Scarf Lady Birx Slams Trump Over Covid

Scarf Lady Birx Slams Trump Over Covid

Scarf Lady Birx Slams Trump Over Covid

Dr. Deborah Birx, the Scarf Lady from the Covid response team last year, testified to Congressional investigators, in a closed door session, that President Donald Trump was distracted by the reelection campaign in 2020 and that 30-40% of Covid deaths were unnecessary. That’s some crust. These government scientists have no shame. In a sane world, people like Scarf Lady and Fauci the Puppy Killer would slink away from public view.

Birx was appointed to the White House Coronavirus Task Force by Vice President Mike (never, ever going to get elected to anything) Pence. Scarf Lady Birx and Anthony Fauci were the upfront scientists scaring the shite giving calm advice to the American public in the daily briefings. Dr. Birx warned young people to stay off the beaches early in the Wuhan Lung Rot Pandemic, lest they bring home the Rona and kill grandma and grandpa. At that particular time, the Governors in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were killing Grandma and Grandpa in the nursing homes.

Remember when there was no visiting in the hospital with those we loved who were in hospice? Remember that no funerals were held during Covid.

Last year, at about this time, Scarf Lady advised us all to “remain vigilant” and limit our family gatherings to those already in our homes. Surprise, surprise, surprise:

The day after Thanksgiving, she traveled to one of her vacation properties on Fenwick Island in Delaware. She was accompanied by three generations of her family from two households. Birx, her husband Paige Reffe, a daughter, son-in-law and two young grandchildren were present.

Although Birx deplorable-splained that it was okay for her, but not okay for the great unwashed, she retired at the end of the Trump Administration. She might just have an axe to grind against Donald J. Trump. And, she has been grinding away since the Biden Assumption To Power.

The latest is her closed door testimony with Congressional investigators looking in to the Wuhan Lung Rot Response. In Democrat hands, there is no search for the truth. Not in the Trump Russia Collusion, not in the January 6 investigation, and certainly not in the Covid Response. Birx claims that Trump was missing in action at the Coronavirus Response Team Meetings, and routinely ignored “experts”.

The peahens on The View were there usual ugly selves regarding this information:

At least Ana Navarro remembered that Scarf Lady lost her credibility with her do as I do, not as I say trip to one of her Delaware properties.

From the New York Times recap of Birx’s testimony:

“I believe if we had fully implemented the mask mandates, the reduction in indoor dining, the getting friends and family to understand the risk of gathering in private homes, and we had increased testing, that we probably could have decreased fatalities into the 30 percent less to 40 percent less range,” Dr. Birx testified, according to excerpts provided by the committee.

The committee’s interview with Dr. Birx was conducted on Oct. 12 and 13. In her testimony, she also lashed out at Dr. Scott Atlas, a former Stanford neuroradiologist who became an adviser to Mr. Trump and advocated for allowing the virus to spread through much of the population in order to let otherwise healthy people build up immunity against it.

Hellooooo! Cloth masks don’t work. And, the government scientists are still fighting natural immunity.

Of course, Brainless Mika from Morning Joe weighed in:

Oh shut up, Mika. It physically pained her to give credit to President Trump for “allowing the vaccine to go forward”. He did more than that, but it hurt Mika enough to give that up.

You know what Birx, Fauci and the rest of the “government scientists” didn’t do? Tell us to lose weight, exercise and take Vitamins C and D, among other supplements. They are still not being honest with the American people. Scarf Lady, Fauci and the rest of them need to shut their tiresome pieholes and go away.

Featured Image: Donkey Hotey/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • ROP says:

    Another government leach trying to be relevant and lying about it the whole time ( like that ghoul fauci). There were other doctors in the room that disagreed with Fraud and Leach. But Traitor Pence ( whom some people think he is a great Christian, well so is Polosi !) Trumps only crime is letting them ” experts” run the show and ruin the country. Anybody that has been paying attention realizes that the covid was no more harmfully than the flu. and the whole show and bloody doom and gloom was to get rid of President Trump the only one standing in the way of the NWO! We were and still are being played!
    They took our rights and shredded our Constitution. Not only ours but the whole world is being subjugated to these demons.
    It is way past time to not allow any more of there lies and pearl clutching. Covid has been around for decades people ! Yes some die from it but the majority recover and live for the next flu season to come around and live through that also DONT GIVE ANOTHER INCH RESIST !!

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