#ProjectVeritas: SF Teacher’s Union Official On Leave After Admitting He Hit Students [VIDEO]

#ProjectVeritas: SF Teacher’s Union Official On Leave After Admitting He Hit Students [VIDEO]

#ProjectVeritas: SF Teacher’s Union Official On Leave After Admitting He Hit Students [VIDEO]

Antonio Mankini, a union official with United Educators of San Francisco, has been placed on leave following the release of an undercover audio tape recorded by two journalists for Project Veritas. On the recording, Mankini is heard bragging about the methods he employed to physically abuse students “without leaving a mark.” In case you missed it, please watch:

Here’s a bit about this lovely man:

UESF Official, Antonio Mankini (Photo Credit: UESF.org)

So how do some members of the so-called media handle the story that Mankini has been placed on leave? Well, if you’re SF Gate, with a photo of the messenger, James O’Keefe, above your headline :

Sigh. And they wonder why so many of us despise the media.

Meanwhile, O’Keefe reports an investigation by UESF has begun:

You’ll pardon me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for them to can this creep.

And might I remind you: these are the kinds of cretins the Democrat Party continues to support. From domestic terrorists, to illegal aliens harming American citizens, to child abusers, there’s no potential vote for which they won’t sell their souls. And rarely in our history have they shown their true selves for all to witness more than in the months leading up to and following last November’s surprise election. Here’s hoping the American electorate doesn’t have a short memory come re-election time, and that the freshly-minted Education Secretary and Attorney General take these revolutions of abuse seriously.

I’ve seen a lot of jaw-dropping videotapes from Project Veritas exposing corruption of all flavors; they continue to do the work the mainstream media refuses to. But this tape is beyond the pale. We all know how difficult it is to fire a teacher who’s under the protection of the teacher’s unions, and all too often ludicrous court decisions. But if anyone is the poster child for necessary change in the way unions handle bad teachers, this guy—and the others on this tape—is it. Should the facts warrant it, here’s hoping he’s prosecuted for every instance of assault he may have committed. Teachers are supposed to protect our children while in their charge; and if he’s done what he says on the audio, he’s grossly violated that trust. And here’s hoping he’s also held responsible in civil court. It’s far past time we root out the weeds that are damaging our children, sending an unambiguous message to people like this miscreant, and the unions who protect them, that they have no business anywhere near a child, and that their actions will not go unpunished.

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