Common Core Standards or Alinsky 101 for Six year olds?

Common Core Standards or Alinsky 101 for Six year olds?

As a parent I have been studiously watching the growing debate over Common Core Standards (CCS) grow and grow. A couple of months ago I honestly had no idea what these “new” educational standards were, then I started to hear the phrase mentioned on radio shows like Glenn Beck’s and started really paying attention.

When I started becoming aware of CCS I wrote a posting here called “Common Core and the Hitler youth-Can it happen here?” and since then the horror that I have experienced with each new rabbit hole I uncover in CCS has only grown. I am currently preparing a presentation to take to the Archdiocese in my city asking them to reject the implementation of Common Core-flying in the face of the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative.

When someone sent me a link to a posting on another blog about Common Core recommended texts in Utah, I was of course interested in what it had to say. You see, CCS doesn’t allow parents to see the materials or the assignments in the curriculum in most states where it has been implemented. Yes, that is right, I said parents are not ALLOWED to see the assignments in the curriculum. If you view your job as a parent as I do, you will be equally outraged when you see the video that was included in that post which is below.

Note the phrasing that maligns the parents and describes them as “nags”, this is no accident. This is meant to drive a wedge of distrust between you and your children from an early age. You are no longer their primary link to the knowledge that they seek-that distinction belongs to the State.

Did you  notice that the “language arts” book asks children to write choosing words for maximum emotional impact? That they should look to solve “social problems”? This is straight out of Rules for Radicals, the unofficial playbook for the Obama Administration. This is community organization 101.

An interesting side note is an article that features a mental health professional outlining the deep damage that the psychological assessments included in the CCS curriculum can inflict on our children, I have included a link here. The difference between the use of these types of psychological assessments being used by trained mental health professionals instead of government schools is that the clinics are bound by HIPPA, which assures patient privacy. Buried in CCS you will find waivers that grant the government school system an out of HIPPA and FERPA (which protects grade information and the attachment of identifiable information to those grades-like your child’s name) thus stripping your child of the privacy provided by the legal protection that was previously provided by FERPA.

“Department of Health & Human Services Regulation Section 160.103 states, in part,:
“Protected health information EXCLUDES individually identifiable health information in education records covered by the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), as amended 20 U.S.C. 1232 g”.

Can you imagine your child being “diagnosed” and therefore branded for the rest of their time in the government education complex?  I have many friends, one of whom is two classes away from a PhD, who were branded “unteachable” by ignorant teachers due to things like speech impediments in the early years of elementary school. What would have happened to them if CCS had been implemented in all the schools in our nation twenty years ago and there hadn’t been a Catholic school for her parents to send her to? Think about that for a moment and think about how you want your child treated by their schools for the rest of their educational careers. Done thinking? Good, now go out and join one of the growing list of organizations founded by parents and teachers to oppose CCS in your state, or educate yourself on CCS by reading Michelle Malkin’s many articles on this scourge on our educational system here.

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  • Sandy Buchanan says:

    I feel sick to my stomach – my heart is breaking. We do everything we can to let parents, teachers, grandparents and all of the USA know about this and it’s still happening – the Government is going strong on this and our politicians aren’t doing too much! We are now living in a Socialistic Society – God help us!

  • hockeydad says:

    If you can’t home school or send your kids to private school, then teach them logic skills. Play logic games, do logic puzzles, nothing removes emotion like logic. My wife and I are both programmers and have from the beginning used logic games and puzzles to combat the “feelings” base lessons at school. I call it the Spock approach. While the schools are trying to teach them words that make you feel, I was teaching them to provide answers based on facts. It hasn’t stopped any of our children from being in honors class, in fact it’s helped.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you both for your comments. I agree wholeheartedly with hockeydad, parental involvement is essential in a child’s education and has been shown repeatedly in study after study to be key in a child’s educational success. Ms. Buchanan-I feel your pain but don’t lose heart! We can beat this, but only by working together. Teachers are becoming important allies in this fight, become involved with your children’s school and be a voice against CCS adoption. Education is really the only way out of this. Chin up ladies and gents-we shall overcome.

  • johnnosk says:

    I wonder how the Maths problem are worded?

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