Common Core Standards or Alinsky 101 for Six year olds?

As a parent I have been studiously watching the growing debate over Common Core Standards (CCS) grow and grow. A couple of months ago I honestly had no idea what these “new” educational standards were, then I started to hear the phrase mentioned on radio shows like Glenn Beck’s and started really paying attention.

When I started becoming aware of CCS I wrote a posting here called “Common Core and the Hitler youth-Can it happen here?” and since then the horror that I have experienced with each new rabbit hole I uncover in CCS has only grown. I am currently preparing a presentation to take to the Archdiocese in my city asking them to reject the implementation of Common Core-flying in the face of the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative.

When someone sent me a link to a posting on another blog about Common Core recommended texts in Utah, I was of course interested in what it had to say. You see, CCS doesn’t allow parents to see the materials or the assignments in the curriculum in most states where it has been implemented. Yes, that is right, I said parents are not ALLOWED to see the assignments in the curriculum. If you view your job as a parent as I do, you will be equally outraged when you see the video that was included in that post which is below.

Note the phrasing that maligns the parents and describes them as “nags”, this is no accident. This is meant to drive a wedge of distrust between you and your children from an early age. You are no longer their primary link to the knowledge that they seek-that distinction belongs to the State.

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