Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and join me at our own Algonquin Round Table, the spirit of Dorothy Parker abides.

Happy Sunday, dears! Before we get to the champagne and snark, let’s take a moment to offer up our prayers to the good people of Maui. The tragedy is still unfolding as the fire is not yet fully contained and the death toll rises. Now, let’s raise our glasses … L’Chaim … and let’ get to it.


Walt’s coffin nearing particle accelerator speeds

Oh my dears, wasn’t that so brave and stunning? Let’s face it, if an actual woman had acted in such a caricatured way without making it clear she was doing cosplay, she’d be dismissed as a first cousin to the Stepford wives or as an example of how dreaded Xtians really feel about women folk.

Not just #WomanFace but #WokeCorporateWomanFace

But grab your glass and another puits d’amour as Gov. DeSantis gets results:

“Today, District Administrator Glenton Gilzean announced the abolition of all DEI programs at the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District,” the district said in a public statement on Aug. 1.

“The announcement comes after the Reedy Creek Improvement District implemented hiring and contracting programs that discriminated against Americans based on gender and race, costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

“The announcement comes after an internal investigation into the district’s policies,” according to the statement.

“The district’s DEI committee will be dissolved and any DEI job duties will be eliminated. CFTOD staff will also no longer be permitted to use any staff time to pursue DEI initiatives.

À la nôtre!


How do single girls afford maids?

Amazing how some people demonize adulting.

Is this the result of the Kardashianization of culture? That rich mommy and daddy spare you of any chores growing up? Oh, honey, if you won’t scrub your own toilet and don’t know which end of the skillet to hold, no one should ever offer you a ring in the first place.


No, they are not kidding

I’m only shocked that there are any brick-and-mortar Barnes&Noble stores still around. I’d say this one, in particular, definitely needs to have the bricks summarily separated from the mortar.

Let me make a note to add some jackhammers to the inventory of my Pitchforks and Torches R Us store.


The interview FoxNews didn’t want you to see

Well worth the time and the questions raised. One might be forgiven for believing we are witnessing the last days of a being a liberty-based Republic.


Your Sunday Palate Cleanser

If you miss P.J. O’Rourke, well do take the time to read through the whole thread. What a hoot.


Your Sunday Smile

A little different this week. Awash in Leftwing demagoguery, threatened and actual violence to maintain power, it grinds down any confidence we might have in turning the tide. Yet, pushbacks can, and do, work.

How it started.

The Kentucky Board of Nursing has recently implemented a new requirement for nurses to participate in an “implicit bias” course aimed at recognizing the historical impact of racism in healthcare. Failure to complete the mandatory training could result in disciplinary actions, as stated by the board.

Developed by the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA), the training seeks to address implicit bias in healthcare and goes beyond intentions, emphasizing the need for a broader conversation on racism and bias.

How’s it going.

Kentucky Board of Nursing retracts ‘implicit bias’ training requirement after media coverage

Vive La Resistance!!!


As we enter the dog days of August — and let’s spare some sympathy for the children who have gone back to school this week (whatever happened to the school calendar that put Back-to-School after Labor Day??) — stay cool, stay calm and enjoy the waning days of summer on the important things in life. Love your wife or husband, read a good book and let your children have that second popscicle. See you next Sunday. Cheers!

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  • Cameron says:

    The fact it’s a woman putting the ring on the other woman’s finger is hilarious.

    As for the bit about Kentucky nurses, we need more of this and more often. Make it so that these DEI monsters are out of work and too scared to show their faces around normal people.

  • Dennis says:

    Walt wouldn’t allow females to be Minnie. there were sickos around even then who would try to “fondle” Minnie,and he didn’t want the girls/women subjected to that.
    Dennis the librarian shusher

  • GWB says:

    That woman fantasizing about how awful domestic life will be is the epitome of most “waves” of feminism. All she sees is drudgery. Nothing about the results of that drudgery.

    Also, I would love to see someone do the male version. I wouldn’t want it to be incel stupid, but it could show a dad working late into the evening, while showing his kids at the dinner table, asking where Daddy is. It could show Dad loading all the kiddy stuff (strollers, bags, car seats) into the car for a trip somewhere. Dad changing a tire. Dad cutting the grass and trimming “her” rose bushes and raking the leaves (twice, so the first time the kids can jump in the piles). And maybe a crying jag from Mom when she’s pregnant and he goes to the store for something dumb to make her happy. And Dad changing the worst diaper explosion ever. And a crying jag from Daughter, and having to ground Son to teach him a lesson. All the hard parts of being Husband and Dad.
    And, of course, finish it off with what that video lacked: Daughter on her wedding day, Son on graduation day from Basic/Boot. Wife going back to her job and getting a bonus (because she’s got the support of a good man). Dad getting to present Mom with a new car because he was working all those extra hours. Husband and Wife sitting on the porch, graying together and watching the sun set.

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