The Elites Are Intentionally Destroying Your Children

The Elites Are Intentionally Destroying Your Children

The Elites Are Intentionally Destroying Your Children

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), is in Ukraine. Miguel Cardona, the Secretary of Education in the Biden Shipwreck, is worried about contraception for children. Your children were kept out of school for two years. Their reading and math scores are in the septic tank. This is not an accident or incompetence. And not us let forget that the Attorney General Merrick Garland considers complaining parents to be domestic terrorists. The elites of our country are intentionally destroying your children. You cannot sit this one out.

Randi Weingarten (AFT) had the gall to Tweet that she was crossing the border into Ukraine to check on the schoolchildren in that war zone:

Back in Washington, D.C., Secretary Cardonas isn’t worried about reading and math scores. He is focused on contraception:

Point of personal privilege, please watch that tweet again with the sound off and focus on Joe’s face. You already knew, but Joe is not there.

While these elites are focused on things that are “off mission”, our children are being indoctrinated with Marxism, Gender Ideology and anti-American claptrap. While Mom and Dad are being encouraged to leave their children in school so they can work longer and longer hours and pay taxes to prop up our bloated, inefficient Federal government, our children are becoming blithering idiots. They are growing up to reject us and our values. “Not my child,” you will screech at your screen. Yes, your child.

Let’s look at Illinois. From the Wall Street Journal:

Statewide, in 2019, 36% of all third grade students could read at grade level. That’s an F, and that’s the good news. That number drops to 27% for Hispanic students and 22% for black students statewide. In certain public school systems, the numbers plummet to single digits. In Decatur, 2% of black third-graders are reading at grade level and only 1% are doing math at grade level.

We aren’t often speechless, but the extent to which that performance is betraying a generation of schoolchildren is hard to put into words. Third grade children are eight years old, full of potential with minds like sponges to absorb what they are taught. Third grade is the year that children need to achieve a level of reading fluency that will prepare them to tackle more complex tasks in upper elementary grades that require comprehension.

A child who can’t read in third grade can’t do word problems in fourth or science experiments in fifth. Promoting Decatur children to the fourth grade when 99% are below grade level in math condemns them to future failure. By 11th grade, 5% of Decatur’s students are reading at grade level and 4% are on par in math. Why shouldn’t every single adult presiding over the Decatur schools be fired?

Those statistics ought to freeze your blood in your veins.

KPBS reports declines in San Diego:

Students in the San Diego Unified School District either meeting or exceeding state standards in English language arts and mathematics declined by 4% and 7.4%, respectively, since 2019, district officials announced Monday.

The figures come from the California Smarter Balanced Assessments, which reflect the academic performance of students amid the pandemic.

“As a school community, we need to adopt a new mindset when we review the assessment results, which are a snapshot during unprecedented times,” said Deputy Superintendent Fabiola Bagula. “What is important is how we respond when we begin to discuss the results. This means not blaming our students, not blaming our teachers, not blaming ourselves.”

Oh, Fabiola, I disagree most vehemently. I would not blame the students, but the teachers and the administrators, hale yeah. Every minute not focused on teaching young students to read and do arithmetic is wasted. I am all for enrichment. The teacher could read to them outside about fall weather and the process by which leaves change color. No drag queens are necessary. I found this in National Review:

“Drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says at a civil rights conference in Lansing while speaking out against what she describes as efforts to divide people.

“A drag queen for every school,” she adds.
2:56 PM · Jun 15, 2022

Seriously: How? How did we reach the point at which drag queens in schools became a topic that is routinely debated in domestic American politics? How did drag queens get into schools in the first place? Why does anyone think it’s acceptable — let alone crucial — to keep them there? Why has one of the two major political parties in America decided that this a hill to die on? How did this happen? In the last six months, I have heard more about drag queens in schools than I have heard about the solvency of Medicare. Why?

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, I know. It’s because the elites want your children illiterate. It’s easier to lead illiterate people.

And, many teachers are self-absorbed eejits who need validation of their own identity from their students. We go to New Jersey and teacher Nairobi Colon for this one:

“What are my pronouns, y’all?” the teacher said to students.

“They/them,” the children responded collectively.

In another video, Colon prompted a student to respond to a TikTok comment accusing the educator of “grooming a child.”

“[Name redacted], do I have power over you?” the teacher asked.

The student responded, “No. You could tell me something, but I don’t have to necessarily need to do it.”

The teacher said, “[Name redacted] is extremely smart, and it’s one of the reasons why I put her on the video because she is extremely smart, she makes her own decisions.”

“[Name redacted] why do you choose to respect my pronouns?”

“Because I think every person should have equality, it doesn’t matter about their gender – ?” the student responded.

Colon then cut in saying, “You should be respectful. Period.”

They/Xem/Xir should have started with, “You should be respectful.” Period. Full stop. Now go practice your reading and your sums. Yesterday, I wrote about a Professor whose students (future teachers) walked out on her because she said there are two genders. The rot starts there.

I had eye surgery recently and wasn’t allowed to read for a day. My vision was cloudy and reading was difficult for a couple more days. I couldn’t stand it. Reading well and comprehending what you read is a gift. A gift that most of us enjoy every day. Reading means you can learn things on your own, you can explore imaginary worlds, you can communicate with others. Reading is FUNdamental. Don’t let the elites and the education system enslave your children and deny them this gift. Every child deserves the great gift of reading at grade level. Period. Full stop.

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  • NTSOG says:

    Elites? No, left-wing, self-important vandals and ‘activists’ [read ‘terrorists’] are not elite. People who qualify as ‘elite’ [to me] are those whose character, behaviour, abilities and achievements as measured by actual superior performance in their chosen fields are the very best. They are people who have done something worthy of admiration that is so excellent that the rest of us can only wonder. Jascha Heifetz was an elite. Mark Spitz was, so was Emil Zatopek. There are many others, generally humble people too numerous to name. People who work [hide] in the sheltered workshops of political offices and now-degraded universities are not elite. They like to think they are superior and tell each other that each day, but they are just nasty little drones who have no spine and integrity. They have no capacity for independent thought, and can only parrot what the mobs of like-minded bullies tells them to believe for fear of being sacrificed to the superficial ’cause’ of the moment.

  • Bosco says:

    Those people are as elite as the dog crap laying in the gutter.

  • MD Streeter says:

    When the government responded to the unnamable virus of unspecified origin by telling us all to stay home and social distance and whatnot, my wife and I made it a point to continue the education of our kids. We made a daily checklist with things like “brush your teeth” and “change clothes” (so we weren’t all in our pajamas all day long). Then we went about our lessons, we talked about history and looked at maps, the kids did math in their workbooks, and we had lots of books for them to read otherwise. We’ve since continued this sort of thing in the summers where they have workbooks and tasks to complete despite not being in school.

    With that in mind I’m all for blaming the school systems for some of these problems, but at the end of the day no one is more responsible for their kids than the parents themselves. And if the parents don’t value education the kids won’t either. I don’t know what can be done to fix this problem, but the culture some of these people live in is absolutely rotten and no amount of school change is going to help without it starting at home.

  • RoHa says:

    A teacher says “y’all”?

    No wonder your country is going down the drain.

  • RoHa says:

    American kids are too dumb to use contraception properly.

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