Roundup Time: Sir Adam, Russians & the Magic Laptop

Roundup Time: Sir Adam, Russians & the Magic Laptop

Roundup Time: Sir Adam, Russians & the Magic Laptop

The closer we get to the election, the more we witness Democrats both claim that Biden can’t lose and go into apoplectic fits of dialed-to-eleven histrionics about deplorables. This is our shocked face.

First up in the Roundup: California is the land of nuts and fruits — and one of the loopiest has been the chinless, google-eyed wonder, Adam Schiff. Appearing on CNN (shocker) Schiff was asked about emails found on Hunter’s laptop. Adam had nothing but same card he has played for the last few years — IT’S RUSSIA!!

Sure, Adam, sure. Pull my other finger.


Let me digress a bit about one very risible thing I keep seeing from the it’s a hoax! crowd. Too many seem to think no one of Hunter’s background and intelligence [… sorry, a moment here as I guffaw …] would ever leave such important data behind. After working in a District Attorney office for 18 years (now retired), don’t underestimate criminally stupid people who leave enough loose ends lying about it looks like wool tapestry after being being locked up with cloud of horny clothes moths. Hunter McCrackpipe losing his info to the computer shop owner because he failed to pick up and pay for repair is second only to this gal whose prize for skipping three months rent was 25 to life.

Someone tell Adam we’ve moved on, eh?


This stuff just keeps happening …

A participant in Thursday night’s ABC News town hall with Democratic nominee Joe Biden previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration, but was only identified during the televised event as someone who works in “communications,” Fox News reported Friday.

The town hall from Philadelphia moderated by George Stephanopoulos included a question from Nathan Osburn, who reportedly worked in the Office of Public Affairs and was director of speechwriting for members of President Obama’s Cabinet.

Just the cherry on top of Stephanopoulos’ superlative performance as Biden’s official foot masseuse.


Roundup addendum to VG Toni’s coverage of the [Left] Women’s March — and note that not one member of the Ministry of Truth Media ever describes or headlines these Marches as “leftwing” — the display of civility of these females was about what one would expect.

Young female to pregnant woman “If I were your child I would want to kill myself.”

Keep it classy, Leftists.


Notice how the story of the men arrested in the plot against MI Gov Whitmer has disappeared from the headlines once we found out about their Antifa and BLM ties? Well, except for the usual suspects who keep calling the perps rightwing white supremacists


And what Roundup would be complete without a look at the douchery that passes for university education?

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wake Forest University this fall is offering a “racist and anti-racist uses of math and statistics class” in an effort to combat racism within the discipline of mathematics and the math department itself, according to the scholar who created it.

2 + 2 = RACIST!!!

See ya again, soon, pardners.

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  • Paladin says:

    So 2+2=You’re RAAAACIST. Thanks for clearing that up, Darleen. I always thought 2+2=White Privilege. Accuracy matters in Math.

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