States Ban Abortion Pill Prescriptions Via Telehealth

States Ban Abortion Pill Prescriptions Via Telehealth

States Ban Abortion Pill Prescriptions Via Telehealth

“Safe, legal, and rare” has long since turned into “who cares, right now, all the time” when it comes to abortion.

The FDA’s approval to allow abortion pills to be prescribed via telehealth visits was cheered by the left, because the idea of patient care and doctor accountability apparently falls to the wayside when these ghouls are given the option to kill quickly. Remember, this is not the “morning after” pill – these are medications to induce an abortion. But what happens if something goes wrong? Call your doctor, the advice says. Oh, you mean the doctor that you didn’t bother to see in the first place to get the prescription? The doctor who simply signed off on you taking a medication without an exam?

Eventually, there is going to be a medical malpractice lawsuit brought by a woman who took a pill and ended up needing surgery for an “incomplete” abortion or an ectopic pregnancy after a doctor handed out this prescription over Zoom. The FDA report through the end of 2018 notes that 24 women died after using the abortion pill, with eight dying of sepsis and two dying of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, with 97 reports of women with ectopic pregnancies having been wrongly prescribed the pill. And that was well BEFORE the FDA gave permission to prescribe this without ever having a face-to-face with a doctor.

The malpractice consequences are obvious to everyone except the abortion cheerleaders. Well, as a result of the FDA’s decision, some states are specifically banning the use of telehealth to prescribe these abortifacients. Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and West Virginia are now explicitly banning getting the pill via telehealth, requiring an in-person visit and in some cases, observation when the pill is taken. They join other states that had already banned getting the pill through the mail, and those state laws supersede the FDA’s new rules.

The Biden administration had temporarily suspended the in-person dispensing requirement that said women had to see a healthcare provider in person to get the two-pill medication regimen, cutting down on risks of exposure to COVID-19. However, several states have laws on the books to limit access to the drug, and the updated FDA guidance will not hold any weight.”

Fifteen other states have not explicitly banned telehealth for abortion access. However, they have mandated that a physician be present when the patient obtains the medication and during the procedure, effectively banning the use of telemedicine to prescribe and dispense the drug. Those states are Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.”

So, if the abortion ghouls thought that this meant pills for everyone, they were very wrong.

Texas Senate Bill 4, which the legislature passed during the second special session, went into effect on Dec. 2. This bill makes it illegal to give an abortion-inducing drug to a woman, makes getting abortion pills in the mail illegal, and bans abortions using the pills after seven weeks.”

So, KVUE went to a legal expert to ask what that means for Texas.”

“FDA merely said that it’s permissible to send these pills over the mail, but the states still have the power to prohibit these pills from being received,” said Josh Blackman, a constitutional law professor at South Texas College of Law. “So, I don’t think anything really changes now in Texas.”

In short: Texas law trumps the FDA.”

While some are characterizing this as a move to block the pill being handed out via telehealth by “red” states, it has to be pointed out that Louisiana currently has a very pro-life Democrat as governor, who has signed his own “heartbeat law” in the past. While pro-life Democrats are nearly extinct, the presence of Louisiana on the list of states banning abortion pills via telehealth is important. By the rules of the left, this makes the rejection of the FDA’s new rule bipartisan!

As the decision at the Supreme Court over Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization inches ever closer to being done, expect the abortion lobby to begin to shift their strategies to the state level. The pro-life movement needs to be prepared for that, and these states who have already nullified the FDA with their laws regarding the regulation, distribution, and prescribing of abortion pills are ahead of the curve. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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