Project Valour-IT Marine Team Day 3

Project Valour-IT Marine Team Day 3

i have to say i love the military – all branches – but i especially love the marines. the fundraising competition between the 4 teams (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines) is really starting to heat up — like this horrible, horrible accusation by the air force team that we marines eat puppies!


marine baby eating a poor little puppy

well ok maybe we do – but only naughty ones like ella! as you can tell, the air force team is really clever – i guess they have to be since they are so far behind in the competition! check out this awesome video they did. i LOVE it.


here’s the Marine Story of the day. he’s really amazing and this is a must-read:

“I met USMC Lance Cpl. James Crosby in June 2004. He was 19. He was a kid from a blue-collar background in Winthrop, Mass., and his body was a mess. But I could tell within minutes of meeting him that he was no ordinary kid, and I was pretty sure I’d hear his name again.”

your donation to project valour-it, who provides special laptops to wounded warriors, is a tangible reminder of the enormous debt we owe these men and women fighting the longest of long wars. it’s the very least a grateful nation can do isn’t it?

and here’s how the fundraising is going in real-time:

donate in honor of your favorite marine. you can go here to goose the thermometer for the Marine Team!


i will leave comments open but i’m not interested in turning this important project into a political battle or have inappropriate anti-war comments left here. save for a different post please. thanks.

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