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Students told to chant “I Am An Obama Scholar”

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Students told to chant “I Am An Obama Scholar”

Students told to chant “I Am An Obama Scholar”

Indoctrination of children in schools is really nothing new, especially since Obama has been elected. Liberal teachers can’t contain themselves, I guess.

Gateway Pundit has a partial transcript of the chant.

And what kind of scholar is Barack Obama, exactly? The kind that doesn’t exactly move a mountain of drugs away, that’s for sure — he admitted doing cocaine. He’s the kind of scholar who thought that there were 57 states during the 2008 election. The kind of scholar who can’t understand why we can’t just plug the damn hole to stop an oil spill. The kind of scholar who spends all of his time on the golf course instead of displaying any kind of real leadership.

Oh well. Chanting songs of allegiance to leaders is nothing new, I guess. It’s just new to us ignorant rubes here in the United States who actually love freedom and democracy.

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  • bill-tb says:

    Well we could try and figure out how dumb you have to be to do this, but why bother … the act alone tells the tale.

  • Big Al says:

    The reason behind the dumbing down of our educational system is becoming clearer and clearer…
    This sort of thing sends shivers up the spine of students of history, with it harkening back to the days of old. Old Germany, old Japan, Russia, N. Korea,…

  • Barack Hussein Obama….mmmmmmm……mmmmmmmm……mmmmmmm,
    Rush Hudson Limbaugh….mmmmmmm……mmmmmmmm……mmmmmmm!
    [For a light hearted take on our present peril]

  • Right now, we are all Obama scholars.

    What an education. Wish it was cheaper.

  • Obama’s record of scholarship at Harvard and Columbia is pretty thin. He did not release his Columbia thesis (if he wrote one). What most people do not know is that HLS has used affirmative action to fill its Law Review since 1981; what we do not know is whether Obama earned his position. We do know that his “case note” is painfully thin – a simple recitation of facts of a case, with little to no critical analysis. We do know that almost every other HLS LR member has always produced a full, published, signed law review article. Obama has not done so, alhtough he was supposedly a great professor at a top law school.

    So, on this scholarship, he’s weak. As I like to point out, my legal publishing surpasses his, and I didn’t run a Presidential campaign on my legal acumen.

  • Smithwick says:

    Be sure to introduce yourself as such from now on, and put it on your resume.

    Instead of having to figure out over time that you are an uneducated moron we’ll just know upfront. So that will save the rest of us a lot of time, which is nice.

  • Parthanon says:

    OK, I don’t support the chant thing, but I feel obligated to point out that he probably had nothing to do with this chant thing either, and demonizing him over something he didn’t do is a tad extreme. As for running on record, it seems to me that there was a rather right of center fellow elected in the US recently who had a record of alcoholism, admitted some drug use, and had an even thinner academic record than Obama.

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