Fauci Follies In The House And Mick Mulvany Spills The Tea

Fauci Follies In The House And Mick Mulvany Spills The Tea

Fauci Follies In The House And Mick Mulvany Spills The Tea

Yesterday, the Covid Savior was back on Capitol Hill to testify about the Covid 19 response before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. Antony Fauci, the fascist dictator who left before he was run out of D.C. at the end of 2022, was the chief medical advisor during the Covid pandemic. Bottom line upfront: We may have learned things that will help us during the next pandemic but our elected public servants were mostly preening in their foregone positions and not listening. They were, for the most part, trying to score points. Then, Mick Mulvaney explained things.

That hearing yesterday was, mostly, a waste of our money. The Democrats were kissing Fauci’s ring and the Republicans were being stupid, mostly. If they are not going to take this seriously, Republicans should waste our time or money. Senator Rand Paul has not put up with the Fauci bullshit from jump and the idiots in the house should mostly let Rand handle it.

It was all blah, blah, blah until Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke. I cannot stand her methods but I completely agree with her. She started a kerfuffle in the hearing because she said she wouldn’t call Fauci “Doctor”.

What Fauci did to the beagles and AIDS patients is unforgiveable, but then he made us mask up and abandon our loved ones. What about the six-foot rule?

From U.S. News and World Report:

Guidance during the pandemic suggested everyone stand 6 feet apart to limit the spread of COVID-19 in what was known as social distancing.

In a transcribed interview from January, Fauci told Congress that the guidance “sort of just appeared,” adding that it “wasn’t based on data.”

“It sort of just appeared, that 6 feet is going to be the distance,” Fauci testified to Congress in a January closed-door hearing.

On Monday, Fauci said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “was responsible for those kinds of guidelines to schools, not me.”

He also further clarified his previous comments.

“It had little to do with me since I didn’t make the recommendation, and my saying ‘there was no science behind it’ meant there was no clinical trial behind that,” Fauci said.

But old Anthony said it like it was received Wisdom. Then, there were the mask mandates. Here is Chairman/Congressman/Doctor Brad Wenstrup reminding us what it was like:

The mask shaming that went on forever.

Notice when I was introducing all this that I used “most” and “mostly” because the moment that killed was from Representative/Doctor Rich McCormick. He exposed the little demon Fauci as the fascist we all knew he was:

Rep. McCormick, who served as an ER physician during the pandemic, played audio from an interview during which Fauci blamed “ideological bulls—” for apprehensions toward the COVID-19 vaccine by the public.

We all saw it. We know McCormick speaks the truth. Fauci was not hands on. He wanted mandated vaccinations. He wanted to control our lives. From Western Journal:

He played a clip from an interview that is part of an audio book, “Fauci” by Michael Specter, in which Fauci said institutions should make life hard for people who refused to take the COVID shot.

“I have to say that I don’t see a big solution other than some sort of mandatory vaccination,” Fauci is heard to say on the recording. “I know federal officials don’t like to use that term.

“Once people feel empowered and protected, legally, you are gonna have schools, universities, and colleges [that] are gonna say: ‘You want to come to this college? Buddy, you’re gonna get vaccinated! Lady, you’re gonna get vaccinated!” Fauci continued.

“Big corporations, like Amazon, and Facebook, and all those others are gonna say: ‘You wanna work for us? You get vaccinated!

We all live through it. Last night, Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney was on NewsNation and spilled this tea, according to The Hill:

Mulvaney was asked by NewsNation’s Blake Burman on “The Hill” whether he ever heard Fauci say there was “no science” behind the social distancing guidelines throughout his time in the White House. He said he never heard that from the chief medical adviser, adding that Fauci’s comments on how there was “no science” behind some of the guidelines makes him “angry.”

“That level of candor was not present in the oval office. He’s being more honest with members of Congress four years after the fact than he was with the President of the United States, and that’s not right,” Mulvaney said on Monday.

“Your job is not to go in and make decisions. Your job is to go in and give the president the information he needs to make a decision. I never saw that,” he added.

Fauci’s job was to be honest with the President, but Fauci, like Milley and many other of our elite experts questioned the people’s choice of Trump and so didn’t feel they should advise him. They told him what THEY wanted.

Never again.

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  • Scott says:

    Good post Toni. If only all of the R’s would grow a pair, and treat this scum the way he deserves. MTG was brilliant in her take down of this monster..

    I will disagree with her on one point. Fauci doesn’t deserve to be IN prison, he deserves to be UNDER the prison…

  • Que says:

    Brilliant? MTG? If a zombie cracked open her noggin in a search for brains to consume, he’d go away hungry.

    She offered nothing other than non sequiturs (linking the dog experiments to COVID restrictions … somehow), using the tabloid The Daily Mail as a prop, and playing the edge lord by refusing to use Fauci’s title of Doctor. And what, pray tell, did that accomplish — other than making Republicans look like idiots once again?

    I watched some of the testimony live, and was more impressed with MTG’s fellow Georgian Rep. Rich McCormack, an ER physician who treated COVID patients. He told of how he was silenced for his views that opposed the government’s edicts. McCormack also asked Fauci if he ever treated COVID patients. Fauci: “uh, I was part of a team that saw a few patients…”

    But no, the media — and by extension, the public — focus on the MTG circus. Toni was right: the hearing WAS a waste of money. And once again, this is why we conservatives can’t have nice things.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Rich McCormack was magnificent.

      • Scott says:

        Agreed on Rep. McCormack… as to MTG, I’d suggest that bringing up the dog experiments was not a non-sequitur, but rather shows a pattern of immoral behavior, often skirting, or downright violating the law because Fauci “knows better” than the unwashed masses. It shows his arrogance, and disregard for the American taxpayer. Just because the media says it was ridiculous doesn’t mean it was..

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