The Most Stupid Meme on the Internet. [VIDEO]

The Most Stupid Meme on the Internet. [VIDEO]

The Most Stupid Meme on the Internet. [VIDEO]

Internet memes, especially the political kind, are supposed to be clever little axioms that promote a cause. Often they’re just bumper sticker wisdom on pictures, with bad spelling to boot.

But then there is the meme that is so blatantly stupid, I’m surprised it doesn’t break the internet.

I saw that meme recently. I couldn’t believe the amount of derp it contained.

It looks like this:

stupid meme

Whoever put this historical travesty online should hang their head in shame, along with all the other morons who actually promote this. I’d bet a dollar to donuts that the idiot is some young twit who thinks that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a genius and that socialism can work.

Now there’s a partial truth here: the Russian Communists were indeed one of the three main Allied powers that defeated Nazi Germany. It’s also true that the Soviets liberated Auschwitz, as well as Sobibor and Treblinka.

But to exalt communists just because they were on the right side in World War II is ludicrous. In reality, the Communists were just as brutal as the Nazis, and there is really little difference. In fact, their body count is even higher. Except that our meme-maker probably never learned about this in school.

He probably didn’t know about the Holodomor, the artificial famine that Stalin used against the people of the Ukraine. Why did Stalin kill these people? Simply because Ukrainians rejected collectivization, so Stalin deported and murdered farmers and took their grain. He also ordered the murder of religious and cultural leaders, leaving society in shambles. Mass starvation resulted, and about 4 million died in the early 1930’s.

Sacks of grain that the Soviets would take away.

One survivor said:

“I remember Holodomor very well, but have no wish to recall it. There were so many people dying then. They were lying out in the streets, in the fields, floating in the flux. My uncle lived in Derevka – he died of hunger and my aunt went crazy – she ate her own child. At the time one couldn’t hear the dogs barking – they were all eaten up.”

But no Commmunist genocide here. Communists stop genocides, right?

Let’s carry on.

I wonder if the meme-maker ever heard of the Katyn Forest Massacre. That happened after Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, and the Russians decided to do a little invading of Poland, too, only from the east. Hitler and Stalin had a convenient alliance in 1939, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, which gave Stalin free rein in Poland.


So Stalin dissolved the Polish government and set forth a wave of terror throughout the country, while his police arrested, deported, or executed 1.5 million Poles. Not only that, but the Soviets also executed over 10,000 Polish military officers, murdering them with a shot to the head and burying them in the Katyn Forest.

Katyn forest massacre

But no mass slaughter by Communists here. Move along.

Finally, let’s look at the ethnic cleansing of Germans from Eastern Europe near the end of World War II. At the 1945 Yalta Conference, Stalin promised that he would deliver “reparations in kind” to Germany, and the brutal payback began. The Russians drove 14 million Germans from their homes in eastern countries and states. They forced younger Germans into slave labor on farms, mines, and construction sites.

expulsion of east europe germans

And then there were the massacres. In the East Prussian village of Nemmersdorf, for example, the Soviets slaughtered 30 old people, women, and children — and that wasn’t the only massacre, either. Abandoned orphans roamed the forests of Lithuania; they were called “wolf children.”

One East Prussian refugee recalled:

“So there were graves everywhere. The villages looked sad and desolate, with rubble everywhere, furniture, doors, windows ripped from their hinges and smashed. The wind howled through the open houses and buildings.”

This was the largest forced migration in history. And it didn’t stop after the end of World War II, either; the expulsions, rapes, and murders continued after the war. The Soviets even kept German prisoners in former camps like Buchenwald. I guess they were into repurposing before it was cool.

So while Americans were helping to rebuild Germany and Western Europe under the Marshall Plan, the Soviets were busy making life hell for Germans in Eastern Europe.

I wonder if our meme-maker ever knew about this. Probably not, and I’ll bet most other young fools with stars in their eyes about socialism don’t know about this either.

Why are people, especially millennials, so, well, stupid about Communism?

Dennis Prager has the best explanation I have ever heard, all wrapped up in five brilliant minutes:

This is what kids should learn in schools. This is what history professors should teach their students. Except most of them won’t, because they’re invested in socialism, communism, and the brain-droppings of far-left historians like Howard Zinn. That’s how you get lots of young Americans who don’t know history, but are willing to believe any crap they see on the internet.

Because they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true, right?

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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

  • david says:

    And let’s not forget that the Nazis and the Soviets were allies until the Nazis said they weren’t, in 1941.

    • Steve S says:

      Nor should we forget that the American Communist Party was pro-Nazi until then, too.

      • A.F. says:

        But you forgot to Mention that the Pols Secertly collaborated with the Nazis and invited hitler to raid poland. for what the Nazi sympathizers Pol’s Called there jewish problem. and then the pols then played victim. after the Nazis Lost to the Red Army..Never forget!. -History Correction lesson 101*

  • Jim says:

    You forgot to mention that the vicious and paranoid Stalin purged the senior echelons of his military just prior to WW II and installed trusted political Commissars with great authority, but no military skill or knowledge in military units so Russia and Russians paid a high price when Hitler launched Barbarossa – Russian units were managed with great incompetence by politically driven lackeys. Then there were also a few issues with compelling unarmed troops to charge German lines and the small issue of Russian secret police and military police killing many scores of thousands of fellow Russians for the most petty reasons simply to inspire others to keep attacking the Germans. Stalin wasted the lives of millions of his people. He was evil and those who followed his ‘model’ of ‘governance’ in other socialist people’s paradises around the world have also shown the same profligate attitude to the lives of their people. Socialists gaol and/or kill people who get in their way or show any dissent.

    • MarkM says:

      Don’t forget Stalin’s betrayal of the Warsaw uprising. Stalin literally halted his armies to allow the Germans to wipe out the Polish leadership of the uprising, told the US and England that he would not allow planes which dropped supplies and/or weapons into Warsaw to land in Russian territory, and did not contest German air control over Warsaw (which they used to drop incendiary charges on the city every 45 minutes.

  • GWB says:

    But to exalt communists just because they were on the right side part of the time in World War II is ludicrous.
    Important fix, Kim.
    Remember who started WW2 – it was NOT just the Fascists. (Yes, you mention it later. Should have been right up front.)

    Finally, let’s look at…
    No, I think the final look needs to be at the Jews that were “liberated” only to be sent eastward to the Soviet gulags. Yes, this happened. And it happened nowhere else that I know of, than in the Soviet-occupied areas. So, they didn’t end the Holocaust, they just reduced it in size and moved it to Siberia.
    (BTW, just the existence of the gulag is a good counter to this bullhockey meme. Maybe we can get People’s Cube to add some text to the right side: “We called ours the ‘gulag’!”)

    This meme might not be THE stupidest on the internet, but it is in the top 10. It’s also one of the most offensive, given how big a lie it is, and the number of people that died because of it.

  • Robert Jacoby says:

    And the gulags for forced labor. Where the intent was to work the enemies of the State to death.

    Pol Pot have fewer victims to work with, but Mao made up for that with volume, volume, volume.

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    Germany and the Soviet Union each invaded Poland, starting WWII in Europe. Germany was extremely harsh in its treatment of the conquered Poles but it was the Soviets who massacred over 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals at what became known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. It took over 2 months to kill these Poles, a bullet to the back of the head at a time.

  • RS says:

    The photo of the German soldier in the meme is of Werner Goldberg. “Google it,” as they say. It makes the meme even more stupid.

  • Fred says:

    As Solzhenitsyn wrote in Gulag Archipelago – Everyone knows that Germany invaded Russia in WWII. What many don’t know, however, is that when the Germans retreated, thousands of Ukrainians and other eastern Soviet subjects left their homes and retreated with them!

    I’ve always imagined what they must have thought “Dear God, as bad as these Krauts must be , there’s NO WAY they can be any worse than Stalin!”

    What a horrible dilemma to be caught in. Between Stalin and Hitler, in the biggest war in history.

  • Matthew Martin says:

    In addition to all of that, didn’t Stalin send Jews to Hitler as a “gift” at one point.

  • Jim says:

    Fred: ”… when the Germans retreated, thousands of Ukrainians and other eastern Soviet subjects left their homes and retreated with them!”

    The Hiwi [short for Hilfswilliger] meaning those non-Germans, Cossacks, Ukrainians and others who went over to help or fight for the Germans in the face of the terrible treatment many faced at the hands of Russian authorities during the War to same ‘Mother Russia’ ultimately ended up being repatriated when hostilities ceased. I believe summary execution was the kindest outcome they could face. Both dictators and their regimes were evil. Stalin, like Hitler wanted an Empire and, for a time, secured one by fascist repression.

  • Paolo Pagliaro says:

    When Hitler was elected in 1932, the Soviet Union already had
    – prolonged the War (the main reason for people support to the revolution was to end the war) with a civil war
    – in that civil war an unknown number of people got killed or expropriated for any involvement with the ancient regime
    – being a bourgeois made anybody and all his family “enemies of the people”, unable to achieve anything in society
    – instituted the Gulag, and the political Police
    – caused two terrible famines (one in 1921, the other starting in 1931) with around 8-10 million victims
    – suppressed all independent press and culture
    – confiscated all private property, sending millions in the Gulag as “kulaks”
    – canceled religion (destroying churches and seizing all their liturgical treasures)
    and so on.
    But they loved the people so much.

  • Voyager says:

    That actually points to the best reap once to the meme is the same picture set with the second set of text replaced with “Started Holodomor” and the subtitle being “Just because Europe didn’t care, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

    Everytime someone sends you the former, send them the later and someone might look it up on their own.

  • Gridlock says:

    The difference between Socialism and Naziism is that nobody every says the problem is just that the right people haven’t tried Naziism yet.

  • PokeyJoey says:

    When the Soviet army liberated war-ravaged Eastern Europe, they had promised the people free elections with Hitler gone.

    At first, Stalin kept his promise. But when communist parties in Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Austria lost in the free elections of ’45 and ’46, Stalin set his secret police. the NKVD, in motion.

    The secret police reopened former Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz to imprison Poles and Buchenwald and Sachsenhauseb to imprison East Germans.

    The communists built sixteen new camps to hold Hungarians.

    Only then did elections start to go Stalin’s way.

    Adam Makos
    Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice

  • Rick says:

    Good to inform readers that the “communist” lady in the photograph was Roza Shanina, Senior Sergeant 184th Rifle Division (3rd Belorussian Front) commanding 1st Sniper Platoon (184th Rifle Division). She was the first Soviet female sniper to be awarded The Order of Glory, which she wears in the photograph. A superb marksman she was credited with 59 confirmed kills, and died aged 20, 1945.

  • Blake says:

    Yeah, Russia beat back the Nazi’s because they received millions of tons of American war materials and supplies.

    Capitalism bailed out Communism.


  • Dan Hamilton says:

    There is another message in the meme, that everybody seems to have missed.
    “That is the Difference” meaning there is no OTHER difference.
    Comes in at a quieter level.

  • David says:

    A couple of perhaps nitpicky comments regarding point #2:

    1. “The Holocaust was unprecedented.” I beg leave–to be clear, as a non-Armenian, so I have no dog in the fight–to enter the Armenian Genocide–STILL, after more than a century, not recognized as such by the Turkish Government–into evidence.

    2. “The Communists did not engage in systematic genocide.” In Ukraine–as you correctly observe–the Holodomor killed (an estimated) five million. This is the LOW end of Robert Conquest’s estimates in Harvest of Sorrow, and the number likely is significantly higher–perhaps two or three times as many. And it took place over a two-year period! But regardless of the numbers, I think if the criterion is a systematic attempt to eradicate people because of some inherent aspect of their identity, surely the Holodomor qualifies.

    Which brings us to another asymmetry in how the Nazis and Commies are treated by the history books: and this applies to how some of the Nazis’ own efforts are differentiated from the Holocaust.

    Somehow, we’ve been indoctrinated into the notion that systematically killing people because they are Jews is somehow an order of magnitude worse than systematically killing them because they are Armenians, or Ukes, or kulaks, or Poles, or people who wear glasses (the last of which you will recognize as part of the Cambodian horrors).

    But as Leszek Kolakowski observes, it may have significance to some whether a shopkeeper in Poland is killed by the Nazis because he is a Jew and therefore a race enemy, or killed by the Commies because he is a capitalist and therefore a class enemy…but to the shopkeeper, it is a distinction without a difference.

    And I do think that is part of why we distinguish Nazis from Commies…as, indeed, your own otherwise impeccable documentary demonstrates.

    • Brian Brandt says:

      “Somehow, we’ve been indoctrinated into the notion that systematically killing people because they are Jews is somehow an order of magnitude worse than systematically killing them because they are Armenians, or Ukes, or kulaks, or Poles, or people who wear glasses . . . .”

      Armenians, Ukes, kulaks, Poles, and people who wear glasses don’t have an international public relations apparatus operating to advance their interests.

  • The history that refutes this stupid meme fills volumes. But a few more points:

    After USSR helped ally Nazi Germany conquer Poland and, USSR started the “Winter War,” attempting and failing to conquer Finland, November 1939, and then invaded Baltics in spring 1940 – a point of agreement in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Official position of communist parties everywhere, including CPUSA, was that Nazi Germany was an ally. When Germany finally attacked USSR in 1941, initially Soviets feared it was some sort of provocation and *kept shipping war materiels* to their erstwhile allies.

    Another interesting point: all Soviet troops who left USSR and entered Central and Eastern Europe and saw the West were considered potentially disloyal and screened; that’s how Solzhenitsyn ended up in the Soviet slave labor camps. (It was his observing of gang rapes of civilians by Soviet troops and other brutalities that made him start questioning the system.). Soviet POWs were assumed to be Nazi collaborators.

    The Soviet Union allied itself with Nazi Germany and helped it take over Eastern Europe. Soviet Union cooperated with Nazi Germany while it took over Western Europe. When it finally was forced against its will into fighting Germany, it did so brutally, inflicting hell on its own people and foreign civilians.

    Socialism is brutal, nasty, and vicious, and we should never fail to let the idiots who like it hear that.

  • Mark Mazur says:

    “Soviets liberated Auschwitz, as well as Sobibor and Treblinka”

    Soviets didn’t liberate Sobibor and Treblinka, they both were liquidated and basically completely eradicated by the Nazis in 1943 – almost a year before the Soviets arrived.
    In Auschwitz, gassing was stopped two months before the Soviets arrived.

    I both cases the camps weren’t needed anymore, there were no more Jews to kill.

    So actually it’s not true that the Soviets stopped the Holocaust.

  • […] blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the dumbest meme on the […]

  • Joe Doaks says:

    “But to exalt communists just because they were on the right side [at the end of] World War II is ludicrous.”

    To be precise.

  • redleg says:

    Nazis killing Commies. Commies killing Nazis. Win-Win scenario really.

  • Michael Lonie says:

    I’m with Robert Conquest, who once said he felt the Nazis were worse than the Commies, but he could not tell you why. It’s a gut feeling. I’m not sure if the Armenian massacres reach the level of genocide, but if they don’t they certainly come very close. That was only one of the massacres perpetrated by the Turks during the lat 19th and early 20th centuries.

    A friend who owned a bookstore showed me a book, then new, entitled Hitler’s Mistakes. My reaction was “Why is it so thin?” But the biggest mistake of WWII has to be that the Germans did not come to the USSR as liberators of its people from the Communists. Of course, the idea of the Nazis coming anywhere as liberators is ludicrous, but almost the entire population would have welcomed liberation from the Commies and formed army units to help it along. Hitler’s idiotic racial notions about Slavs versus “Aryans” prevented it.

    As for capitalism saving Communism by supplying the war materials to the USSR, I have long thought that the USSR would have lost the war if not for the USA being an ally. Mind you, the Germans might not have won, they might have fought each other to an exhausted standstill. I’ll just mention a few factors:

    Food: The USA sent enough food to supply six million men for three years. If the army had starved to death, the USSR would have lost.

    Trucks: The US sent 427,000 trucks. Half the motor vehicles of the Red army were from the US. It was those trucks that enabled the Red Army to move and supply mechanized units. You cannot supply a mechanized army with panje carts; the Germans tried it in the winter of 1941-42 and look what happened. Furthermore, Stalin attributed victory to his ability to move the STAVKA reserve (about 11 percent of the formations) to where it was needed. Guess what moved it.

    Ammunition: The USSR could not produce enough small arms cartridges for its needs. It could produce only about half the filling needed for them. The rest of the gunpowder came from the US. I don’t care how good and numerous your T-34s are, if you run out of rifle and machine gun ammo in the middle of the Battles of Stalingrad or of Kursk, you’re gonna lose the war.

    The huge quantities of materials needed for these transfers could be produced only because the US had geared its economy to full wartime production and that was possible only because we had entered the war as a belligerent. There was no way to devote half the economy to war production unless we were in the war, so if we’d stayed out, that material would not have been available and could not have been shipped to the USSR.

    • GWB says:

      Not entirely true on the “that material would not have been available” – we were, after all, producing a lot to send to Britain and others through the Lend-Lease arrangement. And that began before Pearl Harbor.

      But, I would sum up your comment with, “So, you’re saying that Communists didn’t end the Holocaust? That Americans did?” ‘Cause that’d be right.

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