sarah palin is a ‘broad’ (open talk)

sarah palin is a ‘broad’ (open talk)

by now, we’re all pretty use to the way the mainstream media and other cretins describe sarah palin — it’s usually less then fawning. there was letterman’s slutty flight attendant comment, there was chris matthew’s illiterate comment, and of course there was a whole bunch of other really crummy stuff.

apparently the fairbanks daily news-miner has issued an apology to sarah palin for referring to her as a ‘broad’ when describing her recent trip to asia. here’s an excerpt:

“Today I must apologize to Mrs. Palin personally and on behalf of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for the choice of words used on the bottom of Wednesday’s front page regarding her speaking engagement in Hong Kong this week to a group of global investors.

We used offensive language — “A broad in Asia” — above a small photograph of the former governor to direct readers inside the newspaper to a full story of her Hong Kong appearance.

There can be no argument that our use of the word “broad” is anything but offensive. To use this word to describe someone of the stature of the former governor — who is also the former vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party — only adds to the anger that many people appropriately feel.”

many in the media have called sarah palin — not to mention her family — much worse than a ‘broad’ that’s for sure!

would sarah be offended by being called a ‘broad’? i’m not so sure. i kindof like broads. i like hanging out with them. i find them a lot of fun even though i am a girly girl. but for a newspaper to describe the former governor that way seems inappropriate. having said that, it’s certainly a lot better then “bimbo”, the “c”-word, “token with breasts”, “pale-in”, “witch of wasilla” and on and on and on ad nauseum.

yes, of course i know there is a lot going on in the world: iran, nukes, israel, the continuing incompetency of obama. but sometimes, you just have to step back a moment — buy pumpkins for your front porch, plant mums, and talk about other stuff — hence ‘broads’.

so what do you think about the term? is it rudely sexist and demeaning to call a woman, especially sarah palin, a broad? is it a reference to sarah’s hunting, fishing, alaska lifestyle? is it just one more way to minimize and undercut the perception of sarah?

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  • PenniePan says:

    Being called a “Broad” can be complimentary like Mae West but in the case of dippy do Palin, it’s not, and rightly so.

  • BikerDan says:

    Isn’t that like being called a “dame”? Maybe if you were Humphrey Bogart you could get away with it but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t call Palin that. Doesn’t quite seem right.

    Katy you going to carve your pumpking like Michelle Obama again this year? LMFAO.

  • Ginny's_Mom says:

    Doesn’t it depend on who says it and what’s behind the words? In this case, people thought it disrespectful (and it was), so the paper printed an apology.

    Kate I hear you on not always able to concentrate on the world’s woes and Obama’s insanity. I feel the same way today; all week really.

  • Jared says:

    “Broad” is like being called “balls-y” or guts-y”. I think it’s a compliment. I would bet Palin does too. It was probably just a bunch of conservative church ladies in pearls complaining in the first place. No man would.

  • Jared says:

    Now if they had called her a “Tart”…

  • Marsha says:

    Of course it’s offensive! Always! If someone said it about me I wouldn’t take it as a compliment. The editor of that paper wrote a very classy apology and he is right, it shouldn’t have been used in that manner.

  • gene says:

    sarah palin is offensive no matter what you want to call her so all this makes no diff to me.

    marsha you write like you are adhd.

    so ginny_mom if i call you a c*nt but mean it in a nice way that’s ok with you right?

  • Fiddle_de_Dee says:

    Whoa this is bad. Calling Sarah Palin a “broad” is an insult to broad’s everywhere!

  • Callahan says:

    Palin isn’t a broad. She is a lady and former respected public servant. Only the jealous and frightened call her names.


    Has anyone seen the footage of the violent protesters at the G20? Damn! Those crazy right wingers are as violent as ever! Wait! Strike that! Those are leftist protesters rioting and raising hell. Well, at least they aren’t making fun of or daring to protest Obama. Because we may be forced to call them all raaaaaaaaaaaacists!

  • micky says:

    It all depends.
    In a case where its you’re average woman, even one whos slightly accomplished, carries herself well, you could get away with calling her a broad and not be considered being too offensive. It can demean and generalize if not used in the right context. Palin visiting Hong Kong was acting in a far greater capacity thatn just that of a “broad”. Whether you agree with what she was doing or not.
    But as mentioned above when a woman has entered a calibre of stature such as Palin its really not appropriate.

  • micky says:

    “so ginny_mom if i call you a c*nt but mean it in a nice way that’s ok with you right?”

    If I called you an idiot would the context matter ?

  • Jane says:

    Palin was called a broad in Asia? Oh well she must have not had on her red, sqweaky nose and flower that squirts water.

    Callahan how nice of you to grace us with your self absorbed presence occasionally.

  • Fiddle_de_Dee says:

    They could have called Palin “Cuckoo Nutcase Moose-killing Twat in Asia”. That would have been really bad now wouldn’t it?

  • May says:

    Oh poo! You liberals are so rude with all the name calling. Sarah Palin is a great woman and instead of all the snark you really should be practicing your skills on showing her more respect. Afterall, she will be your next president come 2013.

  • PenniePan says:

    Mae the women in this country do not need the likes of Sarah Palin representing us. Now crawl away.

  • Paul says:

    Well if some of you bristle at calling Sarah Palin “a broad”, how about calling her “Sarah Look-at-the-wad-of-cash-in-my-purse-for-just-talking! Palin”. Maybe you like that better.

  • micky says:

    Trust me, you do not speak for nor represent the majority of intelligently discerning women in this country, speak for yourself and the few loonie moonbats that follow you.

    And so what Paul ? What politician, upcoming, retired or whatever should be frowned on for getting paid at speaking engagements ? Can you say “Bill Clinton”?
    Just pisses you off to no end that she actually fetches a bigger price than just about any liberal out there right now ?

  • lisab says:

    “Katy you going to carve your pumpkin like Michelle Obama again this year?”

    you are not supposed to traumatize children

  • Marsha says:

    Lisa she carved 1 of her pumpkins to look like Michelle Obama. From a stencil. She said the finished product scared them all so much, they had to put it on the back porch instead of the front. Ha!

  • Andrew says:

    This is good stuff…..

    Drink it in ya Palin lovers…..

  • DEO says:

    BROAD can be a very affectionate term.

    Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012!

  • micky says:

    Wouldnt you have to find a really big pumpkin ?

  • David says:

    Andrew, what does that video have to do with Ms. Palin?

  • micky says:

    Andrew seems to think the video is some kind of rebutal to the kids we saw being indoctrinated in public schools.
    Only problem is it looks as if Andrews video took lace on private property, in a church.
    Nice try, no cigar

  • Tom Degan says:

    Imagine. Just imagine….

    A Liberal Democrat goes over to COMMUNIST CHINA, criticizes the policies a sitting president – and gets paid (conservative estimate) a quarter-of-a-million big ones for his or her trouble.

    Can you even fathom the stink the right wing crazies would make at such a scenario? It boggles the mind.

    I love Sarah Palin. I honestly and truly hope she never, EVER goes away. To a committed Lefty such as yours truly, she’s just the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving….

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  • Ken says:

    From the same people who are calling the term “socialist” a racist comment.


  • gene says:

    palin will always be white trash. broad is too good a word for her.

  • Ken says:

    “palin will always be white trash.”

    What a racist thing to say, gene! I hope the government is watching you!!!

  • micky says:

    totally stupid coming from trash period

  • David says:

    gene – (sarcasm) really good example of being tolerant and and accepting of diversity, as is always espoused by the left.

  • PenniePan says:

    LMFAO! NICE. So you don’t like SP being called white trash but you don’t deny she is.

  • Ken says:

    “LMFAO! NICE. So you don’t like SP being called white trash but you don’t deny she is.”

    We dont have to, Pennie. I certainly don’t feel the need to get into a childish game of “She is! She is not! She is! She is not!”.

    That sounds more like your speed.

  • micky says:

    Pennie, only you would deny something irrelevant.

    Its like this,some statements are so idiotic they only deserve so much energy…
    got it ?

  • Dade says:

    Wow! The video that Andrew posted sure does point out the hypocrisy of right-wingers. Watching that crazy stuff, with that nutty woman speaking in tongues beside a cardboard cut-out of Junior is mind-blowing.

    Talk about indoctrination!

    Oh, but wait! Micky says indoctrination is okay as long as its not on public property. Yeah, okay. That makes sense…?!?

  • David says:

    Dade, I found that video of the lady and the cardboard cutout to be somewhat creepy, ya.

    But, personally, like I posted earlier – for those who feel that video was an example of right wing indoctrination – two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Though, I still agree with Micky and others that there IS an important difference between private, personal activities versus compulsory (real or implied) participation at a public school, lead by a taxpayer paid teacher. You can’t honestly deny that.


  • Dade says:

    Well, David, thanks for the rational reply.

    Yes, being as the Obama video took place on public property with children attending a public school, that throws a kink into the entire discussion.

    But, I don’t see that the kids’ song was anything to get too worked up about. I don’t see how they were deifing Obama or anything like that. And given the histrionics that right-wingers displayed over Obama’s speech to schoolchildren, which turned out to be a speech that even Newt Gingrich thought was good, this hubbub seems overblown.

  • Harvey Stanfield Jr says:

    Keep up the Fight Your what America needs

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