Shoplifting Migrants: Don’t Crush Their Hopes And Dreams

Shoplifting Migrants: Don’t Crush Their Hopes And Dreams

Shoplifting Migrants: Don’t Crush Their Hopes And Dreams

What do you suppose would happen to you if you got caught shoplifting thousands of dollars of merchandise from a department store?

Would you not be sent to jail? Would you be classified as “misunderstood”? Would you be given a “benefit of a doubt”? You might be if you, too, were an illegal immigrant. Oh, excuse me, a migrant.

See, according to this, four illegals (there, FIFY) were busted at a Long Island Macy’s after making off with about $12 grand of merchandise. Apparently, they won’t be deported for shoplifting. I guess we are not shocked. Shoplifting across the nation has become quite the epidemic:

Nonetheless, law enforcement is waiting to see how the shoplifting situation pans out for four illegals in Long Island. Wrallan Cabezas Meza, 19, Miguel Angel Rojas, 21, Rafael Rojas, 27, and Jose Garcia Escobar, 30 are accused of driving from Manhattan to a Nassau County mall on Jan. 9 and walking off with the goods. Whose car did they borrow? Hold my beer…

They were caught when cops pulled over their 2006 BMW, which had bogus plates, according to criminal complaints filed in the case.”-The New York Post

Let’s take a wild guess here, shall we? Was the 2006 BMW stolen? Say it isn’t so!

Those of you who subscribe to the empty lawn sign platitude of “no human is illegal”, I am sure you will defend this as desperate times calling for desperate measures. After all, the four “migrants” were bussed to New York City from the evil state of Texas. Stolen goods? Stolen vehicle? Meh. We must give them “the benefit of a doubt”.

They are given the benefit of the doubt because they have a pending application with the [US Citizenship and Immigration Services].”-Queens-based immigration lawyer Luis Nicho

A pending application that should be no longer pending. And, excuse me? A benefit of a doubt? As if there were any doubts that these guys engaged in shoplifting?

[The Department of Homeland Security] would normally disqualify you for asylum and put you in the process of being deported.”-Luis Nicho

As they should.

And while two get off without bail, and we have “sanctuary laws” protecting these individuals, it is no wonder why people are fleeing our large metro areas. These cities are letting in people with absolutely no regard or respect for the law. They don’t deserve to be sprung without bail or given a “benefit of a doubt”. I would venture to say that most immigrants who come to this country because they were fleeing oppression in their homeland, come to this country to earn their keep and work hard. They don’t come to this country, steal someone’s car and walk out of Macy’s with a bunch of stolen stuff.

Let’s take this a step further. Who was driving the car? I’m sure none of them had a valid drivers’ license so, there’s also that.

But they’re “just seeking asylum”, as the story goes. Once they are granted a “path to citizenship”, they’ll stop shoplifting and stealing cars and get right to being fine, upstanding citizens, right?

This news comes to us just as Texas and 19 other states sue the Biden administration to block a new program that allows up to 30,000 would-be asylum-seekers to enter the United States by air each month.

​​The Department of Homeland Security (DHS or Department), under the false pretense of preventing aliens from unlawfully crossing the border between the ports of entry, has effectively created a new visa program—without the formalities of legislation from Congress—by announcing that it will permit up to 360,000 aliens annually from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to be ‘paroled’ into the United States for two years or longer and with eligibility for employment authorization.”-Rafael Bernal, The Hill

So, instead of increased foot traffic over the U.S./Mexico border, President Poopy Pants and his administration thinks it would be fabulous to fly them all in!

The Biden open borders agenda has created a humanitarian crisis that is increasing crime and violence in our streets, overwhelming local communities, and worsening the opioid crisis. This unlawful amnesty program, which will invite hundreds of thousands of aliens into the U.S. every year, will only make this immigration crisis drastically worse.”-Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R)

More than 39,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City since the spring. Not all of them are shoplifters.

Still, some may argue that illegal border crossers should be treated the same way as shoplifters. Take this from Kevin Kennedy of The Tennessean:

Imagine a loved one, say your mother, is dying of a disease and the only cure is Medicine X. Unfortunately, Medicine X is too expensive for you to buy. Which leaves you with two choices: Option A: Steal from the local Walgreens. Option B: Let your mother die. What should you do?

Almost invariably, my students commit to robbing the store; and that I would say is the moral choice.

Now, let’s switch some key terms in the stimuli. Replace mother with daughter. Disease with drug cartel and rape. Medicine X with crossing the border. Steal with cross. Walgreens with America.”-Kevin Kennedy

This equation may garner some sympathy on the subject of the sick mother and the daughter, desperate to tmake sure her mother lives. In a life and death situation, this argument may be plausible. But this is not the case in this current situation. My guess is that there was no life and death situation surrounding these four thugs who stole someone’s BMW and took a drive over the Triboro to go on a Macy’s shoplifting spree.

These men are not migrants, they are here illegally. They are not contributors to this society but are posing a strain on it. If they cared about staying and not being deported, they would not act this way. But they know that even if they were to be deported, they will just hop over the border again without consequence. There is no “benefit of a doubt” here about who these people actually are. They are shoplifters. They are criminals. And honestly, I don’t give a crap about their hopes and dreams.

Featured Image: Debi Fitzsimmons/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Cameron says:

    Once again, Democrats announce their beliefs that this nation is the only one that is not allowed to have an immigration policy other than “open door.”

  • Linda S Fox says:

    I’ve been picturing a way to handle this. Organized swarms of drones, armed the paint guns in hideous colors. Hit the criminals with paint that will ruin their clothing, their shoes, and their weave. Also identify them as a thief.

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