Representative Debbie Dingell And The Glory Of Inherited Privilege

Representative Debbie Dingell And The Glory Of Inherited Privilege

Last week at his Battle Creek rally, President Donald Trump pondered whether late Congressman John Dingell, Jr. was in Heaven or Hell. The legacy media, social media, and his widow, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, all reached for their smelling salts. How dare the President insinuate that the recently deceased, great man was not singing with the choirs of angels in Heaven. The Dingell family has ruled Detroit for nearly a century. Is it really wrong to take a deeper look at the Dingell family and what they have gained from their inherited privilege?

Medicaid: When Is A Cut Not A Cut? [VIDEO]

Medicaid: When Is A Cut Not A Cut? [VIDEO]

The new attack line on the Senate version of the AHCA is that it will “cut Medicaid.” The narrative being pushed is that poor people will be…

Puerto Rico Defaults On Debt Payment

If the United States wants to see the economic future, all we have to do is look at Puerto Rico. The American territory is officially defaulting on…

Negotiations Continue Between the EU and Greece After Austerity Measures Pass Greek Parliament

The Greeks have figured out the hard way in one week that you need cash to run an economy. Despite a big win for the left-wing Syriza…

Revelations and Playing with Words

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner‘s newly released book  Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises was the topic of many conversations this morning. The talk wasn’t about his views…

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