Super Bowl Ad Combats AntiSemitism

Super Bowl Ad Combats AntiSemitism

Super Bowl Ad Combats AntiSemitism

Antisemitism has been on the rise, exponentially, since Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7. Now, businessman and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, through his organization, Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS), will be running a Super Bowl ad this evening.

The commercial features Civil Rights icon Dr. Clarence Jones, who helped draft Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. Jones sat down with the Patriots owner for three hours at his home in Boston before shooting the commercial. The two had deep discussions about the important role Jewish people had in the success of the Civil Rights movement.

“See, what you’re saying is so important today,” said Kraft. “That people have lost the history of the bond of our people.”

FCAS President Tara Levine said they chose to run their ad in the Super Bowl because of the rise in antisemitism taking place across the country. At the FCAS command center at Gillette Stadium, they track 300 million social media platforms and sites. They said in the past three months, the number of Google searches for the phrase “kill Jews” has increased by 1,800%.

We’ve written a great deal about how antisemitism has crawled out from under all the rocks, is celebrated and lauded by many including members of The Squad, and ignored or excused because of “context” by far too many others. 

Many people are doing their very best to combat and speak up and out against this hatred. There are moves to bring back Holocaust education into our schools and colleges.

Yet, at the same time, it’s highly evident that many don’t or refuse to understand the ramifications of antisemitism nor do they understand that supporting Gaza right now means supporting the terrorist government that is in power there. In Washington State, legislation was drafted to improve Holocaust education in the schools, and was about to vote on passage when a Democrat legislator dropped a ‘whataboutism’ amendment into the mix.

In England, a Rabbi (who also serves in the IDF) and his family have been moved into hiding and are under police protection because of the horrendous threats on their lives. 

Rabbi Zecharia Deutsch, wife Nava and their two children were moved to a safe location on police advice amid a shocking hate campaign.

Pro-Palestinian campaigners have accused Rabbi Deutsch of ‘genocide’ after he returned to Israel after Hamas’s October 7 terror attacks to serve in the Israeli Defence Force.

He resumed his chaplaincy duties last month, leading to an escalation in anti-Semitic threats on campus.

On Thursday evening, the hate campaign intensified with ‘hundreds’ of malicious calls to the family, including threats to kill Rabbi Deutsch, to rape and kill Mrs Deutsch and to murder their children.

In a recording of one phone call to Mrs Deutsch – heard by the Mail – the caller said: ‘Tell that Jewish son of a bitch we are coming for him.

‘We’re coming to his house, we’re going to kill him, and you as well you f****** racist bitch.’

Another caller said: ‘Us Muslims are coming for you, you dirty Zionist m***********.’

As FCAS points out here, when one hate is allowed to flourish, it opens the doors to other hate. 

Hate in any form, and the silence that enables it, will tear apart our society, moving our country backwards rather than towards a stronger future.

And so, a young lady stood up to hate in Durham, North Carolina. 

A very remarkable young woman. 

FCAS will run an ad based off this conversation during the Super Bowl. 

FCAS also has other ads ready to go, such as this one in which pictures speak thousands of words. 

There will be a lot of eyes on tonight’s Super Bowl for a multitude of reasons. Much of which involves the long-standing tradition of watching the ads. There will be funny ones, there will be awkward ones, ones trying to salvage their reputations – AHEM Bud Light, and some will fail.

What’s sad is that today’s climate has lent itself to finding an ad to combat Antisemitism necessary. 

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  • Darleen Click says:

    And before we get the inevitable equivocations “but but but anti-Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism”, I’ll just drop this revealing commentary from Natan Sharansky here.

    Pull quote: Naturally, then, in searching for the “root cause” of anti-Semitism, the Jewish state would appear to be the prime suspect. But Israel, it should be clear, is not guilty. The Jewish state is no more the cause of anti-Semitism today than the absence of a Jewish state was its cause a century ago.

  • NTSOG says:

    In Australia in December, ‘NSW state Greens MP Jenny Leong showed that just when you think we’ve seen the worst of the Greens, a hapless mob of university-grade anarchists who never grew up, they turn it up to 11.

    At a Palestinian Justice Movement event in December, Leong told the crowd the “Jewish lobby and the Zionist lobby” are infiltrating the community, that “their tentacles reach into the areas that try and influence power”.’*

    Anyone who has studied the history of the Third Reich will have encountered cartoons depicting Jews as power hungry octopus spreading their tentacles around the World. Yet a Greens politician displays both her ignorance of history and marches in the streets with a rabble of pro-Palestinian anti-Semites by repeating the slurs of National Socialist Germany from the 1930s. In Parliament the Greens tried to get an anti-Israel motion passed but failed. They are clearly an evil group.

    * The Australian:

  • Hate_me says:

    When did it air? I must have missed it.

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