Roundup Time: No Christmas Naps for the Woke

Roundup Time: No Christmas Naps for the Woke

Roundup Time: No Christmas Naps for the Woke

You would think with the Christmas season afoot, Leftists and their Woke brethren would take a few days off. Perish the thought.


Tara* has a tantrum

Customer service isn’t important when your political sensibilities are triggered.

A driver for the grocery delivery service Instacart allegedly smashed an elderly couple’s groceries and left a nasty note on their receipt because of their yard sign supporting the local police department.

Good news, the driver has been fired and the police are investigating. Hope that Christmas will be better for the elderly couple.

*[what are the odds that Tara has a penis?]



No Christmas spirit detected: David Frum wants medical care only for The Obedient

Let’s consider that the number one killer of American adults is heart disease and rewrite Frum’s little screed thusly:

1) Keep encouraging weight loss and exercise;

2) Impose dietary mandates (rules for restaurants & grocery stores) where it can be done;

3) Otherwise live as normal and as fully as we can while maintaining proper BMI and daily exercise and

4) Let hospitals quietly triage emergency care to serve the overweight and sedentary last



Jake Tapper, former journalist



No Christmas for you! All your children belong to the Left

VG Kim Hirsch recently wrote on SCOTUS punting on the New York vaccine mandate. Gov. Hochul, as dissenting Justice Gorsuch pointed out, was very outspoken in defining what is religiously orthodox or not in this regard. Something, Gorsuch wrote, that is just not Constitutionally allowed. The Left’s hostility to religious people is well-documented and it will continue apace with Biden’s Build Back Better entitlement expansion that will cut religious childcare out of any taxpayer money.

The current text of Democrats’ massive “Build Back Better” entitlement bill contains provisions that would require religious child-care providers to disavow longstanding theology about sex in order to receive federal child-care funds under a massive new early childhood program. (snip)

Democrats’ legislation would create a new federally controlled child-care entitlement available to the majority of families in the nation.

Families in receipt of these funds would only be allowed to spend them at facilities that adhered to Federal rules, regardless if those rules contradict religious tenets. This is a feature, not a bug, of the anti-Semites and Christophobes of the Left.



George Wallace is having a good laugh



The unAmerican Left is usually more unhinged during Christmas. Like the old cliche about Puritans and fun, nothing infuriates the Woke than the thought that somewhere people are having WrongFun™. Why else the re-emergence of Wuhan panic-p0rn and the immediate face-diaper mandates?


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  • Deborah b says:

    I thought I would give Bob Dole’s funeral a look see at the National Cathedral. I noticed immediately that Ted Cruz was unmasked and smiled. When the opening hymn began I was astonished to see the choristers singing with masks on. I had at least hoped to hear some nice music. They sounded as if they were singing through a blanket. Very depressing. Why bother having choral music at all? Christmas services should be a treat.

  • Ted says:

    No Christmas spirit detected: David Frum wants medical care only for The Obedient: (After exhausting and crippling himself for the Farm) “Clover screams to Boxer to escape, but the old horse is too weak to kick his way out of the van, which drives away. Boxer is never seen again. To placate the animals, Squealer tells them that Boxer was not taken to a knacker (slaughter house), but that the veterinarian had bought the knacker’s truck and had not yet repainted the words on its side. The animals are relieved when they hear this. The chapter ends with a grocer’s van delivering a crate of whisky to the pigs, who drink it all and do not arise until after noon the following day.” — Cliff’s Notes — edits mine.

  • Patricia says:

    Yes, Christmas is a difficult time for those on the left who are unhinged. We just won’t stop saying that word! So now they are burning down CHRISTMAS trees.
    We must stand up for the truth: It’s Christmastime.

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