I know a lot of people who are big talkers…and not even remotely doers.

  • Kayleigh says:

    I appreciate that what’s being said to you is horrific, truly I do. But we must be kind in the face of cruelty, there is no other choice. Turn the other cheek, this rant on liberals is beneath you.

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