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TERF Wars: When Men Dictate What It Is to BE a Woman

TERF Wars: When Men Dictate What It Is to BE a Woman

TERF Wars: When Men Dictate What It Is to BE a Woman

The internecine squabbles within the collectivist emo-ideology of contemporary Leftism can usually be ignored. However, when the Imams of Gender Erasure and their Morality Police intimidate others and target children, it’s incumbent to strike a blow for reality.

The latest skirmish is over this Guardian opinion piece

You might have thought that the #MeToo campaign, in which women have been speaking out about the universality of sexual assault and rape, would make people more sympathetic to concerns about female safety. You would be wrong: nothing makes you look more liberal these days than shouting at women who express anxiety based on their experiences.

But then, as with experts, apparently we’ve all had enough of lived experience now. When a 19-year-old trans woman was elected a Labour woman’s officer last year, a Labour councillor explained that “lived experience as a woman” was not a pre-requisite to be a woman’s officer. Biology, too, has been deemed terribly passe. “Inclusive feminism,” Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood wrote when considering why self-identifying trans women should be allowed into women’s refuges, understands that “gender is a complex and deeply personal thing, and is about so much more than outdated ideas of biology.” On the day of this year’s Women’s March, trans model Munroe Bergdorf tweeted that to “center reproductive systems” at the demonstrations was “reductive and exclusionary”.

The author, Hadley Freeman, is no conservative and her column is filled with Leftwing I’m-one-of-you signals (e.g. a throw-away line about Mike Pence).

All to no avail, alas.

If Freeman’s opinion sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same faux-feminist take pitting cis women against trans women that has been used again and again by transgender-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) […]

In reality, a true feminist take would never attack trans women because trans women are women, and attacking women for being women is fundamentally misogynistic. Furthermore, asking trans-critical feminists for their views on trans women is like interviewing a white racist about being Black in America: It’s bullshit.

The whole of this rant against Freeman consists of such stunning exercises in fallacious circular reasoning. Not only are Freeman’s concerns about sexual predators not addressed, even many of concessions to people struggling with identity issues are deliberately misinterpreted in order to declare Freeman as a hatey hater who hates.

Ironically Freeman is proven right when she states, “I surely speak for all of us ladies when I say I love nothing more than when a man explains to me, at some length, what a woman now is.” The bolded line in the quote above specifically declares that males-who-identify-as-women are the ultimate authority on what it means to be a woman. The lived experience and voice from every female-from-conception is of no consequence unless it subordinates itself to such male authority.

Or doubly ironic given that the author is one Ana Valens – a male-who-identifies-as-a-woman.

This gender-erasure of male and female is not rooted in any sort of science. Indeed, the biological reality of homo sapiens is rejected in total.

Good manners, treating individuals with civility, taking a live-and-let-live attitude towards other adults is not enough. We are to stop teachers from saying “boys and girls”. We are allow men to beat (or even beat up) women in sports. We are to seize minors from their parents if the parents disagree with chemical sterilization of their children.

And women are to shut-up or stay out of the public square if they won’t accept males in the restroom, locker room, or shower.

3rd Wave Feminism is nothing more than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Left. Now people like Freeman are learning what they are losing by putting group identity first.

Make no mistake. If an adult wishes to cosplay 24/7 as any ‘identity’ … even as an emperor dressed in the finest raiment … they are free knock themselves out. However, I will not be bullied out of pointing out the emperor is naked.

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  • Timmy says:

    I fully support the TG. That will be the thing that bring’s down feminism.

  • When you use the term cis woman to distinguish from trans woman, you admit the difference.
    I prefer the terms woman and faux woman. 🙂

  • GWB says:

    They’re ALL nuts.

  • Green Eyed Jinn says:

    Well, at least on nugget of truthful admission from Ms. Freeman: “there are significant physical differences between male-born bodies and female-born ones.”
    What’s next? An admission that men and women have different thinking patterns and preferences?

    PS does she have any intention to change her last name?

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