Sunday Morning New Year’s Cocktails

Sunday Morning New Year’s Cocktails

Sunday Morning New Year’s Cocktails

Oooo… I see you had a fine time last night [slides Bloody Mary your way]. And I have some excellent, and strong, coffee coming. Happy New Year!

There are all manner of 2022 retrospectives out and about. I hope you’ve had time to read VG Deanna’s Top 5 Winners and Top 5 Losers posts. But let’s look at a few things that give us hope for 2023.

11th Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Science

Who knew even five years ago that American citizens would end up in 2022 fighting the cult fad of Transgenderism trying to enforce denial of basic biology about human sexual dimorphism and giving males access to women and girls in the most intimate of settings? Ah, but a glimmer of hope arises.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals announced its 7-4 decision on Friday, ruling that the St. Johns County School Board did not discriminate against transgender students based on sex, or violate federal civil rights law by requiring transgender students to use gender-neutral bathrooms or bathrooms matching their biological sex.

The Transcult has captured too much, we even have the odious Rachel Levine, female simulacrum, using his office as DHS Secretary to demand any dissent from the breast-lopping, drug sterilizing, cross-hormone medical capture going by the Orwellian phrase “gender-affirming care” be censored by BigTech and Pravda media.

Here’s a good resolution: No more compromise with any Trans advocate. Chase males out of women and girls spaces. Refuse to use “preferred pronouns”. And for goodness sakes, protest any child-grooming family friendly drag show or library reading to kids in your neighborhood.

Just think, too, of the business opportunities for Pitchforks-R-Us and EZ Tar and Feathers shops!


Ironically, will Woke Hollywood “wake up”?

Oh heavens, like me I’m sure you will be shocked, SHOCKED to learn that Hollyweird lost more than $500 BILLION in 2022.

Major studios, streamers, cable providers, and other media giants lost a combined $542 billion in market value in 2022, with left-wing studios the Walt Disney Co., Netflix, and Comcast accounting for the bulk of the bloodshed.

I only went to an actual movie theater twice this year.

Both times to see Top Gun: Maverick — the top grossing film, by far, of 2022.


Hope for the kids

Here’s some more good news that gives hope to 2023.

Scarsdale, N.Y. — Kirk Cameron received an enthusiastic reception from families on Friday as he delivered an uplifting message of faith, love and patriotism at Scarsdale Public Library in Westchester County, New York.

The crowd exceeded space limitations, forcing Cameron to do two readings of his new children’s book in the hour allotted for the program. Hundreds of people waiting in line never got inside the library.

As you may recall, Cameron was turned down by 50 public libraries and snarling librarians for the temerity of being out of line with their obviously superior woke values.

Sometimes people don’t fight for themselves, but don’t mess with their children.


Let’s do this thing!

Of course, I’ve got several on my list, but [clears throat] most are not shareable in polite company. But I can offer this advice from personal experience: Don’t drive in downtown Dublin.

I’m looking forward to hearing your anti-Bucket List items.


Take care of yourself today and let’s make 2023 a year where our resolutions are geared towards clawing back the American culture that gave rise to the exceptionalism we took for granted. It will take more than just one year, darlings, but it took the Left decades to dominate to the point that even the idea of merit is dismissed as “white supremacy”.

Enough. Really, I’m warming to the idea of franchising EZ Tar and Feathers.

Until next Sunday, I lift my glass to you, my friends. Be well. Happy New Year!

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