#Rockette Takes Takes To Instagram To Complain About Performance At #Trump Inauguration [VIDEO]

#Rockette Takes Takes To Instagram To Complain About Performance At #Trump Inauguration [VIDEO]

#Rockette Takes Takes To Instagram To Complain About Performance At #Trump Inauguration  [VIDEO]

As President Elect Trump continues to plan his inauguration ball, a new controversy has sprung up. The Madison Square Garden Company, the Radio City Rockettes parent company, announced on Thursday that the famous dance group would be performing at Trump’s inauguration celebration. Overnight one of the dancers took to social media to proclaim her disgust on Facebook.


Radio City Rockette takes to social media to propose inauguration boycott

Dancer Phoebe Pearl posted the image above on Instagram and proposed a boycott, which (of course) lit the interwebs on fire. Multiple celebrities came out in support of poor Phoebe who said that if she were forced to perform at the inauguration she would do so “with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart”. Writer and Director Amanda Duarte took to social media to proclaim her upset at the dance group being “forced” to perform at Trump’s inauguration.


Actor George Takei threw in his 2 cents on Twitter too (of course, because what could be more cliche than a gay man commenting on the woes of a glamorous dancer).


Oh. My. Goodness. Now you know I am not a fan of Trump, but the theater community as a whole seems to be continuing to lose their collective stuff over his election. I have a few friends who are actors, actual working SAG card holders mind you, and they have been foaming at the mouth since before he pulled out the victory that no one was expecting. So much so that I have unfollowed many of them on Facebook simply to preserve my own sanity.

Yesterday the MSG Company came out with an email that told the performers that if they were full time Rockettes, that their contract obligated them to perform at the event. Part timers could sign up if they were interested. Friday, the company reversed itself in yet another email to the performers and proclaimed that they will not be “forced” to perform at the inauguration, contracts be damned. Evidently they now state that in order to be considered to perform at the inaugural event the dancers must sign up so that no one is forced to perform against their will. They also stated that they have had more women sign up for the event that they have slots in their line up. Evidently it seems, once again, Hollyweird is misinformed but it did not keep them from responding with this “stellar” suggestion.


If any of this surprises you, clearly you have not spent much time in the theater community. Well, I have. I grew up in it as the daughter of a drama teacher and an aspiring thespian myself. Gladly, I had a number of personality quirks that kept me from pursuing my dream of an acting career. I tend to like to eat (consistently), I love living in nice places and I would make a horrible waitress. Good thing since in November after Mike Pence was lectured while attending the Broadway show “Hamilton” from the stage a writer for Hot Air, Larry O’Connor,  wrote a stunning article that outlined why he lived as a “closet conservative” during his time on Broadway. It seems that unless you plan on exiting the stage door to the extreme left, there is no room for you in the theater.

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  • Wfjag says:

    No body makes you work there, Dearie. Don’t want to do the gig? Then quit. Go back to “Living on unemployment; Dancing for your own enjoyment.” You are easily replaced.

  • J Walter says:

    Switch the roles. If someone said that about Obama or hilary big day… fire her ass. I bet there are 10 more waiting in the wings to get that coveted job.

    • J Walter says:

      Also, I’m forced to do something with my body against my will every damn day. It is called work. Get over it.

      They are pouting like little children who didn’t get their way.

      If it was the year 1800, all these feminists and SJW’s would starve to death in three days.

  • Jenny North says:

    These people are such jokes, so untethered from reality. I like the solution if they don’t want to dance, then let some others in who do, and then let them have their full time jobs too because obviously they will have a much better attitude. As for “forced to go along with something horrible that we didn’t choose” – uh, eight years of Obama, Obamacare, apology tours, Michelle’s lunch menus…the list goes on. They have no self-awareness.

  • VALman says:

    It seems to me that Donald Trump may have said and done some things in the past that are not all that pleasant nor admirable. He may have some goals that are objectionable to some. Yet, it’s not him who is coming across as small-minded and bigoted. It’s those who are having difficult accepting that he duly won the election and may seek to bring some “course correction” as to the direction of the nation.

    So, if dancer Phoebe Pearl and some of the other Rockettes like her can’t “kick up their heels” at a Trump presidency, they might at least do so that our form of electing a president did as it was intended. And, they might also have a little hope that things might not be as bad as they fear. They might even come to like a bit of what a Trump administration accomplishes.

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