Roundup Time: More Reward in Teaching a Pig

Roundup Time: More Reward in Teaching a Pig

Roundup Time: More Reward in Teaching a Pig

Akin to trying to teach a pig to dance, presenting facts and truth to the Left not only annoys them, but is a signal for them to attack you by any means necessary.

Race Grifter Hannah-Jones sneers from her bunker

Low-rent black supremacist and fabulist Nikole Hannah-Jones gives new meaning to the word poltroon.

Nikole Hannah-Jones went on Twitter Monday night to respond to our issue looking at American slavery and the 1619 Project. (snip)

Naturally, her opening bid was to complain that we “couldn’t find any women, apparently, and only one Black person, apparently, to write about a slavery project created by a Black woman.” This sort of racial essentialism — in which the race and gender of the writer is more important than the writer’s facts or evidence — has been endemic to efforts by Hannah-Jones to dismiss critiques by the nation’s leading historians in areas of their own, but not her, expertise.

Like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram Kendi, it is never about facts or scholarship. It’s about centering melanin to cover for their own mediocrity and to be a More-Equal Pig at the grifter trough.



The Browndoggle is a pig’s dream

You don’t have to live in California to have your hard-earned wages tapped by the Feds to pour down California’s blackhole aka High Speed Rail.

The cost to build California’s ambitious but long delayed high-speed rail line has once again risen, with rail officials now estimating it could take up to $105 billion to finish the line from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Embracing 19th Century technology was long the dream of former Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown. Not one private investor was stupid enough to pony up any money for it, so, natch, the Greenfacists,grifters in Sacramento, and proregressive voters floated a $10 billion bond in 2008, when the cost of completion was a mere $40 billion that deep-blue California looked to the Feds to fund. Obama gave $3 billion, Trump canceled $1 billion of that but, of course, Creepy Joe gave that back. And looky here, dear taxpayer:

Chief Executive Officer Brian Kelly said Tuesday the possibility of a fresh infusion of cash from the federal government puts the project on a stronger path. California should be in a good position to compete for as much as $6 billion in grant money under the federal infrastructure bill Congress passed last year.

Oink Oink.



Toxic Feminist v Jordan Peterson

Not since the classic “What you’re really saying is …” unforced self-own by a feminist inquisitor set the gold standard for bad faith interviews, this poor gal’s condescension and facial expressions end up proving Jordan’s point.



Hubris and the Pig named Cuomo

We admit that the burning of the garbage skow called CNN gives us a thrill up our leg, but even we are a little surprised at Chris Cuomo’s chutzpah.

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo is prepared to ask his embattled former employer for as much as $60 million after his ouster, according to the The New York Post’s Page Six

Multiple sources tell Page Six that Cuomo, who was fired in December for helping his brother fend off sexual harassment allegations, is ready to dig his heels in by claiming that Zucker not only knew about his dealings with the governor — but that the network boss had his own inappropriate dealings with Andrew.

Of course, “King Pig” in the Cuomo clan is currently Andrew’s title, one he works hard to keep.

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is seriously considering a political comeback as early as this year, two sources close to his inner circle told CNN, adding to a series of recent reports hinting at the Democrat’s desire to resurrect his career after resigning in disgrace last summer.



Why can’t she just stay away?




Keep your powder dry and your pantry stocked, 2022 is going to get a lot worse. Until next time.

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