Star Wars Actor Oscar Isaac’s Ayn Rand T-Shirt Has Tumblr Flipping Out

Star Wars Actor Oscar Isaac’s Ayn Rand T-Shirt Has Tumblr Flipping Out

It is a truth universally acknowledged that once you star in a franchise blockbuster, your entire Internet history will be pulled out of the shadows and examined by fan boys and girls alike. (My apologies to Jane Austen.)

Oscar Isaac, who plays X-wing pilot Poe Dameron in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is getting his own moment of this. Despite having been a working actor for 20 years, “Star Wars” is his first real blockbuster. Which means squealing fans have been digging up old photos. And this one recently hit Tumblr. Isaac is standing next to a movie poster of himself from the movie “Drive,” which came out in 2011. (The original post says that the picture is from 2009, though that can’t be accurate, since there is a release date on the movie poster. It’s more likely that the picture was taken earlier in 2011.)
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Tumblr users are now freaking out over Isaac’s Ayn Rand T-shirt. One user tried to explain why the shirt was an issue (ewww, icky libertarians and conservatives!) and got smacked down by the Tumblr’s original poster.
Since we routinely hear about the liberal political views of actors (the most recent example is the fangirl squeeing by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards over actress Jennifer Lawrence complaining about her childhood in a “Jesus house” and thanking Planned Parenthood for the free birth control when she was a teenager. This is the same Jennifer Lawrence who says she can’t find a decent man to marry. I believe we call that “irony”), is seeing an actor wearing a T-shirt that has a book with a well-known libertarian reputation on it from a few years ago really that traumatizing? (Don’t tell the Tumblrs that Oscar Isaac also played Joseph in the Christmas movie “The Nativity Story” from 2006. Some of them might have a stroke.)

Of course, many of the young Tumblr users had no idea who Ayn Rand is or why they should be bothered by the shirt. That’s both amusing and troubling. Get off Tumblr and read a few books, kids.

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