#SyrianRefugees: Obama’s Pal, CO Gov Hickenlooper Has Open Door Policy

#SyrianRefugees: Obama’s Pal, CO Gov Hickenlooper Has Open Door Policy

#SyrianRefugees: Obama’s Pal, CO Gov Hickenlooper Has Open Door Policy

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, several countries are rethinking their open arms policy for refugees. Not so the United States. Our Duffer-In-Chief is stubbornly insisting that we welcome Syrian refugees with open arms…and ‘quit asking questions I don’t want to answer!’

However, Governors in 30 (Democrats among them) states are refusing to accept those refugees, and members of Congress have crafted a bill to block funding for refugee resettlement. Colorado is NOT one of those states. Late Monday afternoon, CO Governor John Hickenlooper announced that Colorado will accept Syrian refugees:

“We will work with the federal government and Homeland Security to ensure the national verification processes for refugees are as stringent as possible,” he wrote in a statement. “We can protect our security and provide a place where the world’s most vulnerable can rebuild their lives.”

Needless to say, there are a growing number of Colorado residents who are incredibly unhappy with his decision. I count myself among them. And no, in spite of what one person Tweeted at me yesterday, its not because I’m against those who are truly fleeing tyranny and horror. It is because I, like so many around the world, saw the infectiveness of the refugee program writ large in Paris. 129 people are dead and well over 200 injured in the attacks. Attacks perpetrated by terrorists posing as refugees. Terrorist “refugees” who slithered into France through Greece and Turkey via refugee camps.

“This is what we had feared,” a senior French official told the Wall Street Journal.

European officials told CNN that they believe a new professional squad of terrorists is inserting itself into some of these migrant voyages.

Pope Francis had already thought about this possibility back in September. He told a Portugese radio station, “It’s true, nowadays, territorial security conditions are not the same as they were in other periods (of mass migration). … The truth is that just 400 kilometres (250 miles) from Sicily there is an incredibly cruel terrorist group. So there is a danger of infiltration, this is true,”

Governor Hickenlooper, here’s a question. If European officials AND Pope Francis have been sounding the warning about terrorist infiltration, what is it going to take for you to understand the gravity of this situation? And believe me, another beer and pool summit doesn’t cut it.


DENVER, CO - JULY 08: President Barack Obama plays pool with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper at Wynkoop Brewery in downtown Denver after arriving in Colorado, July 08, 2014. President Obama is in Colorado to speak about the economy and raise money for Senator Mark Udall's re-election campaign. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

In Germany, well over 1 million refugees have flooded the country. Officials are letting them come and go as they please. What this means is, since late August, well over 7,000 “refugees” – many of them men between the ages of 16 and 40, have walked away from the villages, settlement camps, and refugee processing centers. They’ve not only walked away, they’ve disappeared from the radar nearly entirely. Not only that, but the influx of refugees AND the health problems they are bringing with them are precipitating a major public health crisis in the country. Governor Hickenlooper, can you honestly tell us that those issues aren’t something to be seriously concerned about??

Lets bring our list of concerns closer to home. As Jodi noted in her post this morning, FBI Director James Comey stated emphatically and on the record to Congress, that one can query all the databases we want until the cows come home, but if nothing has been put IN to that database then we are left winging it. Given that bit of news, can you honestly tell us that every refugee coming into Colorado will have been completely investigated from stem to stern? I didn’t think so.

Governor, if you are going to have an open door policy for refugees, in spite of the fact that the vetting process is slim to none, then will you let Colorado citizens, local governments, and public health officials know who is coming in and when? Will you monitor their movements? How much will this cost? Sadly for all of us, I’m 100% certain you are unable to answer those questions, and even if you could – I highly doubt you will.

Governor Hickenlooper, I have a suggestion. If you plan to wing it with the security of the Colorado residents whom you are sworn to serve and protect, then I suggest you step up to the plate first.

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