Roundup Time: The Winter of the Left’s Discontent

Roundup Time: The Winter of the Left’s Discontent

Roundup Time: The Winter of the Left’s Discontent

We warned you last week that the Left never sleeps. Not even winter can cool the hysterics of these thieves, charlatans and wokeistanians of ill-repute being brought to the 2021 year-end party.


Bette Midler knows jack about American government

Not to mention her bigoted views about citizens who dare to live outside the glitterati sections of New York or Los Angeles.

And she offered a non-apology apology on the order of a wife-beater who says “I’m sorry I broke your nose, but you made me SO MAD.”

We’d say shut up and sing but we’d just like Bathhouse Betty to just close the piehole and go away.



What ever happened to Jane Galt?

Megan McArdle once blogged as a center-right libertarian and proud defender of American principles. As a token, ostensible righty for The Washington Post, some of those principles have gone by the wayside.

A WaPo paycheck and OrangeManBad proved too much for her to maintain an actual character.



It’s Winter and OMG Omicron! You are now ordered to panic, shut up, and OBEY

The fraudulent Biden administration has ginned up a cheerful winter’s message of Death! Suffering! if you haven’t gotten jabbed for the Chinese Communist Party virus.

Add to that the usual authoritarians are out to use Omicron to shut down the free flow of information and all speech that doesn’t conform with the Approved Narrative.

With the rapid spread of the new Omicron variant comes the spread of another deadly social disease: misinformation. (snip)

Yet Covid is only one of the planetary threats that misinformation compounds. Misinformation itself is an existential threat because it impedes action on virtually every global problem.

Ooooo!! Existential threat!! Engaging in WrongThought is like … like … Pearl Harbor or the Cuban Missle Crisis, right? So what ever should we do about it?

Which has led us to this conclusion: we need an Intergovernmental Panel for the Information Environment (IPIE), and we need it now.

See? It’s no longer about that terrible thing called free speech it’s about a so-called Information Environment and only the Best and Brightest should be allowed to play in it.



CNN’s latest commentator auditioned on Jan 6

As Ace points out:

We need to talk about this issue seriously: We now have a regime in which anyone who acts as a useful political actor for the Democrat Party — even a criminal one, as in the case of James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Clapper, or John Brennan — is 100% guaranteed a high paying job on CNN or MSNBC.

The media is a serious corrupting force and they’re increasingly brazen about it. They might as well straight-up make the promise: Help the Democrat Party win an election and we’ll give you a $200,000 contributor contract.

And these are exactly the kind of people who will be empowered to manage the Information Environment.



It’s gonna be a long winter with these villains on the loose. Lay in an extra cord of wood and gear up for the 2022 election cycle. The Leftwing douchery (and cheating) will be epic.

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