Social Justice Zealots Work to Erase History

Social Justice Zealots Work to Erase History

Social Justice Zealots Work to Erase History

All over the nation, social justice zealots are rabidly crying about “systemic oppression,” racism, misogyny, and sexism, trying to foist their version of “history” on the rest of us, in an effort to out-victim one another and erase history from the collective memory of our society.

We’ve seen it in Nike’s recent capitulation to the bleating of hasbeen mediocrity Colin Kaepernick when they scrapped plans to release a (really ugly) shoe with the Betsy Ross flag emblazoned on it. And we’ve seen it in the left’s subsequent defense of Kaepernick’s squealing, as they conveniently forget who Betsy Ross was and what the flag really represents.

We’ve seen it in Charlottesville, VA, recently when the social justice mental defectives on that town’s city council decided to scrap Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as a holiday, in favor of celebrating the emancipation of slaves. Never mind that Thomas Jefferson was an ardent abolitionist and fought against the institution he called a “moral depravity” and a “hideous blot.” He was a slave owner – a practice that was both common and legal in Revolutionary War times – and therefore his battle to end that odious practice is invalid.

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We’ve seen it with attempts to rework the horrors of the Holocaust to fit the psychotic liberal agenda of denigrating the President, condemning him for the way illegal aliens are being treated (which went on during the Obama years, but no one wants to discuss that), and comparing him to Hitler while twisting the definition and concept of “concentration camps.”

We’ve seen it in a recent comment by Florida high school principal William Latson who told a parent in a discussion about the history curriculum at the school that “not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.”

According to 2018 emails obtained by The Palm Beach Post, Latson of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Fla. said that Holocaust education is “to be introduced but not forced upon individuals, as we all have the same right but not all the same beliefs.”

Latson was answering the mother’s question on how that portion of WWII history was prioritized — the school holds annual Holocaust assemblies and focused one-day lessons for 10th graders. “We advertise it to the 10th grade parents as [there] are some who don’t want their children to participate and we have to allow them the ability to decline,” warned Latson in the email.

That’s right, folks. People are now viewing actual history as a “belief,” and not a fact. As if numerous historical records, including photographs and film footage, are to be ignored.

But Occasional-Cortex claims that these were merely work camps – completely different from “death camps” – and comparable to detaining illegal aliens who come here willingly (and willfully), because you know… caravans of migrants by the thousands were traveling to Nazi Germany to gain access to work camps! (Pardon me while I retrieve my eyeballs from the back of my head.)

Even Time magazine acknowledged two years ago that we, as a society, are losing our collective historical memory (while studiously ignoring the left’s attempts to erase history and blaming Donald Trump). Putting writer Landon Jones’ obvious political bias aside, he is correct that history and collective memory matter.

We may be through with the past, as the saying goes, but the past is not through with us. Veterans still struggle with the Vietnam War because we as a nation have not agreed upon what it meant. Some parents do not give vaccinations to their children because they have no experience of the ravages of diseases like polio or whooping cough. Our collective memory of the rise of fascism or of the eradication of Native Americans or of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II is the delicate defense that prevents them from happening again.

I would argue that what is going on in America today is worse than merely losing our collective memory, which is dangerous enough as it is. There is an effort to erase history, to twist it to suit political goals and create a new victim class that’s entitled to appropriate others’ efforts, earnings, and achievements via government force, because they feel their supposed “plight” gives them the right to victimize and rob those whom their twisted view of history holds responsible for their troubles.

Today’s  attempts to erase history seem to be working. I’m not talking about the small group of wingnuts who don’t “believe” that the Holocaust actually happened. I’m talking about the successful idealization of an ideology that systematically murdered millions of innocent people – communism.

In an interview with SFPPR News and Analysis, Dr. Lee Edwards discusses what prompted him to create the Victims of Communism Memorial foundation.

Communism is the deadliest “ism” of the 20th century, responsible for World War II, the Cold War, the Iron Curtain, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Cuban missile crisis, the deaths of more than 100 million victims, the continued suppression of the people of China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos and Cuba. Its legacy explains much about Putin and an aggressive Russia. It is still misrepresented in our schools as an economic system when it is in fact a pseudo-religion posing as a pseudo-science imposed upon an unwilling people by political and military force.

And yet, thanks to economically illiterate, but social media-savvy turnips like Occasional-Cortex and her ideological daddy Bernie Sanders have created a new generation of communists, who not only forget the threat to human existence this evil ideology poses, but twist its noxious history around and popularize it. The result is the reemergence of communism as a popular ideology among particularly young people, as mass media tries to rewrite and glorify communism and Marxism, while aiming its murderous guns at today’s kids.

How do we combat this disturbing trend?

As more and more Holocaust survivors die, more and more barely literate derp potatoes work to twist and erase their experiences, and just like they do with everything else, appropriate them as their own – an intellectual and cultural Marxism that strives to claim that which one has not experienced as one’s own in an effort to gain benefits.

But we have video reels and Holocaust museums that thankfully will not allow us to forget the horrors of Nazism, despite the extreme left’s best attempts to appropriate the experiences as their own and the alt-right’s efforts to erase history.

How do we ensure that the horrors that happened under communism aren’t forgotten or twisted into something positive?

How do we prevent the glamorizing of the political repression, starvation, murder, and corruption that is communism?

Unless we work together, the filthy social justice communists will erase history, and rewrite communism and Marxism in a positive light, instead of relegating that poisonous ideology to the scrapheap of history where it belongs.


Featured photo: Imperial War Museum on the IWM Non Commercial Licence

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • GWB says:

    Some parents do not give vaccinations to their children because they have no experience of the ravages of diseases like polio or whooping cough.
    And some, because they actually know history, and know that measles and mumps are NOT remotely the same as polio or even whooping cough.

    to twist it to … create a new victim class
    To perpetually create new victim classes. It’s not just to create one, but to create an infinite set of them, as needed, to maintain a constant state of the “moral equivalent of war.”

    As an example…
    Look, I don’t mind vaccines. I think some are necessary for civilizational advancement. I think others are danged handy. But measles and mumps and chickenpox just aren’t the equivalent of polio or whooping cough or smallpox. Especially with modern hygiene and symptom treatment. But, they are played up as “OMG, IT WILL KILL EVERYONE IF YOU DON’T OBEY US! RIGHT NOW!” “You don’t want your child to DIE do you?!? Or all those other kids in xer kindergarten?!”
    If you just leave it at, “Wow, those childhood diseases can be really troublesome, can’t they? And there’s the minute chance your kid could respond badly and get hurt or even die. I think you’d agree that the vaccines could be really helpful – especially during the school years, where the kids are warehoused in little virus-spreading communes,” you would probably get the vast majority of folks deciding to do it.
    But, in order to be saving the world, or some such crap, it’s got to be “OMG, remember the FLU PANDEMIC?!? We’re all gonna DIE!” So, they twist history to their ends in order to justify their crusade (which just happens to include giving some of them power over your life – funny how it always works out that way).

    because they feel their supposed “plight” gives them the right to victimize and rob those whom their twisted view of history holds responsible for their troubles
    Well, that’s only those to whom they turn as the victim. The ones actually twisting history (or erasing it) are selling it just like snake oil. But first they have to sell their new victims on their need for the snake oil.

    Today’s attempts to erase history seem to be working.
    It ain’t just communism. But that seems to be the model for their totalitarianism.

    responsible for
    He forgot Venezuela.
    But he’s absolutely right about it being a religion. And the high priests are the Jim Jones-like cult leaders, trying to train them to drink the kool-aid without question. (BTW, want to see what I’m talking about above in micro-cosm? Read about Jim Jones training his cult to drink, by using those “moral equivalence of war” techniques.)

    like Occasional-Cortex
    I’m not so sure she’s dumb, anymore, as just willing to lie big. Like Goebbels-big.

    How do we ensure…
    One of the most effective means would be to drive all the lying tyrants out of the country at the points of our muzzles. Unfortunately, that has the concomitant effect of likely turning us into that which we despise.
    The other way is longer and riskier*: educating those around us, making sure the truth is never forgotten, raising up new generations of those who will zealously, jealously guard their Liberty.
    (* It’s also slightly less emotionally satisfying. The other way also allows us to allow in a lot more immigrants who actually want to be American.)

  • Scott says:

    The cognitive dissonance of these leftist idiots who cry and whine about Putin attempting to influence our elections, while at the same time advocating for and praising the policies he enforces… it truly shows the amazing lengths the left will go to to achieve their desired ends…

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