Ron DeSantis Kicks Communism In The Cojones

Ron DeSantis Kicks Communism In The Cojones

Ron DeSantis Kicks Communism In The Cojones

No one should be surprised that I shut down a college classroom with debate.  I’ve been doing this since high school.  This particular moment happened while I was finally completing my college degree at Cal State Northridge at the age of thirty.  It was within a generic business class.  Why the professor decided to bring up George Bush’s push to privatize a portion of Social Security I have no idea.  But this was a matter I was intimately familiar with.  My ex-brother-law had happened to be the five-year financial advisor to Pinochet in Chile. What was interesting was less about me owning my professor, though true, but how the freshmen in the class responded when he suggested no one else was interested in hearing about my views.  Several of them raised their hands in the air and requested more airtime.  This is why I love the fact that Ron DeSantis’s new “Victims of Communism Day” kicks Communism in the cojones!  Young people today love the idea of Socialism or Communism (whatever tripe their educators shove down their throats) and this new piece of legislation gives our kids the opportunity to see the evil of Communism. I believe that high school students would like to hear more on this topic, if given the chance, just as my peers did at CSUN.  Florida is the perfect state to begin this type of education given the number of Cuban families that reside there.

As one of our own contributors wrote, back in 2017, our educators have been glamorizing Communism for years, to our Society’s and our children’s detriment.  Communism is not only a failed thought experiment; it is lethal.  In every place it has been attempted, millions have died.  We cannot let it take root and fester as a positive construct within our school systems.  It is especially important that we recognize the horrors of Communism at the high school level as they will be bombarded with the notion at the college level.  Watch as DeSantis lays it out:

Of course, the libs are enraged that DeSantis is “pouncing” on this cultural band wagon:

Hey, Twitter user “mereseadotes”!  That’s the point.  Kids are NOT already learning about the horrors of communism.  They are being taught that it’s a wonderfully utopian concept that we should embrace! More than a freaking third, a THIRD, of millennials think Communism is a nifty idea!  

“[Younger generations have] no memory whatsoever of the Cold War and its related ideological battlefield. There is an absence of an ‘overlapping consensus’ based on the shared experiences of war or Cold War.”

Thank God I am not a millennial; I am a Gen Xer. I remember falling in love with Ronald Reagan as he demanded that Gorbachev tear down this wall!   I remember watching with my heart in my chest as the East Berlin wall came down and thousands of people scrambled to escape the tyranny behind them.

When I went to CPAC for the first time a couple of years ago, I had an Uber driver from Venezuela.  When I told him that Trump was going to be speaking at the event, he was beyond excited!  He offered to be my personal chauffeur during my stay in Orlando.  I took him up on it and was glad to remunerate a man dedicated to the pursuit of personal freedom.  He was passionate about his desire to give his son a better life than he’d had.

Right now, Chile’s latest and youngest President, Gabriel Boric, is getting hit in the head with reality.  The shine has already, in less than sixty days, worn off Boric’s popularity.  Even lefty ABC news is talking about it!

“President Gabriel Boric of Chile is attempting to relaunch an administration that has plunged in popularity less than two months since he made headlines around the world for becoming the country’s youngest president and a possible symbol for a resurgent left wing in South America.”

Communism is a cancer that must be strangled and killed, each and every time it metastasizes as an idea.  America and American values have no place for it as an ideology.  The Left loves the religion of Communism.  And my latest hero Ron DeSantis just kicked it in the cojones.  God bless him.

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  • Time was, we did learn about Communism in school: its principles, its supposed aims, and the gory consequences of its ascendancy wherever it arose. But that was the mid-Sixties. To judge from the words and deeds of many of my contemporaries who now teach in our “institutions of higher learning,” the lessons didn’t “sink in” for all of us.

    • Mike says:

      Inschool, we were taught the old tricks of Communist Propaganda… One aware of them they stand out like a sore thumb which is why the Communist Teachers Unions stopped teaching how to recognize the tricks… They wanted fresh, unaware and ignorant kids to again fall for the 100 year old tricks that allowed Communism to gleefully murder 100 million people.

      • Scott says:

        Patton had it right. we should have enlisted the recently defeated Germans, and kicked Stalins ass. Since we didn’t do it then, we’ve been fighting them for nearly 80 yrs since.

  • RB in GA says:

    “Communism is a cancer that must be strangled and killed, each and every time it metastasizes as an idea.”

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Peter says:

    Communism is not a system of government, it is a system of control.
    Control of thought, control of life, control of choices.
    Anyone who thinks communism is a good system either does not understand communism, or wishes to be part of the controlling system.

  • TeacherinTejas says:

    The naivete and ignorance of this current generation is frightening. I teach senior economics, some AP/some regular track, and I once had a student say “Socialism would work if everyone were just nicer to each other.” And he was from, wait for it……………….Venezuela!”

  • 370H55V says:

    A kiddly divey too to you too!

    (I know I’m giving away my age here).

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