Stepmother Of Accused Atlanta Officer Fired From Job

Stepmother Of Accused Atlanta Officer Fired From Job

Stepmother Of Accused Atlanta Officer Fired From Job

The stepmother of the Atlanta police officer accused of eleven crimes in the death of Rayshard Brooks has been fired from her job. Melissa Rolfe had been the Human Resources Director for Equity Prime Mortgage in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Tucker Carlson broke the news tonight on his Fox News Channel show. If you have read nothing about the death of Rayshard Brooks, our Narcissi wrote a post that will catch you up. You can read it here. As Narcissi points out, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had not finished the investigation when the hapless Fulton County District Attorney announced the eleven charges. As we learned in the Kavanaugh hearings, due process flies out the window when the mob demands action. Garrett Rolfe turned himself in late Thursday and stepmother loses her job. Due process gone again.

Here is how the Washington Examiner reported the story:

Carlson said a “source familiar with the matter” told his show that Melissa Rolfe, the stepmother of Garrett Rolfe, was let go from a company called Equity Prime Mortgage where she had been human resources director.

“Rolfe was promised that her job was safe but today she was told, and we’re quoting, ‘We have to terminate our relationship with you.’ No other explanation was offered,” he said.

Carlson said “apparently” her “only crime was being officer Rolfe’s stepmother.” He noted that Rolfe has been scrubbed from the company’s website.

Notice the statement that “Rolfe was promised that her job was safe”? Unless Mrs. Rolfe had been in discussions with the company about her stepson’s situation, she wouldn’t need a promise, right? Tucker Carlson was righteously indignant in his segment.

Late last night, Equity Prime Mortgage tweeted the following statement:

The key content in that tweet:

Melissa Rolfe’s termination was a direct result of her actions in the workplace and violation of company policy. While working with Melissa as she transitioned to a leave of absence granted by our organization, we discovered she violated company policy and created an uncomfortable working environment for many of our employees.

What company policy might the stepmother have violated? Mrs. Rolfe supported her son on a Georgia politician’s Facebook page:

Support Officer Garrett Rolfe's defense fund.The politically-motivated charges against him by Paul Howard are…

Posted by Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Can you imagine the scenario? Mrs. Rolfe is preparing for her leave of absence when someone finds the post where she is fundraising for her son’s defense? Can you imagine that there might be a few people at Equity Prime Mortgage who don’t believe in due process or in the right of the accused to have a defense? You know exactly what happened at Equity Prime Mortgage. Someone complained that they felt unsafe and that Mrs. Rolfe created a hostile work environment.

Equity Prime Mortgage may also have all kinds of rules in their employee handbook about what you can and cannot post on social media. It doesn’t matter. This situation stinks.

In her Facebook plea for the defense fund, Mrs. Rolfe calls Garrett Rolfe her son, not her stepson. That speaks of a warm relationship. The whole family has been screwed, pardon my French. Garrett Rolfe was fired before any facts were known about the death of Rayshard Brooks. The District Attorney filed charges before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation finished its work. Garrett Rolfe’s stepmother is fired from her job on the same day her stepson turns himself in to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. I would also guess that they all feel very unsafe in the state of Georgia. I hope the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is providing the family with security.

In the United States of America, there used to be this thing called “due process”. The mob killed due process. There also used to be this thing called “mercy”, the mob killed mercy, too. Pray for the Rolfe family and for the United States of America.

Melissa Rolfe needs to sue Equity Prime Mortgage for every nickle and the last pair of clean underwear they own.

Featured Image: Garrett Rolfe/Fulton County Sheriff’s Office/Public Domain

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  • NTSOG says:

    Due process only applies now to whining SJWs when they find themselves caught out. Otherwise it’s lynch law for any one opposing them.


  • GWB says:

    Melissa Rolfe needs to sue Equity Prime Mortgage for every nickle and the last pair of clean underwear they own.
    QFT – Wrongful Termination

  • Toastrider says:

    Sippenhaft. ‘Blood guilt’. A Nazi Germany tradition.

    • GWB says:

      A pagan one, as well. So not really surprising the folks in AntiFa and their fellow travelers would embrace it.

  • Tilly Tittlebottom says:

    My god, you’re a lousy writer. I disagree with the decision to fire this woman. I’m not sure if your atrocious writing is helping her case though.

    • Cameron says:

      Can you back up your complaint with something specific or are you just here to throw shit on the walls?

    • Toni Williams says:

      Tilly – I agree. I am a lousy writer. Would you be so kind to give me a tip or five that I might improve.


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  • Charles N. Steele says:

    It would not be surprising if this originated at the top. Corporate chiefs seem to be among the most fearful and least principled people these days.

    Well written, BTW, despite Tittlebutt’s grouching.

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