Russia Declares Cease Fire; It’s a Guaranteed Lie

Russia Declares Cease Fire; It’s a Guaranteed Lie

Russia Declares Cease Fire; It’s a Guaranteed Lie

Russia declares a cease fire to go into effect Tuesday morning, 10 AM Moscow time. Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia took to the U.N. floor and announced with a straight face.

“This proposal doesn’t have any demands about the citizens being sent necessarily to Russia, into Russian territory…There’s also evacuation offered towards Ukrainian cities to the west of Kyiv, and ultimately it will be the choice of the people themselves where they want to be evacuated to.”

Who believes him?

The Russians have been caught in numerous lies as they relentlessly pound Ukrainian citizens. One of the most recent Russian cease fires allowed Ukrainian citizens to flee. That was a lie once Russia defined “fleeing” Ukraine as heading over to Russia into the arms of a Russian prison never to be heard of again. No thanks.

“Ahead of a third round of talks planned for Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry said a cease-fire would start in the morning, and safe passages would open for civilians…Some of the evacuation routes, however, would funnel civilians toward Russia or its ally Belarus — unlikely destinations for many Ukrainians who would prefer to head toward countries on the western and southern borders.”

Monday seemed to be the day for Russia to create a steamy pile of lies for the rest of the world to roll their eyes at.

A member of the United States State Department seemed to grow a pair of stones and responded with a show of unfettered guts.

I am not shocked at the Russian Embassy’s lie. However, I am shocked by a member of the State Department calling out Russia’s B.S. succinctly.

Speaking of Russian lies, let’s not forget Twitter has been shut down to the people of Russia as well as independent media. Additionally, Putin has lied to his own ranks.

“Russian soldiers carrying out the invasion of Ukraine were not told they were going to war and were lied to about what they would face, according to an increasing number of firsthand accounts.”

The broken ceasefires in this parade of Russian lies doesn’t stop Monday’s broken promise. Friday, Russia hammered civilians as they broke a previous cease fire.

Regarding civilians, here’s the obvious question: Putin has been systematically hitting civilian targets in his hammering of Ukraine. That’ a fact even liberal media embrace. The world is using the phrase “war crimes” to describe Russia’s assault.

So why Putin suddenly growing a heart and letting Ukrainians flee from his wretched clutches? Wonder if Putin reads Twitter? It leaves a delicious thought in my head of him reading the world’s opinion of his lies. It will be years before he’s before a world court for war crimes, so him squirming while reading his Twitter feed may be all we get for now.

It might be more interesting to try arguing that Russia doesn’t lie. At least that would start a lively debate more interesting than a headline stating Russia has declared a cease fire when they have done nothing but lie.

Putin lies. Period. No one should get their hopes up when Putin’s stooge announces a cease fire. The time to get hopeful is when someone stops him. His own soldiers have been deceived by him in attempts to spark World War III. He won’t choose to stop; he must be stopped.

Featured Photo: “A burning building after bombing in Kyiv, Ukraine” by manhhai via Flickr, license CC BY 2.0, cropped.

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  • Cameron says:

    “A member of the United States State Department seemed to grow a pair of stones and responded with a show of unfettered guts.”

    I’m sure he’ll be punished for that later.

  • Cyclonesteve says:

    If the state department called Putin out I’m assuming that means Putin is telling the truth.

  • The Dark Lord says:

    calling Putin a liar / crazy / whatever is not growing a pair … its following the herd … I don’t believe a thing from EITHER side …

  • Alec Rawls says:

    Victory Girls are not paying attention. It is Joe-bama that wants this war, and encouraged it on all sides every step of the way. He intentionally wrecked our energy industry, wrecking our economy and empowering Russia, then he talked up NATO expansion into Ukraine.

    If Zelensky tries to end the war by accepting Russian demands for neutrality while otherwise freeing Ukraine (except for Crimea, already under Russian control since Biden was Vice President, and independence for the most eastern states), then watch as Joe-bama tries to stop him.

    Obama (our actual president, now in his third term) already tried to start WWIII by claiming the Poles were sending NATO fighter jets to Ukraine. Poland had to call out Blinken as a liar. Then Joe-bama tried to arrange a three-country war-plane pass-through and our own Pentagon had to step up to nix THAT attempt to start WWIII.

    Wow. I thought Obama had complete control over our top brass through General Mark Transgender Milley and through his racist bigot DoD chief Lloyd Austin, but apparently the brass balked at WWIII over a situation where we have no strategic interests and where our humanitarian interests are close to fully served by a neutrality agreement that has already been offered.

    Why does Joe-bama want a bigger war, with maybe some tactical nukes involved? First he needs crises that he can exploit as cover for stealing another election. And he is also using the Russian invasion to cover up his intentional destruction of our economy, claiming already that Putin is to blame for gas shortages and inflation.

    Our Democratic Party only cares about domestic politics. If Ukraine gets destroyed, they care not one whit. As long as they can get some juice out of it domestically, that is all they care about.

    Obama goes further. He is following Muhammad’s first instruction to Muslims living in infidel countries: that they should pretend to be infidels themselves so as to “turn them against each other.”

    Trying to get the U.S. and Russia into a nuclear war is a simple following of that instruction, with the complete annihilation of the 100% Christian Ukraine just being the cherry on top.

    Don’t be duped gals. Neutrality is a very acceptable result, and is far better than widespread destruction with high Ukrainian casualty rates.

  • Clean Willie says:

    After 6 years of deep-state/media collusion on any number of lies about Trump and the right in general you are now unquestioningly lapping up the propaganda of the big networks and government shills? I used to have respect for this blog but you are loving the kool aid on this one. Pathetic.

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