Rosa Brooks, Former Obama Pentagon Official, Suggests Military Coup To Get Rid Of Trump [VIDEO]

Rosa Brooks, Former Obama Pentagon Official, Suggests Military Coup To Get Rid Of Trump [VIDEO]

Rosa Brooks, Former Obama Pentagon Official, Suggests Military Coup To Get Rid Of Trump [VIDEO]

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of Donald Trump. But guess what? He is the President and so deserves our support. NOOOO, that doesn’t mean blind support. It means respectful support and it does allow for disagreement and constructive criticism regarding policies and actions the Administration takes.

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But what it DOESN’T mean is advocating for various methods of President Trump’s removal from office just because you don’t like him.

Thus the question: Are we truly stuck with Donald Trump?

It depends. There are essentially four ways to get rid of a crummy president.

Wait what??!! No seriously, you read that correctly. Rosa Brooks not only makes it extremely clear she’s not a fan of President Trump, she helpfully provides a guide on how to get him gone!

  • Wait reluctantly but patiently for 2020 to get here – with the implication that anyone but Trump needs to be elected.
  • Start searching for anything that fits with the bribery, treason, high crimes or misdemeanors that would fit the Impeachment criteria
  • Deploy the 25th Amendment. Find something… ANYTHING that will help powers that be declare Trump unfit for office so Mike Pence can take his place…
  • Here’s the kicker… Military Coup.

Yes, you read that correctly. This woman, who worked in the Pentagon for all of two years while Obama was President just advocated impeachment, use of the 25th Amendment, or a military coup. No seriously. Read her entire editorial. Its all there.

No, I didn’t say “coup”…I just, you know said “military coup”

Does Rosa understand how dangerous her rhetoric is? Maybe she does. Why else would she tweet this?

Oh really? Lets go back to the article shall we?

The fourth possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders.

Lady, if you didn’t want anyone thinking that any type of military coup from refusing to obey orders all the way up to overthrowing the President was something to consider..then why the hell did the last five paragraphs of your article dance around that very subject?!! Seriously, you legitimized it by implication and in fact by providing us a check list of how to get rid of him, so don’t tell us that you didn’t want readers to think..oh hey – she’s just blowing smoke.

First, Rosa Brooks is definitely an Obama fan. And the New America think tank she’s with is run by a group that includes Jonathan Soros. Soros?? Hmmmm….

Secondly, if she thinks the military would consider a coup – she needs only to look at her recent article in Foreign Policy in which she dissed the intelligence of veterans knowledge of foreign policy.  Evidently someone’s experience such as Senator Tom Cotton or Secretary of Defense Mattis doesn’t count. In fact their lack of experience has a level of “ickiness” to it according to Brooks. Somehow I don’t think she won any friends in the military with that diatribe or this one regarding the fallacies of today’s wars.

I guess President Trump trying to quietly slip out of the White House for a very somber visit is also “icky?”

Its not just the military coup part of Rosa’s cute little editorial that’s problematic, its her ENTIRE article. She outlines three different ways to get rid of President Trump. Her defense is that she’s just you know, throwing something out there for grins and giggles because she thinks he’s a crummy president. Rosa? This crap isn’t funny, it is damned dangerous. This type of rhetoric needs to stop NOW. We can and must do better than this.

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  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Well, what’s wrong a little military coup now and then?

    Fits right in with the Left’s love of Third World Banana Republic dictators who’ve similarly risen to power. They’re wet-dream fantasizing about such things.

    Ultimate Power is, of course, only valid if it’s a Leftist who’s in charge.

    • Nina says:

      The Left indeed loves them some dictators. But what they will ALWAYS fail to understand is that military coups always come back around to bite them on the keister – Big Time.

  • GWB says:

    I don’t have a problem with her listing ways to rid the country of Trump. Conservative outlets speculated on impeachment and 25th Amendment stuff for 0bama. Heck, we talked about them for Carter – and that was way before the intertubes.

    The only place she might have crossed the line is in talking about a coup. I can’t get to the article for some reason, so I don’t know if she discusses it or advocates it.

    Along those lines, though – beyond the possibility of criminal charges – I don’t worry about it. You know and I know that the military would have to change a LOT before it would be the sort of military that would do that.

    An interesting series of books, if a little dated, is Bio Of A Space Tyrant by Piers Anthony. One piece of the premise involves a coup – it’s a very interesting turn of events.

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