A Raised Fist Is A Threat: Fight Back, No Surrender

A Raised Fist Is A Threat: Fight Back, No Surrender

A Raised Fist Is A Threat: Fight Back, No Surrender

Even as small children we are quick to recognize the personal threat to ourselves when someone clenches their fist and raises it in our direction. That this obvious symbol of incipient violence is now adopted by corporate *un*America is obscene.
A raised fist can be considered one of the legal elements that defines criminal assault

The act required for an assault must be overt. Although words alone are insufficient, they might create an assault when coupled with some action that indicates the ability to carry out the threat. A mere threat to harm is not an assault; however, a threat combined with a raised fist might be sufficient if it causes a reasonable apprehension of harm in the victim.

So while Pravda media has done what it can to minimize the arson, looting and destruction that followed in in the wake of numerous George Floyd protests and beyond, why should we accept one of the ubiquitous symbols of such violence and hatred as innocuous or peaceful?

Whether wielded by black supremacists or white supremacists, the collectivist ideologies are of once piece with the first fist-logo carriers, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Aka Wobblies, a violent, anti-capitalist, anti-American labor movement of the early 20th century, it was never a symbol of unity or brotherhood or an invitation for people to come together to resolve their conflicts.

Nope, it was, and remains, a symbol of intimidation and a demand for subservience.

Oh look, it’s Face Fist-book!! Isn’t this special?

raised fist facebook

Zuckerberg, who makes Casper the Friendly Ghost look tan, wants to Lift Voices but accompanies the :::cough:::cough:::: conversation with a threat of violence.

facebook fist logo

Twitter accompanies the hashtag for “blacklivesmatter” with three tiny little fists aimed at you. Procter and Gamble isn’t sporting The Fist but they are clear that you cannot be allowed to live your life unmolested.

Being a passive supporter of equality is not enough. When good intentions turn into tangible actions, both big and small, change occurs on a larger scale. Learn how to take action as an ally, advocate, activist and an anti-racist.

Not to be outdone in the corporate coward olympics, Kellogg Company also takes a knee.

And in a particularly disgusting show of unChristian behavior, we witnessed Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy proclaiming that “white people need to shine black people’s shoes” as some sort of group penance or something. This not Christian faith or theology, this is ideology. Christians are called to repent of their own sins not the sins of others.

Underlying all this corporate licking of BLM taint is fear. Fear of lost profits, fear of being targeted by the mob. While people are fired for cracking their knuckles in public or daring to raise funds for legal defense, when the felling of Confederate statues are not enough and leads to iconoclasts tearing down Churchill, Jefferson and Washington, what does it take for real Americans to wake up to the fact that the anti-American Left will not be satisfied? Not convinced? Watch —

Go back to the 1:55 mark and watch Jaiden Grayson again say that violence will not end until it is all broken down. Watch her calmly threaten you, me, our families, our lives and our livelihoods until her demands are met.

Chillingly, the professionally-applied makeup she wears cannot hide her eyes —

Fists are a threat - quint quote

Stop trying to swim with sharks.

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  • Toni S. Williams says:

    Yes, Darleen. Great Post.


  • Scott says:

    That bitch is without question a domestic enemy. She says that their demands need to be “responded to”.. the response may well not be what she wants.. she seems to believe that a “culture” that cant even manage to have a majority of children with more than one, or even one parent present is capable of “remaking the world” into anything but a tribal third world shithole… and she says she’s and “african that was brought to America”…please show me when she arrived.. she’s too damn stupid to even realize that she was born here.. It’s becoming apparent that the only solution to the CHAZ is to advise anyone not part of this stupidity to get out then MOAB the freaking place… give these idiots what they want, a response…. I guess it goes without saying that she’s one of the most racist individuals I’ve ever had the displeasure to witness

    • GWB says:

      then MOAB the freaking place
      So… you’re saying a step UP from the Philadelphia police response?
      (I’m not disagreeing, just asking for the boys in the ordnance room.)

  • Paladin says:

    Truly terrifying.

    • Dirt Farmer says:

      It’s clear this woman has NEVER experienced any actual violence.

      Always remember the immortal words of Mike Tyson :
      “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

      It’s coming.

  • Chancellor says:

    Glad I’ve stopped buying P&G stuff since the Gillette commercials damning men for being men.

  • Scott says:

    Spend your money on firearms, ammo, and body armor… NONE of those companies have started to pander…. and if these fools get what they’re asking for, you’ll be prepared…

    Don’t forget RANGE TIME!

    • SFC D says:

      Send lawyers, guns, and money.

      The shit has hit the fan.

    • GWB says:

      Well, I think one has. They’ve now effectively gone under. S&W did, and they suffered greatly until they broke those chains.
      (Admittedly, it wasn’t this stupidity to which they knuckled under. But it was leftist stupidity, all the same.)

  • IainC says:

    The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is a fake. Only a tiny fraction of very specific black lives matter to the extremist organisers of this movement: those who are killed by a government agency.
    Have you wondered why none of these black lives cruelly lost in the last few weeks have attracted any attention from BLM propaganda units? People like the 12 blacks, many who were innocent by-standers, killed by gang violence in Chicago on the same weekend as George Floyd? Or the poor Pacific Islander boy in Melbourne who was murdered as a result of gang violence? Or the poor indigenous girl in WA found in a bin who was a victim of tribal payback? Even the poor black man running down the street in killed the US by two white vigilantes attracted only minor response, relatively. It’s because these black deaths have no political value. Protesting about their deaths (and many others in the same time) would be politically pointless, because the perpetrators have no useful leverage. Any BLM protest would be aimed at individuals, and therefore inconsequential (to BLM, not to their grieving families and friends) to the acquisition of power and influence, and a waste of resources.
    Instead, BLM waits for the jackpot, the black man egregiously killed by an arm of the State, and they got this in full with the brutal death of George Floyd. The protest machine was turned onto overdrive, the riots and the violence and the anger whipped into a frenzy, and the message spread to other countries with BLM Chapters to do the same. And out of the righteous outrage, the political payments from cowering governments and private organisations, fearful of retribution for non-compliance, can be extracted. As can now be seen in the followup concessions being made hourly throughout the western world. None of this could be possible if BLM protested about individuals killed by other individuals.
    BLM is just the latest in a long line of alt-Marxist, extremist, racialist organisations pretending to have black welfare and advancement as their primary cause, but in reality, ordinary blacks are just pawns in the much wider goals of power growth and ideological dominance as a means to destroy current social structures.
    One thing is certain, for BLM, black lives in general don’t matter, only that special one in a thousand.

  • Da Bear says:

    This not-so-soft Soros/ Obama/ CAIR/ MSM /Democratic “Dark” Marxist pre-election battle space preparation can be stopped dead in in tracks, so to speak. Constitutional Americans, (those Americans who understand these skirmishes are just a prelude to the eviseration of the Constitutional Republic) must first target the actual power centers of this classic Marxist revolution.
    First understand that Antifa and BLM are the Dark Marxists made-for-TV pawns. In Lenininst terms, these are among the “useful idiots”, who will then be liquidated at the first opportunity if the revolution succeeds.
    Lenin was insistant that revolutions come from fear, chaos and the hatred of the enemies of revolution. He also understood mis-direction, in that the useful idiots would funnel time and resources away from the actual destruction taking place within of the enemies power centers.
    So to STOP this revolution, CA’s, (Constitutional Americans) must MIRROR the revolutionary narrative by creating fear and chaos among the power centers of the Dark Marxists. How does that happen?
    Those suit wearing Dark Marxist and their corporate boards who are funding and supporting the revolution must fear daily for their lives and property. I can’t write more as the moderators would get upset.
    But the path forward is difficult but crystal clear. Either put up with this relatively low level Antifa/BLM nonsense for years or take the fight directly to homes and families of those who actively fund, propagandize, and organize the pawns. If the CA’s balk now, ( Lenin counted on their cowardness and the rationalization of their passivity), their homes, property and families will be evisterated along with our Constitutional Republic. CA’s can make that choice today, but their window of opportunity is beginning to close….capisce?

  • Elmer T. Jones says:

    Thanks for helping to turn the spotlight around to expose these rats. Many of the protestors and public virtue-signalers are middle-age white females enjoying sinecures in left-wing organizations. They bellow about racism to avoid getting scrutinized themselves and to hang on to their careers towards comfortable retirement. Any young person or person of color can do their job and they know it. And corporate CEOs who live nowhere near any blacks or have ever actually talked to any sure are making a spectacle about schooling the racists about BLM.

  • Grim Leaper says:

    Da Bear, I’ve long said myself that these scuttling vermin need to be abruptly fired from their jobs, forcibly evicted from their homes, and violently arrested at the drop of a pin for the most trivial criminal offenses, let alone the outright rioting, looting, terrorism, and murder of the latter days. The most vicious incarnations of lawfare can come into play.

    For example, obtaining a significant amount of money through fraud is a felony in most jurisdictions, and what would you call tricking a company into hiring vermin like leftists with fraudulent applications that omit the profoundly ugly moral flaw that is leftism? It’s no better than a child molester or serial rapist omitting that salient fact to the hiring department or individual employer. That’s grounds for immediate arrest and prosecution, and the affected company is well within its rights to file a civil suit to recover any and all salary and benefits paid to the leftist filth. Did the leftist filth ever use the tiniest bit of company property without explicit permission, such as a copier for personal use, or make off with a few pencils after work? That’s burglary and more criminal charges. You get the idea.

    Likewise, being a leftist at all is a violent, immediate threat to the lives and and safety of other tenants in a multi-residential domicile or other residents of a neighborhood, which is grounds for immediate eviction and the pursuit of associated damages in a civil court. Does the leftist once, ever, step foot on private property such as a restaurant or other small business after being notified that it is utterly unwelcome and permanently banned? That’s trespassing, stalking, conspiracy to violate civil rights, terrorism, and other charges as appropriate. The sky’s the limit.

    And, of course, if a known, self-admitted leftist makes a single tiny move in public that could be reasonably interpreted by a jury as an imminent physical attack such as assault, arson, and so forth, that’s in many jurisdictions arguably cause for immediately opening fire on the deadly threat to your life and safety. Carrying a Molotov cocktail or even a heavy, skull-crushing brick while approaching you in a menacing manner is one such immediate terroristic threat. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM.

  • TMA says:

    I attended the tantrum in Austin on the night of Trump’s inauguration, and among the despicable acts I witnessed was the speaker shouting “PEOPLE” to the crowd replying “POWER” in a very familiar ceremony. All that was needed was to substitute “SEIG” and “HEIL.” But at least the Nazis had the decency not to clench their fists in hatred.

  • GWB says:

    The act required for an assault
    Wait, you’re going with a legal definition of assault? Since when is that how we treat these things?

    wants to Lift Voices
    I’m offended by that icon. Not by its presence, but by how crappy it is. It looks like a PEZ dispenser.

    Being a passive supporter of equality is not enough.
    BLM isn’t looking for equality.

    Learn how to take action as an ally, advocate, activist and an anti-racist.
    No. You do NOT have to be a crusader. That is not a moral requirement for your life. ESPECIALLY from a soap company.
    (BTW, an interesting note: never crusade against something. Crusade for something. I’m not against “anti-racism”. I’m FOR equality under the law, and color-blindness in our personal lives. Always have been.)

    This [is] not Christian faith or theology, this is ideology.
    An odd choice of words for that contrast. It certainly is not Christian faith, but it IS A theology. It’s just not a Christian one. That poor man must have been beaten into submission by a Social Gospel pastor sometime in the last several years. It’s a shame.

    Underlying all this corporate licking of BLM taint is fear.
    YES. It’s called extortion. It’s exactly what the Mafia practiced, or any neighborhood thug running a protection racket. Except the Mafia had the good sense never to try and wrap it in the rags of a moral swindle.

    violence will not end until it is all broken down
    Which is a level above extortion. It’s on the order of reavers invading your village.
    And we should meet them with the same response required then.

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