SJW fail of the week: protest the existence of Winston Churchill in London

SJW fail of the week: protest the existence of Winston Churchill in London

SJW fail of the week: protest the existence of Winston Churchill in London

Our favorite SJW’s struck a cafe in London for daring to feature a bust of Winston Churchill. They failed spectacularly and made me laugh a lot, so I am sharing the snark.

This particular group of knuckleheads as reported here went to the Blighty Cafe. This breakfast joint has lots of quirky artwork including a figure of Sir Winston Churchill sitting at a table.

Yes, this is the artwork that makes the cupcakes cry. And disrupt peoples’ breakfast. People who actually work for a living and are out for a spot of caffeine and food. Noting, for the record, that these charming little darlings are not squalling somewhere working class. Because Alf and his mates would kick the crap out of these brats. But back to the idiots. The Washington Examiner had a nice summary of the events:

A video of the protest shows a group of around ten individuals entering the cafe and reading off a poorly prepared script. They begin with standard fare SJWisms: “We cannot accept the unashamed colonial and gentrifying presence of this cafe.”

Gentrification is bad, you see, because although it injects jobs, wealth and services into poorer communities, it also upsets hipsters who think they are revolutionaries. The wannabes continued, “We demand that the owners of the cafe apologize to the local community for the poorly thought out and insensitive branding.”

How dare you try and make a neighborhood safe for families to live in. The poor people want to live in squalor, crime, and joblessness topped with a complete loss of hope. It gets better. The insensitive branding? What in the nine hells are these fools referring to? They demand the cafe change their decor and menu because it is colonialist? I can’t even. Here is the cafe that is causing so much butthurt.

Looks kinda hippie-filled to me. And tasty as all get out.

How dare the hippies bring jobs and hope to the poor? “Let them live in squalor!” seems to be the SJW mantra. Um, the video? Is a bit profane, but it is amusing and I think VG Marta would appreciate a few new cursewords. Connor the dog and I enjoyed this video quite a lot really:

Twitter also had a few choice words for the idiot crew:

The words, thank you from Halima Hussein who got an education thanks to English tolerance, may be too much to ask for. But who are the wee darlings who are so upset the hood is being gentrified? How dare they have Jews and Muslims working with each other? I can’t even.

Churchill would love the cafe, I think. As for the SJW types, piss off. And do try this nonsense at a Liverpool FC or Yorkshire Lions FC match. Let’s see how long you wankers last before crying to Mummy.

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  • GWB says:

    I was going to say “you’re making me hungry” when I saw the menu, but then I read it. No “sausage, egg and chips”? Bugger off.

    BTW, have you seen Darkest Hour? In one scene he makes the “V for victory” sign – backwards. His assistant has to inform him that among the working class it’s identical to the sign he’s seen making above. They get a good laugh out of it, and she informs him that the working class seem to like it anyway. Going Trump early, I would say. 🙂

  • HKBill says:

    Over 9 pounds for breakie? These kids should have gone to cooking school instead of uni…

  • harleycowboy says:

    If this had happened in my area with me present I would have ask the person nearest the door to hold it open while I threw out the trash.

  • Jim says:

    Pretentious middle-class educated parasites living a comfortable life and posing as caring revolutionaries; perhaps they are the sort who still lionise that psychopathic murdering medical doctor Che Guevara? Virtue signalling from spoiled leftist brats! It takes real stupidity to rubbish Winston Churchill in England and especially London!

  • Appalled By The World says:

    If Churchill came back from the dead and saw not so Great Britain today he probably would say “I should have taken Hitler’s peace offer after all”. These are the idiots who are happy dhimmis and have made the UK a virtual part of the ummah by letting the muzz invaders take over the country. The UK desperately needs a Churchill today-maybe even more so than in 1940.

    • Gail Boer says:

      If we did not have the same stupid thing happening in the US… but we do. The European countries will have one hell of a backlash soon

  • Scott says:

    Please excuse the language, but it seems as if this cafe needed a patron to stand up and say “F*&K you, I’m Millwall” and hand their asses to them… just saying

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