Seattle Mayor Durkan Travels to Border to Protest: Ignores Own Backyard

Seattle Mayor Durkan Travels to Border to Protest: Ignores Own Backyard

Seattle Mayor Durkan Travels to Border to Protest: Ignores Own Backyard

We saw a crying girl on a magazine cover. Tons of virtue-signaling celebrities sounded off on the inhumane treatment of illegal immigrant children being “ripped” away from their parents.

The debates continued all week. All the while, mayors from major cities flooded to border towns to protest against these family separations. Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle was one of them. From Tornillo, Texas this past week:

If there is anyone who knows of “tent villages”, it’s Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan.

“As a mother, it is unconscionable that our country is allowing children to be literally torn out of the arms of their mothers. The world is watching, bearing witness to this inhumane and un-American policy. We cannot stand by without taking action.”-Jenny Durkan

“It’s about the children”, she says. They should be “with their families, playing, doing what kids do”, she says. Really, Jenny? While you were in Tornillo, Texas talking about holding and comforting one of these children, a 5-month-old infant found at an unsanctioned homeless encampment in Seattle. The child is currently in protective custody as police investigate child neglect.

According to local news outlets, Durkan “acknowledged” the problem and signed legislation to create more options for shelter for Seattle’s ongoing (and increasing) homeless population though we’re not sure what “more housing” consists of exactly.

Seattle has come up with some doozies as of late to remedy its homeless problem. Take tiny house villages that are “sanctioned” yet permit illegal drug use. Or providing ping-pong tables and food trucks in the crime-ridden, dangerous cesspool surrounding the King County Courthouse (that suggestion courtesy of the oh-so-brillant Sally Bagshaw of the Seattle City Council). Meanwhile, the homeless problem is not only in Seattle. I can attest to it spilling over into neighboring counties and plaguing a state that embraces these progressive lawmakers and values. Toddlers step on fluid-filled needles, children get to watch lewd acts of homeless people hopped up on meth and/or heroin and maybe if they’re lucky, they’ll get to see a person defecate in the middle of the sidewalk. Just the other day, my son and his friends stumbled upon a homeless encampment just beyond their junior high school (we live in a fairly “safe” middle-class community). There is another smaller encampment near the supermarket right down the street from us. On a neighborhood watch page, people in a few adjacent subdivisions were cautioning parents of children against going to the local park because a strange man with track marks was wandering around trying to start up conversations with their kids.

But Mayor Durkan wants to hug these children at the border who Trump-and Trump alone-ripped from their families. Here’s a fun fact, Jenny. Heroin RIPS kids from their families in YOUR CITY and other American cities. Every. Single. Day. FYI-Meth tears children out of the arms of their mothers, too. But you and your city council, instead of encouraging (and requiring) treatment of parents of these children, allow them to shoot up all they want as long as they’re in a “sanctioned” community? And yes, Jenny, these kids also deserve to be just kids “doing what kids do“-preferably living somewhere besides a tiny house provided by the “humanitarian” city council where they can go outside and potentially be assaulted by other drug-addled criminals while mom shoots up because this is all she knows, she’s not required to get treatment and it is tolerated because heaven forbid we judge an addict! The fact that my son and his friends as innocent boys can stumble upon heroin needles, tents, used condoms (at least they’re practicing birth control) and God only knows what else is unconscionable.

That, Ms. Durkan, is HUMAN REALITY, as you like to put it. This shouldn’t be our country, either. But it is.

“It’s okay, kid”, they say with a pat upon the head…”go get a street taco and play some ping pong and ignore the drunk who hasn’t showered for a month pissing in the street!” Now, wave to the Tesla-driving onlookers at the exit ramp and go hug your loving, compassionate mayor of the city because she just wants to love on you. Welcome to Freeattle…Tiny House Nation!

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  • George V says:

    I can remember, from some many years back, maybe on a Rush Limbaugh broadcast, that some west coast city’s solution to the homeless problem was to provide the homeless with shopping carts, so they could more easily keep their belongings together. This would somehow fix everything. Not sure if this was actually implemented or just another dumb idea from the supposedly compassionate left-wi… oh, excuse me, the progressives. Based on how the Seattle metro area sounds, it appears the “progressives” have upped their game.

    Could you imagine what sort of mess our nation would be if we didn’t have places that display so much progress, led by the wise progressives? And don’t forget, if you don’t like their solutions, you are by definition, against progress!

  • Dawn Martinez-Byrne says:

    What happened to the trailers from Katrina? they could house homeless.


    Do as I say, not as I do.

  • Boppa says:

    Seattle should change their name to Sea-Addled

  • PJ says:

    Gah…note how “non-judgy” Seattle is about babies living in homeless camps. So free diapers and food is the answer.

    This is a religious cult.

  • David D says:

    I think it would improve Seattle if Ms. Durkan took the entire City Council along with her on these trips, and extended the duration so the fact-finding missions lasted many months.

    I think it would be great if we could have them implement peace in the Middle East, followed by the eradication of ethnic bias in the Balkans. After that they can return to Seattle and resume progress on banning plastic straws.

  • Proletariat's Uncompromising War On Art says:

    A great photo-op for comrade Durkan would be to stand by the giant Karl Marx statue there in the glorious people’s republik of Seattle.

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