Second Nurse, Amber Vinson, Contracts Ebola, and CDC Cleared Her to Travel

Second Nurse, Amber Vinson, Contracts Ebola, and CDC Cleared Her to Travel

Unfortunately, a second nurse who was treating Patient Zero (Thomas Duncan), Amber Joy Vinson, age 29, has now tested positively for the Ebola virus.

Amber Joy Vinson, nurse
Amber Joy Vinson, nurse
From NBC News:

Officials have said Vinson had extensive contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died of Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas. Medical records provided to The Associated Press by Duncan’s family show Vinson inserted catheters, drew blood, and dealt with Duncan’s body fluids.

However, the ripple effects this time may be even larger. Nurse Vinson had flown to visit her mother and plan for her upcoming wedding last weekend, and flew home to Dallas from Cleveland with a low grade fever of 99.5 degrees.

Federal health officials were trying to track down and interview all 132 people on the flight, Frontier Airlines Flight 1143. Still, Frieden said that there was “an extremely low likelihood” that anyone on the flight was exposed to Ebola.

“She did not vomit. She was not bleeding,” Frieden said. “So the level of risk of people around her should be extremely low.”

Wait, WHAT??? We have been told over and over by the CDC and its head, Dr. Thomas Frieden, that Ebola is not contagious until symptoms appear. Symptoms appear, and now we’re being told not to worry about it???

And after several hours of Frieden saying that Vinson “should not have been allowed to travel” because she had been exposed to Ebola, and letting the media run with the story that Vinson recklessly exposed people to the virus, we now get THIS news:

Just great. Nicely done, CDC. If this is true, Amber Vinson attempted to alert the CDC, who told her to go ahead and go back to Dallas. Someone at the CDC should be clearing out their desk THIS VERY MINUTE for that one.

Vinson is being transferred via air ambulance from Dallas to Emory University in Atlanta, where the first American Ebola patients were treated. And those new and improved CDC protocols to make sure that Ebola can’t be spread any more?

Everyone feel better now?

Be praying for the recovery of Amber Vinson and Nina Pham, and pray that no one else comes down with this virus.

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  • Kim Quade says:

    This is nothing less than a deadly — a very deadly — fustercluck.

  • Xavier says:

    Vinson was under voluntary quarantine. She never should have gone to Ohio in the first place. Now there are reports she attended a wedding there, and the CDC says they’re preparing for more potential cases.

    The silence surrounding Nina Pham’s boyfriend, who is in isolation, is also troubling. There has been ample time for him to be tested and a statement issued on his condition. Since he developed a fever the day after Pham, they were both probably infected about the same time – and that could only be through virus she transported home. The CDC cannot afford to admit that medical workers can carry Ebola home and infect their loved ones even though they followed CDC procedures; that is undoubtedly why Freiden immediately and repeatedly blamed Pham for a breach of protocol.

    Our current fiasco all stems from a single person who lied to enter the country. If the epidemic reaches half the level of predictions, there will be dozens of infected people entering the U.S. daily; a lie and two Tylenol grants a chance at survival.

    A week ago I posted a comment here discounting the notion that the U.S. could experience a serious Ebola outbreak. I was wrong. I had no idea of the amount of incompetence and malfeasance that exists in the authorities we rely on.

    Predictive modeling tells us we are at the point where Ebola’s growth curve turns sharply upward. I am ashamed and afraid that many people across the entire continent could die because of Obama’s refusal to protect the U.S.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Why do I keep thinking that if Mr Hope and Change would have lost the 2012 election this whole Ebola in the US story would not be around now? In a more sensible time quarantines would have been put in place, travels bans from infected countries enacted and more truth would be out there. Instead, look at what we have at this point. Thanks a lot people for voting for the party of treason and destruction. As a result a whole lot of people will end up dead thanks to them.

    • Optimizer says:

      If you remember the oil spill fiasco – 5 years ago, Obama claimed that he was working on it, but it turned out that he didn’t even call the execs at BP for over a month. He actually stood in the way of many people who were trying to deal with the problem. He WANTED it to be as big a disaster as possible, so he could go after oil companies. He ultimately extorted $20B from BP, which they had already volunteered to pay, and slowed down the payments being made to the people harmed – causing even more harm. Then he claimed he didn’t shut down offshore when he essentially did.

      This is no different. The corollary to “Never let a crisis go to waste.” is “Don’t interfere with a crisis in the making.”

      So the reason you keep thinking that is because it’s true.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        Geez-the BP oil spill. I forgot all about that one. So long ago-so much malfeasance. I guess when you have a sterling track record like this nightmare regime has it’s very easy to forget quite a few of these things. But you’re right-create and exploit a crisis whenever possible is one of the few things these people do quite well. Now if only they would apply such energy to actually IMPROVING things in the US for the vast majority of people instead of for their pet (and usually lunatic) fringe groups!

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