5 Reasons Raven-Symone Might Have Been More Annoying Than Joy Behar About the Clinton’s

5 Reasons Raven-Symone Might Have Been More Annoying Than Joy Behar About the Clinton’s

5 Reasons Raven-Symone Might Have Been More Annoying Than Joy Behar About the Clinton’s

000ravenI know there is a lot of outrage over what Joy Behar said yesterday on The View, but it shouldn’t really being shocking. I’ve watched the video, and to be honest, I was happy that self-important harpy admitted that she would vote for a philanderer at best, a rapist at worst, as long as he “supported women’s rights.” I’m not even sure how those two viewpoints can co-exist, but I try not to dive into the convoluted minds of Leftists. She was honest with the world. Is anyone really shocked a progressive wouldn’t vote based on principle?

What was even more disappointing and troubling to me was what the young “empowered” Raven Symone said or agreed with because I am close to her age, and it troubles me that young American women – who claim to be feminists – feel this way. Hillary Clinton isn’t a strong, independent woman. She has ridden her husband’s coattails his entire career, and when he left the White House she used his fame to secure a seat in the Senate. Hillary didn’t work for anything, and the message to young girls is that integrity doesn’t matter. Power is what is important. It’s a societal problem we’ve been seeing for quite some time, and it is why we have young, moronic lemmings like the wide-eyed Raven-Symone.

So, here we go. Five reasons why Raven Symone might have been more annoying than Joy Behar on the topic of the Clinton’s.

1. “That has nothing to do with Hillary running for President.”

Excuse me? The sexual escapades of a former U.S. President who just so happens to be married to the Democrat front runner has NOTHING to do with the candidate herself? Even if the candidate has made it a point to run on this faux “War on Women?” Even if the candidate herself has encouraged sexual assault victims to come forward after having helped to ruin the lives of multiple young women just to protect her powerful husband? It has everything to do with this campaign because her behavior in the past has shown what she is willing to do to retain power and cover up controversies surrounding her and her husband.

2. “She stood by her man in time of crisis….. shows her strength.”

Listen, Raven, this isn’t a Tammy Wynette song. Hillary didn’t “stand by her man” because she loved him or believed in him. Hillary likes power and prestige. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have run for the Senate in a state she didn’t actually live in after he left the White House. And, please. The drama Bill Clinton went through? He got a slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting and harassing women. It is “drama” that he created by not being able to keep his hands – or other parts of his anatomy – to himself.

Also, Hillary Clinton is about as strong as the other liberal golden girl, Caitlin Jenner, is a real woman.

3. Raven agreed (and Kimberly on Twitter… whoever that is) with Whoopi on the comparison of consuming alcohol and sexual harassment.

Listen, I know liberals don’t operate in fact very often, but come on. Is this a real point trying to be made? An alcoholic First Lady (I’m assuming she’s referring to Republican President Gerald Ford and his wife Betty) is being compared to a serial philanderer who sexually harassed women while in our Oval Office. That’s idiotic even for a liberal like Whoopi. Consuming alcohol is legal. Sexual harassment and assault is not. Lying under oath is not. And, might I add, that this man has already been the President of the United States. However, it makes me laugh that they just attacked one of their own. Betty Ford wasn’t a conservative.

This whole time Raven is nodding and talking about some chick named Kimberly on Twitter with wide-eyed, blank-stared agreement like any good liberal would do.

4. Raven called the American people childish for wanting to vet the family of candidates.

According to Raven it’s childish to look at another person’s life…. Then bumbles on about having a woman run for president is the first time in our history. No, it’s not, but I guess she forgot when Obama beat Hillary for the nomination in 2008, and clearly she has never heard of Victoria Woodhull who ran for president in 1872, 50 years before the 19th Amendment even gave women the right to vote. If you want to talk about strength, look to the women like Woodhull who pushed for women’s suffrage – not our right to kill our unborn children.

I feel like I continue to say this over and over and over again. It’s not childish to want to vet the people who you will be putting into the most powerful position in the world. You should absolutely vet the people they choose to surround themselves with because those relationships tend to speak volumes of who a person is. Bill Clinton is a cretin. We already know that, though, but any woman who would stay married to that type of man isn’t a woman I want in the highest office in the land.

5. Apparently a “butt whooping” is punishment enough for preying on women.

Towards the end of the conversation Raven said we don’t know how Hillary treated Bill behind closed doors after the truth surfaced – that she could have “whooped his behind.” This is who we are supposed to take serious? A group of women who demand immediate unlimited access to abortive care, but think that a stern setting down is appropriate punishment for sexual harassment, assault, or rape just because the guy “votes” the right way? I’m anti-woman because I think abortion is wrong, but they are pro-woman because they stand behind a woman who supported a man who assaulted multiple women.

A “butt whooping” isn’t good enough. He was a powerful man in the highest offices in his state and nation, and he preyed on the women who worked beneath him. He manipulated them, took advantage of them, and then threw them out for his dogs in the media to devour after he was done with them. Bill and Hillary Clinton are power hungry dogs who will stop at nothing to get back into the White House. I truly hope they aren’t successful, but lets hope that if they do make it back to the White House the worst damage they do is the attempted theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art and furniture.

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