Social Justice Zealots Ruin All the Things [VIDEO]

Social Justice Zealots Ruin All the Things [VIDEO]

Social Justice Zealots Ruin All the Things [VIDEO]

In his State of the Union address last Tuesday President Trump honored a family – Ryan and Rebecca Holets and their little daughter Hope. It should have been a sweet moment that united both Republicans and Democrats, the right and the left, men and women with any shred of decency, who looked at this family and rejoiced that little Hope got a chance to grow up in a stable family that loves her.

But it wasn’t.

At least not for a vocal subset of proglodytes – the social justice warriors zealots – to whom any honor for a stable, loving family means that SOMEONE is getting cheated out of the recognition they so richly deserve for their “struggle,” their filth, their weaknesses and inadequacies, and the scabs the SJWs feel should be proudly displayed and honored, rather than overcome and healed.

The President honored Ryan and Rebecca Holets for having the love in their hearts to adopt the baby of a heroin addict whom Ryan Holets met on the job when she was about to get her next hit, and who knew she couldn’t possibly care for the baby she was about to have. Ryan and Rebecca Holets adopted baby Hope when she was born, addicted and weak, and they loved her, gave her a stable home, took care of her, and are giving her a life and opportunities she couldn’t possibly have on the streets with her heroin-addicted mother.

It should have been a heartfelt, sweet moment that evoked a sense of pride and love in America, but instead it sent SJZs into a froth-flecked frenzy of denouncement and clucks of disapproval.

Christina Cauterucci at Slate clucks that the adoption of baby Hope wasn’t about love, but about power – the power of a cop over a drug addict who was caught with an illicit substance and was somehow pressured to give up her baby.

Note she doesn’t call Hope a baby, but rather refers to her as a “fetus” to be disposed of at the whim of any vicious liberal shrew. It’s a bargaining chip. It’s a tool of coercion. It’s certainly not a baby that was born sick and addicted to heroin thanks to the choice her mother admits she made! It’s certainly not a human being who deserves love, and health, and a chance at a life! For Cauterucci and her slobbering, spitting band of harpies, what matters is the drug addict who made her choices and who was about to stick a needle in her arm and further destroy the human being for whom she is responsible, but certainly not the innocent life who received a chance to thrive. What matters is the guilty, filthy addict, and certainly not the “fetus.”

This is far from the kind of feel-good anecdote that usually plays well in political speeches, mostly because it’s not clear whether anyone should feel good about it. For one thing, the power dynamics of the Holets’ situation are cause for concern: A woman in dire poverty who’s just been caught by a cop with illegal drugs is not in a position, free from undue pressure, to willingly surrender custody to her fetus. Sure, the agreement might have gone down above board, with appropriate discussion, social-services support, and legal representation for both parties. But without any more details than what Trump offered, it’s hard to imagine a cop asking a pregnant woman with a needle in her hand for the rights to her forthcoming child without some degree of coercion.

Jennifer Weiner from the New York Times oozes virtual concern for the biological mother of baby Hope. She has a name, Weiner moans, and since President Trump didn’t mention the mother, he must be the misogynistic monster everyone already knew he was.

You might have been wondering – I know I was – what happened to that homeless woman? Was she offered treatment? Was she given a chance to reunite with her newborn baby, which could have been a powerful incentive to get clean? Can she be part of the baby’s life? Where is she now? Is she O.K.?

How ironic that the baby these leftists claim to have the right to murder in the womb all of a sudden becomes somehow important to the mother. The addict. The woman who was a few weeks from giving birth, who was about to stick a needle in her arm when Holets found her and offered to help her matters more than that child. She didn’t give an airborne rodent’s anus that every time she stuck that needle into her arm and injected poison into her bloodstream, she was also injecting deadly toxins into the body of her unborn child, but all of a sudden meeting the child she would have eventually killed would have given her “a powerful incentive to get clean?”

The innocent baby doesn’t matter to Weiner. The filthy addict who nearly destroyed the baby does.

Hell, at least Weiner referred to Hope as a baby and not a fetus. I guess we should be grateful for that.

If I sound bitter and unsympathetic, I am.

Eighteen years ago, I adopted the child of two heroin addicts.

I am an adoptive parent. I have a daughter who was deeply affected by her parents’ actions, whose mother likely injected heroin into her veins while she was pregnant with her, and whom we took into our home and our lives when she was five years old.

I will spare you the description of the emotional and psychological trauma she went through before she came to us. Suffice it to say she was not OK for a very long time.

A couple of years after my daughter came to live with us, the parents started making demands about seeing her. They did not get clean. The continued to do what they did, but they felt entitled to my little girl, because the crack whore that gave birth to her somehow claimed to “give her life.”

My reply was an unequivocal no.

You chose drugs over your child.

You chose your pleasure over the welfare and very life of an innocent human being.

You were offered treatment and you refused, because your next high was much more important than an innocent child whom you neglected and abused.

So, no. You don’t get to see the child you abandoned for your next heroin hit. You don’t deserve her. The only decent thing you ever did for that child is give her up and allow her to have the chance at a safe, secure, and loving future.

And no, I had no sympathy for the sub human slime who left so many scars on my little girl.

But the sniveling shrews who grumbled that the President honored the heroes who gave an innocent baby a chance to live while failing to mention the filth that ignored and neglected that same baby, think the slime matters more, and are the same ones who would scream, demonstrate, and protest at any effort to protect that same baby, while studiously refusing to acknowledge the humanity of said child by referring to her as a “fetus.”

And, of course, much like they tried to ruin Halloween, yoga, tiny houses, blues music, Mexican and Chinese food, Thanksgiving, dating, and the Gap, they are working like hell to defile a moment of beauty that the President of the United States highlighted during his State of the Union address.

The SJZs cannot possibly tolerate anyone’s happiness, because when someone who is not in the Victim-of-the-Month Club is happy, someone who is a miserable, disgusting failure is obviously cheated out of their joy.

Their view on life is much like their view on economics. Happiness to them, like wealth, is finite and cannot grow. Much like they want to redistribute wealth from those who have earned it, claiming no one needs those excesses and trying to give their earnings to those who did not work for them, instead of wishing everyone happiness, they would rather take joy away from those who experience it in favor of miserable filth that did nothing to earn it.

They live to destroy others’ joy in favor of everything that is immoral and evil, and that’s why they simply cannot allow America to love that moment.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • parker says:

    If one rejects, and chooses to ignore the compassion of this story; I wish them a minor scratch that turns gangrene and the appendage, includining the haed needs to be amputated.

  • Jim says:

    Honi soir qui mal y pense!

    There is little doubt in my mind that modern SJWs are totally engrossed with the negative so as to justify their own miserable existence and that any one who is not a victim must be, by their operational definition, a predator and evil. It is my experience when working in the welfare sector that ‘covens’ of such types happily destroy effective welfare or education programs for people in need to ‘get’ or target staff who are not part of their precious cliques. This is even more the case when the people who are not part of their vicious cliques are actually effective and doing good. It is all about the fragile and poor self-esteem of SJws and indicative of people who have no moral and intellectual strength.

  • Berzrkr50 says:

    Eff ’em. If compassion and helpfulness causes them pain, may they live in misery forever. Come to think of it, eventually they will.

  • GWB says:

    What matters is the guilty, filthy addict
    I have to call you out on this, Marta. Unless you know a lot more about this situation than I have heard, you really go too far with that. While there certainly are those who are without hope, there are also a lot of addicts who want out.

    If I sound bitter and unsympathetic, I am.
    While your situation isn’t uncommon, it’s not the only situation. The story as portrayed by Trump implied a measure of love for the child by the mother. Give her the benefit of the doubt on this one, until you have information that demonstrates otherwise.

    Those issues don’t invalidate your concern about these folks, though.
    they are working like hell to defile a moment of beauty that the President of the United States highlighted during his State of the Union address.
    QFT. Partly because they can’t stand happiness (that isn’t within their own circle of hell) and partly because they can’t stand Trump.

    I’m going to slightly agree with the SJWs in calling for a concern for the addicts. Let’s not let the goodness of rescuing this baby be the limit of what we do. (I’m betting the adoptive father didn’t give up on that woman – at least not yet.) But we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good – this couple deserves some praise for a selfless act, along with all the other adoptive parents out there. Let’s give life a chance.

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