Suspected Wannabe Bomber by Mail, Cesar Sayoc Jr., Arrested

Suspected Wannabe Bomber by Mail, Cesar Sayoc Jr., Arrested

Suspected Wannabe Bomber by Mail, Cesar Sayoc Jr., Arrested

Earlier today, Cesar Sayoc Jr., was arrested on suspicion of being behind the “bombs” mailed to a number of liberal politicians and critics of President Trump. As you can imagine, the media has been making a heyday out of knowing very little about Sayoc or his motivation. They’ve continued their finger-pointing at President Trump, blaming him for creating a toxic atmosphere that bred this sort of behavior. They crowed about how there were pro-Trump stickers on the vehicle the authorities seized, assuming before receiving confirmation that the vehicle belonged to Sayoc and that he was responsible for the stickers.

So what do we really know about Sayoc and his supposed motivation for sending these so-called bombs?

We know he is:

  1. 56, of Aventura, Fla., just north of Miami.
  2. a registered Republican
  3. he has a lengthy criminal history in Florida dating back to 1991 that includes felony theft, drug and fraud charges,
  4. he has also been arrested and accused of threatening to use a bomb

According to Fox News, he plead guilty to the phoning in of a bomb threat and received probation.

Seized van believed to belong to suspect Cesar Sayoc, Jr.

Much has been made of the van he supposedly drove and possibly lived in. CBS News described the van and the stickers as, “shows a sticker with a target around former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s face. The picture was taken on an earlier date before authorities seized the van late Friday morning.

“Other stickers show President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence giving the thumbs-up sign. Another sticker read “CNN sucks” in all capital letters.”

That is enough for much of the media to latch onto the theory that Sayoc acted only because of Trump’s attacks on the media and on liberal politicians. The problem with this is there is no proof that was his motivation, at least not yet. But never let the media be said not to beat a dead horse.

Again, writing about the van:

It struck me because of the crazy conspiratorial stickers covering the windows,” said David Cypkin, a documentary film producer and editor with the Rakontur production company. “It was unsettling, and also it seemed to be occupied. Sometimes the door would be ajar or a window would be open, which indicated to me that maybe somebody was living in the van.”

What we don’t know is why he sent the bombs, assuming he actually did. Unlike the media, it is important to remember that everyone is presumed innocent until the government proves their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

We also don’t know why, again assuming he is guilty, he sent these bombs to the people he did. Yes, those receiving these bombs are critics of the President but why send one to Robert De Niro? He isn’t in politics. Why send one to Cory Booker, who isn’t running for re-election to federal office? There are a number of questions left to answer but the media, as is its tendency, is rushing to judgment.

Here’s something else to consider. The Democrats have been very quick to point the finger at President Trump. Yet they have yet to condemn Maxine Waters or anyone on their own side who have called for confrontation and violence against conservatives. We didn’t see the outrage when President Trump, Secretary of Defense Mattis and Senator Cruz were sent envelopes that contained toxic material believed to have been ricin? What is that we hear? Crickets?

It will be interesting to see what the Justice Department has to say in its upcoming press conference. I don’t know about you, but I am relieved no one was hurt. I find myself wondering if Sayoc, or whoever, really meant for these bombs to detonate or if he was making a statement. I pray no one decides to try to succeed where he failed.

Most of all, I wish the media would take a step back and stop with the speculation and the condemnation and wait for the facts. In the rush for the almighty ratings report, they’ve forgotten what it means to report the news.


Featured Image: Cesar Sayoc Jr. Credit Broward County Sheriff’s Office

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  • Nicki says:

    He probably targeted DeNiro because of that old fug’s “Fuck Trump” outburst at the Tony Awards a few months ago.

    And Booker and his drama-filled “Spartacus” moment is probably why he was targeted.

    But mostly – I’ll play armchair shrink here – that dude is bugfuck nuts.

    • Amanda Green says:

      Nicki, very likely. I will say, you are putting it much too mildly when you say the guy is bugfuck nuts. IMO, he is soooo much more than that.

  • GWB says:

    why send one to Robert De Niro? He isn’t in politics.
    Oh, yes, he is. He just isn’t running for or in office. But he (along with some large chunk of Hollyweird) IS involved in politics.
    And Booker seems to be running, too. The whole “Departicus” thing was part of his positioning for that.

    But, on top of this guy’s criminal issues, he also seems to be a “chemtrails” guy. His tweets are incoherent (and I can read Crazy, usually). And anyone who covers his van windows almost completely with stickers all of one sort is exhibiting “display behavior” that says “STAY AWAY!

    Concur with Nicki: that dude is bugfuck nuts.

    • GWB says:

      The word for which I was searching is “aposematism“.
      Like the poison tree frog, the honey badger, the skunk, the monarch, etc.

    • Nicki says:

      OMG – I found a news report that says he was a stripper! LMAO!!

      You just can’t make this shit up!

      • Not all strippers are insane, by any means. But it is one of those “professions” that tends to get those on the very extreme fringe of society. (Maybe not the same story, but the one I saw also noted that the one who shot up Mar-a-Lago was also a stripper.)

        Personal anecdote – many, many years ago, my brand new wife and I had just returned to our apartment from our honeymoon. Now, at that time, we were definitely NOT in the best part of town; one of the less wonderful parts of living near the entrances of a major military base is the number of strip joints that share the neighborhood.

        Well, we were about to take a morning walk, while the August weather was still reasonably cool, but were delayed (HONEYMOON) in leaving. We heard a few “pops” outside while we were delayed (HONEYMOON), but honestly thought little (HONEYMOON) about them.

        Finally left, and walked out the drive – cops all over the place, yellow tape all over the place, someone we thought was arrested laying on the ground. Not arrested, dead – she’d shot up the guy she went home with from her stripper job, stolen his rifle, and headed over to our complex for some reason. When the cops tried to stop her, she opened fire on them, with the inevitable result.

        One of those “there, but for the Grace” (and HONEYMOON) moments.

        • Nicki says:

          Oh, look, don’t get me wrong. I know a lot of dancers, and believe it or not, most of them are just terrific women putting themselves through school and life. I’m just laughing at the thought of this guy gyrating on a stage!


      • Amanda Green says:

        Nicki, lol. I just read a post this morning about how this is the THIRD scandal involving a stripper this year. VBEG

    • Amanda Green says:

      Technically, you’re right about DeNiro. However, he isn’t “in” politics. My point about Booker is that he is moving out of “national” politics, at least for a bit.

      But what really matters is the suspect’s history. Nicki’s right about him being bugfuck nuts. The more information coming out about him, the more I have to wonder how the hell he wasn’t more squarely on the authorities’ radar. Fortunately, he wasn’t a very smart bomber. Things could have gone very badly if he were.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I’ m always suspicious when a well publicised suspect has TONS of convenient “history”.
    Remember that film that caused Bengazi?
    And ALL the odd stuff surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald?
    Central Park Jogger rape “gang”?
    OTOH: Remember Patty Hurst?
    I’m sure any self respecting conspiracy theory maven can come up with a more substantial list
    than I can.

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