Rahm Emmanuel is Pouring Fuel on Chicago Fire. [VIDEO]

Rahm Emmanuel is Pouring Fuel on Chicago Fire. [VIDEO]

Rahm Emmanuel is Pouring Fuel on Chicago Fire. [VIDEO]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel didn’t set off the violence that gripped Chicago neighborhoods last weekend. But his new police policies will pour fuel on Chicago’s savage tinderbox.

Deanna told us how some Chicago neighborhoods turned into shooting galleries last weekend, when 60 people were shot, and nine died. But that’s not all. By the time 6 a.m. Monday rolled around, the butcher’s bill climbed to 74 shooting victims. Twelve of those died.

The shooting galleries included a block party, a post-funeral gathering, and even someone’s front porch. How bad is it when you’re not even safe on your own front porch?

But Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan (both Democrats, like you needed to ask) have a great idea on how to fix the police in Chicago.

Rahm Emmanuel
Rahm Emmanuel faces Chicago carnage.
Credit: ABCNews.

Yes, fix the police. Not the neighborhoods where gang violence is rampant, mind you. The police, you see, have the problem.

Their fix is called the Chicago Police Department Consent Decree.

The Consent Decree didn’t just materialize out of Rahm Emmanuel’s fervid dreams; it originally came from the Obama Justice Department after the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stopped it; however, Emmanuel and his sidekick Madigan resurrected it and presented it to the city late in July.

So what’s in the consent decree? Basically, it has 200+ pages of red tape and restrictions on policing in Chicago. Needless to say, the rank-and-file beat officer is not amused, and the Fraternal Order of Police plans to fight it.

Oh, wait, there’s more. Not only does the Consent Decree hamstring the work of police officers, but it also demands that police deal with “transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming individuals” using sanctioned language. This means that police must use “names, pronouns and titles of respect appropriate to that individual’s gender.”

Yes, I’m sure that’ll cut down on violence in the ‘hood, right?

And, of course, the police will need to go through sensitivity training in the phony theory of “implicit bias.” Plus they’ll have to collect more racial data. Because diverting money from actual law enforcement will also make the ‘hood safer, right?

So let’s look at some stats and graphics, shall we?

Here’s a Chicago city map showing some of the city’s deadliest areas. It’s mind-numbing.

Chicago's deadliest hoods.
Chicago’s deadliest hoods. Click to enlarge.
Credit: heyjackass.com

Here’s how August stats look, as of August 7, after last week’s shootarama:

August to Date:
Shot & Killed: 14
Shot & Wounded: 92
Total Shot: 106
Total Homicides: 18

Now, how many folks died in the Windy City so far at the hands of the evil police?

Right now the number stands at four. Just four. And in 2017, police shot and killed 11 people.

That’s less than last week’s carnage.

But all the bad things are the fault of the police. And guns, of course. Even though there are also guns in the Chicago suburbs, but people there aren’t shooting each other up, are they?

No, bad things happen because street gangs have taken over parts of the city. Gangs are shooting each other in places like the trendy Chicago Water Tower Place mall. And that’s not all — juveniles are carjacking, vandalizing stores, and assaulting pedestrians in broad daylight. Even in the wealthy Gold Coast neighborhood. Why? Because they’re untouchable: a new law exempts juveniles from adult penalties.

Chicago carjacking.
Chicago carjacking. Credit: ABC7 Chicago.

A veteran Chicago police detective said this:

“The kids who are mobbing downtown are the same ones doing the carjackings. This generation of kids has grown up with no one daring to touch them.”

But Rahm Emmanuel thinks that he can spin his way out of this. So he put the responsibility on citizens in Chicago’s beleaguered neighborhoods:

“So, if you say enough is enough, you must come forward as a neighborhood where a moral center of gravity holds. . . . If you know who did this, be a neighbor. Speak up. Neighbors, come together. The city will be with you shoulder to shoulder.”

The city will be with you? What kind of Star Wars-esque bullshit is that? Who’s going to want to speak up about gang-bangers in their neighborhood when not even 15% of suspects are charged in homicides?

As the Rev. Marshall Hatch, a Chicago Baptist pastor, said:

“You put yourself at risk. Obviously, the police can’t protect you, and if somebody kills you, they can’t find out who did it.”

Now the biggest reason for Chicago becoming a slaughter pen is not because of police actions. Unfortunately the police can’t fix it, nor can Rahm Emmanuel and his disastrous Consent Decree.

When more than three-quarters of Chicago’s inner city kids grow up without their fathers in the home — fathers who would teach their sons how to become honorable men — the violence will continue. That’s why the murder rate is already far worse than it ever was during Al Capone’s gangland days of the 1920’s.

Now Rahm Emmanuel can wake up, smell the coffee, and realize that hog tying the police through ACLU and Black Lives Matter controls will not even begin to tamp down neighborhood massacres. But I’m pretty sure things will continue in Chicago as they have since 1931 — in the hands of Democrats. After all, it’s the Chicago Way.

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