The Culture War We Are Poised to Lose

The Culture War We Are Poised to Lose

The Culture War We Are Poised to Lose

The extraordinary thing about “Progressive Pride” and its month-long, in-your-face presence is the bald-faced lie that it is about inclusivity and acceptance while it uses media and government to turn America’s Judeo-Christian culture on its head.

Of course, those of us old enough to remember the 70s and the Gay Liberation movement, what was presented to us by the marchers, both gay and straight, was that gays wanted equal rights. It was being framed for Mr. and Mrs. Regular Citizen at home as their gay neighbors were just like them, just different on who they loved. The impassioned speeches – public and private – grew from a foundational claim “we are just like you — we are just regular people who happen to be gay.”

It was an appeal to basic American fairness. If this guy was a good neighbor, a good worker, a guy who mowed his lawn, helped his aging mom and dad, put a flag out on 4th of July and was happy to share a beer or two over the World Series, what difference did it make that his life’s partner was another man? So laws against discrimination were soon modified to add sexual orientation.

And yet, it wasn’t enough. Pride Month was declared by Bill Clinton in 1999, and over the past 10-15 years the ‘celebrations’ have become not just omnipresent with corporations and national brands falling over themselves to outdo each other in rainbow mania, but from public streets to public school rooms, the elevation of LGBTQ+ to state religion status is the new reality.

And a jealous religion, that brooks no criticism and considers children belong to them. Indeed, it is over children and women’s right that the Queering of America acolytes have finally alarmed enough normies to notice and object.

But how we got here, how the gaslight is being doubled down, is something we must learn and effectively counter.

Every man I had sex with when I was 14 knew I was 14 beforehand.

LGBTQ culture has no socially imposed boundaries on it. They don’t police themselves. They are too consumed with protecting their political causes and shaming rightwing bigots.

Teen sex work is the norm in LGBTQ centers.

Trans icons glamorize being prostitutes as teens and it’s viewed as a rite of passage.

13 – 17 year olds are a high HIV risk group.

Progressives view children as sexual beings and independent from their parents.

This is a culture, one protected from scrutiny.

It’s a long thread, but offers a Masterclass on how the Rainbow culture conducts itself. AND should alert the normies that, yes, adult gay males target/seduce vulnerable, underage males.

At this point, I’ll add the not all gays disclaimer. Chad, like me, are citing the current adherents of the LGBTQ+ political culture. People like Sacramento’s #1 legislative perv, Scott Wiener and his obsession in separating children from their parents.

I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised if I reminded you that Wiener’s child-sex obsession has lead to bills that put parents dead last when it comes to the well-being of their own children.

In addition, isn’t it ironic to watch the Queer Left go into hyperventilating fits of outrage over Louisiana’s move to have the 10 commandments displayed in each classroom when the Progress Pride flag is ubiquitous in public school classrooms across this nation?

Hey, dudes, if that “pride” flag weren’t a religious icon, then why the demand for criminal prosecution as a hate crime when it gets defaced?

Three teenagers in Washington state face possible 10-year prison sentences after being arrested for leaving marks on a gay pride street mural with Lime electric scooters, prompting criticism from conservative activists on social media.

Ten years for leaving a skid mark in a public street? And only conservative activists find that excessive?


Marxists — straight or part of the LGBTQ+ cult — have always looked to destroying the family and the idea of Children’s Liberation is always lurking …

The book, “Child Liberation: The oppression of children and the case for change,” is by Lorna Finlayson (pictured), a lecturer of philosophy at the University of Essex in England.

Finlayson questions the age limit on the right to vote, mandatory schooling for minors, and the overall power adults hold over children’s lives …

You know, like keeping your 14 year old son from having sex with a 24 year old man. Your son’s Gay-ally teacher knows better than you and will make sure to hand him a bag of condoms and lubricant and tell him to have a good time.

As long as the cabal behind Biden are committed to males in girls’ sports and that trans-identified males are “real females” and tell you to shut-up, bigot if you dare object, this dangerous capture of your children will continue. Normative American culture — mocked as Family, Flag and Apple Pie — belongs to all who embrace its basic Judeo-Christian principles. Straight and Gay alike. There are gays, like Chad, who reject the ‘Woke’ leftism of Scott Weiner and are sounding the alarm. Let me leave you with this from Chad.

We have to understand we are working from two very separate moral foundations here.

Leftwing LGBTQ sees nothing wrong with adults engaging in explicit sex with minors because they see it as empowering and positive.

Our worldview is simply incompatible with theirs.

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    We are becoming a Pagan people, and there are number of idols celebrated in our culture that pose as secular ideologies: the stuff we want, sex and other pleasures, science posing as the truth the justifies our sins, the power of the state, and the elevation of our self over others.

  • Scott says:

    The alphabet mafia agenda is just as incompatible with civilized society as is the “religion” founded by a pedophile… (interesting that they both want to have sex with children….)

  • Que says:

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.“ —Vladimir Lenin

  • A reader says:

    1. We are not a Christian Nation, or even a Judeo-Christian Nation. (Love the bringing up Jews positively only when it benefits you, BTW.) From our founding, all different kinds of people of different religious beliefs— or maybe even none at all— have lived here. I really, really wish conservatives would stop trying to force their particular brand of “Christianity”— in quotes because it’s really not all that Biblical past the Old Testament— on everyone else. And I am Christian and have been one since I was 7. Christian Nationalism has no place here, period.

    2. Now do all the pastors and church workers who prey on children and young teens. I’m sure there are older gay men who prey on teens. And that is wrong. It is equally as wrong as all the pastors and church leaders who do the same. Maybe, oh, I don’t know, take the proverbial log out of your own eye before you start lecturing everyone else? (Or is that too New Testament for you?) Just a thought. It would be super nice if yo ladies talked about all those “Godly” predators for once…

    • Darleen Click says:

      Well you certainly don’t disappoint with dragging in and propping up your Leftist mendacities. You even try the new Leftwing woo-woo of “Christian Nationalism” (while trying to pretend you’re Christian and dismissing both the OT and Judaism).

      Yes, the foundational principles are JUDEO-Christian. Jews aren’t “convenient” to conservatives (aka classical liberals) — just as George Washington indicated in his letter to “The Hebrew congregation in Newport, RI” and John Adams who had this to say:

      The Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist, and believed blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.

      conservatives know the revolutionary beliefs that Judaism brought to table thousands of years ago. Jesus was a Jew, after all and NO WIMP, passive-aggressive whiner who said “Go forth and petition Ceasar to seize your neighbors’ crops and redistribute them in the name of social justice.”

      And your hoary old attempt at ‘whataboutism’ concerning pederasty and pastors deliberately misses the whole point of Chad’s thread. WE want (and get) those guys convicted and imprisoned while the Progressive Pride group of the Left wants to ‘decriminalize’ child/adult sex if not outright legalize it.

      Now, why do you support that, dear?

      • Cameron says:

        Now, why do you support that, dear?

        Because people like him think that pedophilia is a Beautiful Lifestyle Choice that should be accepted.

    • Cameron says:

      1. We are a majority Christian Nation. The Founding Fathers were to a man some form of Christian despite the attempts from historical revisionists to make them atheists or deists.

      2. You don’t want real Christians pushing their Christianity on you or anyone else but you’re perfectly fine with the LGBTOMGWTFBBQ community doing that to other people.

      3. You don’t even know what “Christian Nationalism” is other than a scary talking point that you repeat ad nauseum.

      4. As for that remark about pastors and church workers? Unlike you, we condemn the behavior. Between that, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts, there are a lot of solid arguments against letting gay men have power over children.

      5. It would be nice if you stopped barking out demands of the writers here and start your own blog where you can bring things up that you see fit.

  • The “Pride plague” is aimed squarely at the same target as several other Leftist nostrums: discouraging human reproduction. It’s an important component of the worldwide Death Cults. (

    Contemplate the fall in birth rates. Contemplate the increasing spread of influences designed to discourage, inhibit, or make wholly impossible the conceiving and bearing of children. Then ask yourself “why are all these forces gathered under the umbrella of progressivism?” Plausible answers are very few.

  • CDC says:

    The natural order of the Creator will always prevail,regardless of those who deny its existence.
    I view the vile behavior carried out by these groups as their payment to the Master of the damned.
    They have allowed Satan to rip out their souls and we are witnessing the result.

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