Planned Parenthood Should Be Listed As A Domestic Terrorist Group

Planned Parenthood Should Be Listed As A Domestic Terrorist Group

Planned Parenthood Should Be Listed As A Domestic Terrorist Group

Planned Parenthood should be listed as a domestic terrorist group, and I don’t say that flippantly or to take away the seriousness of domestic terrorism. I say it with sober and severe understanding.

The United States government-funded organization Planned Parenthood recently put out propaganda encouraging parents to go ahead and transition their children into whatever gender their toddler tells them they are today.

This is not a joke. These people are very serious. They want to destroy everything that represents the family and traditional values.

Planned Parenthood tells parents that in order to create a “safer space” for their toddler they should ask their child point blank if they identify as a “boy or a girl.” Whatever answer the toddler gives, parents should accept it and treat them as such. – The Post Millennial

What or who gave Planned Parenthood the license to pull this kind of stunt? We’ve known for quite some time that the medical and mental health industry has lost its ever-loving minds over this topic and needs an evaluation of itself.

Every single parent should read this and shut this garbage down.

Write and call your local Congress person, shame Planned Parenthood online, and especially peacefully assemble.

Planned Parenthood Terrorizing Parents

And yes, while the following response is a good one to use online, maybe we should be looking for other answers to Planned Parenthood’s tendencies to terrorize parents when they tell them their children will kill themselves if they don’t go along with what their toddler tells them they may or may not feel like at any given moment on any given day.

It is the confident way that Planned Parenthood positions itself as an almighty authority on this mental illness that gets me and how they are allowed to shove this down your throats.

Oh, it continues. More from the guidance put out by Planned Parenthood.

The guidance encourages parents to refrain from “putting daughters in pink princess rooms and boys in blue sports rooms before they’re old enough to choose for themselves” claiming that doing such could “send the message that they have to like certain things because of their gender.” – The Post Millennial

And it’s not just transgender topics that Planned Parenthood is attempting to be experts on. Here, they are trying to rearrange what a virgin is or means and why it’s not a thing. Teaching this to children.

WARNING – if you have children nearby, put on your earphones.

Brett is very correct when she says we have sexualized children. The government-run “public” school system is nothing but groomers. And now, with the help of Planned Parenthood, they are pushing the parents to be groomers, too.

This Is Disturbing

Remember when child abuse was wrong and illegal?

“While kids this young don’t know their sexual orientation yet, assuming they’re straight could make them scared to come to you or feel bad about themselves later. This can lead to mental health issues, unhealthy relationships, and taking more health risks when they reach their teenage years,” it adds.

Additionally, the guidance encourages parents to ask their preschooler their gender identity, and if they claim to be different from their birth sex, then they should begin the gender transitioning process. – The Post Millennial

Good grief, when is someone going to put a stop to this nonsense? Planned Parenthood is telling parents that they are destroying their children by not asking the toddlers what gender they feel like they are and could ruin them for life if they do not participate in this mental illness.

The Planned Parenthood guidance pulls its research from an article they linked to and written by Jason R. Rafferty, MD, MPH, EdM Pediatrician and Child Psychiatrist. While his article starts off normal enough, he quickly veers off into blurred alienation where Planned Parenthood decided to take this article and make the information their own into some sort of parent guidance. Stop it.

Having grown up a tomboy myself, I am glad my parents were not confused. Remembering my childhood, I never thought I might be a boy or a different gender.

Planned Parenthood is beyond overreaching here. Shut them down.

As a human being, it is morally wrong for me to participate in and celebrate this mental illness that Planned Parenthood is trying to normalize.

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  • Cameron says:

    Indulging a child’s pretend play is one thing. This is pretty horrid. But it makes sense when you realize that Planned Parenthood wants dead children. If they can’t get them in the womb then they’ll push to have them sterilized before they are teenagers.

  • Winston Smith says:

    Did I miss something?
    I knew that Planned Parenthood was all about contraception and abortion, but I thought that once a baby was born, PP no longer had any interest.
    When did this change?

  • BJ says:

    Meh. The KC Chiefs just won the Super Bowl, so nothing can harsh my buzz.

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