scott brown martha coakley senate race

scott brown martha coakley senate race

i don’t put a lot of faith in polls – not since the 2000 election. i am also not convinced that the democrats and the entitlement class will give up teddy kennedy’s seat without a huge fight or that this election is the national game-changer conservatives have been hoping for.

i admit it is a delicious thought to entertain that a previously obscure gop state senator, scott brown, could beat democrat martha coakley, considered the overwhelming favorite until just a few days ago. it’s always about the ground game and turn out on election day anyway and by all accounts, massachusetts voters are sincerely motivated to vote.

with a state that is 3/4 registered democrat, is there chicanery in play to ensure a coakley win? or is today the first official day we take back america?

hope and change baby.


update: hotair has an interesting post about some internal polling from team coakley supporting the idea that martha might not have a good day. and of course, The One is not pleased.

no matter what the spin is from the wh, there is NO REASON whatsoever that massachusetts is competitive other than the asinine policies of the obama administration.


update: mark levin just predicted scott brown by 7.2%.


update: in what can only be called an epic upset, scott brown (R) defeated martha coakley (D), 52%-47%, to win the us senate seat held by ted kennedy for nearly half a century. this, thankfully, leaves obama’s feckless health care plan in jeopardy and certainly gives him a big, old, ugly raspberry at the end of his first year in office — with the promise of more to come!

can’t wait for the state of the union.

oh, and quote of the night:

“I’m Scott Brown,

“I’m from Wrentham,

“I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours.”

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  • B says:

    Shut up. Bitch.

  • kate says:

    hey b. i’m stunned by your brillance.

  • Marsha says:

    Hey I just heard that the Boston Globe called the race for Coakley by 1 pt. This is 8 hours before the polls closed. So irresponsible.

    Missed you hon. Glad you’re back!!

  • Ginny's_Mom says:

    According to that perpetual idiot, John Kerry, people in Mass. shouldn’t trust Scott Brown as their senator because he drives a truck just like George W. Bush!

    Kerry is such a gasbag!

  • Jane says:

    Hello Kate. Glad your’re back. Any election results yet from the rightwingers? Some on the left are reporting Martha Coakley pulls it off by a slim margin.

  • NC Cop says:

    Oh, I’ve been calling it for Coakley from the beginning. These are the same lowlifes who stole the White House, do you really think they couldn’t rig a senator race????

  • Jared says:

    Kate I bet you got a bad case of the virtual clap from those scottish haggis-eaters. Remember them? They were psychos. BTW. I just had trouble loading your blog.

    Coakley by 2.

  • David says:

    What are all these “calls” for Coakley – hours and hours before the polls closed?

    Welcome back Kate! (I hope my posts this year are a bit more useful than “Shut Up. B***h.” posted earlier by “B”.)

    …um… and my “prediction” now that the polls have closed & 25% have reported is that Brown wins by single digits. : )

  • Welcome back Kate! You were missed.

    It is my sincere hope that Brown wins – I don’t care about the margin. However if he doesn’t, I believe this will still shake the parties to their foundations.

    Republicans will hopefully rediscover their core values and start getting to them.

    Democrats will discover that not everything gets handed to them on a silver platter anymore. That 2010 will be the year for change, just maybe not what they want.

  • David says:

    Concession phone call from Coakley, reportedly! : )

  • NC Cop says:

    BROWN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh man, that’s priceless!!!! A seat held by the dems in a hugely liberal state goes to a Republican!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, dems, keep up the good work!!

  • PenniePan says:

    Welcome back Loafer!

    If you rightwingers actually think this is the end to HCR, you are completely delusional. There is nothing that will stop this.

  • NC Cop says:

    Hey Pennie: “We Won!”


  • BikerDan says:

    Hey Katie! WB Sweetheart! My Bride and I have missed you sorely!

    Hey Pennie tell your buddy Obama to KMA.

    Good Job Massachusetts! You are almost (but not quite) forgiven for John “Reporting for Duty” Kerry.

  • David says:

    Pennie, them’s pretty confident words from you given the circumstances. Afterall, “A seat held by the dems in a hugely liberal state goes to a Republican”….

    The seat held by TED KENNEDY – the “Liberal Lion” – for, what.. a hundred years?… lost to the opposition at the VERY NEXT OPPORTUNITY within mere months of being vacated?! And why??? Not because of reasons that bode well for (your) HCR bill; but rather for super-duper reasons that DO NOT bode well for HCR. So…. saying that we’re “delusional” is a bit… say… delusional, I believe.


  • micky says:

    A year ago Pennie, Jane, and the rest of these moonbats were all saying the GOP and conservatives would become extinct, a thing of the past.
    In record time, it only took one short year for the country to say were sick of your crap.
    Takes a pretty obnoxious shmuck to get kicked out of the club before his drink even arrives.

  • kate says:

    jared you said:

    ‘I bet you got a bad case of the virtual clap from those scottish haggis-eaters. Remember them? They were psychos.’

    that’s funny — lisab just mentioned the scots too as possibly the hackers. maybe. i was forced into banning a whole boatload of them. we’ll eventually find out.

  • kate says:

    oh pennie here’s something for you to ponder… if dems are in trouble (and losing) in massachusetts, they are in trouble (and most likely losing) everywhere. so stay tuned. 🙂

  • Scott says:

    Let’s see: Corzine, Deeds, the Chicago Olympics, and now Coakley. I’d say that Hope and Change isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s just cracked.

  • Beth says:

    Dems on the ground… Dems on the ground… Harry and Nancy… lookin like a fool… faces with a frown… Dems on the ground.

  • lisab says:

    the state of the union will be something to watch

    ” vice president biden, madam speaker, mr. chief justice, and fellow citizens …
    over the last year i have accomplished … um … gotta go

    thank you and god bless”

  • lisab says:

    2 trillion in new debt

    10% unemployment

    troops still in iraq

    even more troops in afghanistan

    gitmo still open

    GM in receivership

    Chrysler owned by fiat

    no public option

    and health care likely stalled until after the state of the union

    and he has eight days to accomplish something … anything before he has to speak to the nation

  • Tom Degan says:

    The good people of Massachusetts told pollster after pollster that they wanted to send a message to Washington. My! My! That message has been received loud and clear:


    Congratulations, Massachusetts!

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

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  • micky says:

    “There is nothing that will stop this.”

    Maybe so, but whats it going to look like once all is said and done ?
    Obamas HCR doesnt even resemble what it originally was supposed to look like.
    You guys dont give a sht. As long as it has the great ones signature on it you’ll all jump up and down claiming victory regardless of how compromised and useless it becomes.

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