Johnny Depp Channels John Wilkes Booth, Muses About Assassinating a President [VIDEO]

Johnny Depp Channels John Wilkes Booth, Muses About Assassinating a President [VIDEO]

Do your kids like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies? You might want to reconsider throwing your hard-earned bucks Johnny Depp’s way.

On Thursday night, Depp, aka “Captain Jack Sparrow,” was appearing on stage at the Glastonbury Film Festival in the UK when he mused about assassinating President Trump:


Listen to this:

Oh, isn’t he clever? So edgy! So courageous! It’s easy to threaten the president of the United States when you live in ritzy French digs.

Ironic that Depp said that “Trump needs help. There are a lot of dark places he could go.” If there are dark places, then Johnny Depp is the gatekeeper. He was drunk at an awards show, flouted Australian quarantine laws with his dogs, and abused his wife. And that’s not all. His latest movies flopped, and he’s in dire financial shape. Then there’s his behavior on the set of the latest “Pirates” movie, when he was chronically late and drunk. Moreover, he refused to learn his lines, forcing the studio to give him an earpiece on the set.

And Depp thinks that Trump needs help? The guy who looks and acts like he might be Keith Richards’ little brother?

Keith Richards. Credit:

Oy. We’re only halfway through 2017, and already my head hurts from reading about these Stupid Celebrity Stunts.

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