The Hideous Fantasies of ISIS: Where are the Muslim Defenders of the Jordanian Pilot?

The Hideous Fantasies of ISIS: Where are the Muslim Defenders of the Jordanian Pilot?

I’m not a fan of Eminem, but after reading the following ghastly news my brain started echoing the chorus of “Slim Shady,” only with these words:

Will the moderate Muslim leaders please stand up, please stand up? 

Other than Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, so-called “moderate” Muslim leaders tend to keep a pretty low profile when news of ISIS beheading humanitarian workers and torturing Mideast Christians become public.

Now the ISIS fighters have captured a Jordanian pilot whose plane came down over Syria a few days ago, and the denizens of that damnable group have turned to social media to discuss what sort of tortuous death to inflict upon Lt. Moaz al-Kasasba.

Lieutenant al-Kasasba is a Muslim. His father appealed to ISIS as a fellow Muslim, pleading, “May Allah plant mercy in your hearts and may you release my son.” His brother, speaking at CNN Arabic, implored ISIS to “be supportive of our brother Moaz and please send him back to us,” adding that Moaz is a “pious man who prays and fasts and he always flies with his Koran beside him.”

Lt. Moaz al-Kasasba

Mercy? Forget about it. Gleeful supporters of ISIS at Twitter, using the hashtag #WeAllWantToSlaughter Moaz, and #SuggestaWaytoKilltheJordanianPig delighted in thinking of the most gruesome ways of executing the downed pilot.

One man suggested he be skinned alive and his body returned to Jordan.

A more creative type thought that placing Moaz in a cage with a crocodile and filming the gory result would be most suitable.

Someone else tweeted that running over him with a bulldozer would be fitting. A Syrian woman, apparently channeling Vlad Tepes, envisioned impalement.

And of course, there is the ever-popular beheading scenario.

Source: vocativ

Have you become aware of any “moderate” Muslim leaders who rush to a computer or a press conference to condemn this? Does anyone hear anything from CAIR? Or do we just hear crickets?

Now Muslim apologists and the Coexist crowd will point out with smug self-righteousness that Christians performed savagery as well during the Reformation era. The Catholic Church began its Inquisition. Protestants delighted in the torture of Catholics.

That tu quoque argument won’t fly. Christianity has advanced far beyond those days. Various church bodies may snipe theologically at each other, but no Christian is placing another believer in the Iron Maiden. Heck, our very Lutheran daughter from our very Lutheran family married a Catholic young man from a devout Catholic family, and we all celebrate their strong marriage.

But will Islam ever have its own Reformation? Or will the faith remained mired in the 7th century? Will its “moderate” leaders remain fearful of speaking out due to possible vengeance from the expanding barbaric base? Or do those moderate leaders quietly support the actions of ISIS, hoping that its inhumanity just might usher in a global caliphate?

I don’t know if Muslim leaders will speak in defense of the life of this young man. However, we pray for the safe return of Lt. Moaz al-Kasasba to Jordan.

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