USMC trivia, demotivators, and a Project Valour-IT update

USMC trivia, demotivators, and a Project Valour-IT update

Well, we lost the lead to the Army again! I mean, really… how could we be losing to these guys??


Luckily, we’re still right on their heels and there’s plenty of time for us to get a resounding lead. And we’ve got a spirited team this year. We’ve got all kinds of fun stuff planned, from our featured Marine heroes to trivia and a USMC demotivator contest. I can’t claim credit for the one above, but this one I can:


Hey, they put a sailor and not a Marine in the Village People for a reason. All I’m sayin’.

I can also claim credit for this one:


Seriously, what else sums up a Marine better??

If you’ve got any good ideas for some good, snarky Marine Corps demotivators, then pass ’em along. And with that, we move onto Marine Corps trivia! Here are the questions. The answers… will be after the jump!

1. Who was the first Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps?

2. Who is the “Grand Old Man” of the Marine Corps?

3. Who was the first female Marine?

4.Who was the first Commandant of the Marine Corps?

5. Where did the first amphibious assault conducted by the Marine Corps take place?

6. What is the cyclic rate of an M249?

7. What MOS is 0311?

8. What does the slang term “moto” mean?

9. What is a “screaming eagle”?

10. During the War of 1812 and the taking of Washington DC one goverment building was not burned. Name the building and its location.

11. What Marine Medal of Honor recipient was GI Joe patterned after?

12. The red stripe on the Marine Corps dress blues signifies the blood spilled at a specific battle. Which battle?

So, there you go. Check out the answers after the jump, and if you haven’t yet, please be sure to donate to Project Valour-IT and be sure to donate for the Marine team!!!


1. Wilbur Bestwick

2. Archibald Henderson

3. Opha Mae Johnson

4. Samuel Nicholas

5. New Providence Island in the Bahamas, where a British fort and large supplies of munitions were known to be. With Captain Nicholas in command, 234 Marines sailed from Philadelphia in Continental warships. On 3 March 1776, Captain Nicholas led his Marines ashore, took the fort, and captured the powder and arms for Washington’s army.

6. 650 to 850 rounds per minute

7. Infantry Rifleman (Don’t call 911… call 0311!)

8. “Moto” is a commonly used slang term in the Marine Corps, and it means “motivated”. It can also refer to someone who extremely devoted to the Corps and Marine Corps memorabilia — for example, stores that sell USMC memorabilia are called moto shops by Marines.

9. A high-and-tight haircut.

10. The Marine Corps barracks in 8th and I street. At the time, it was the Commandant’s house.

11. 2nd Lt. Mitchell Paige

12. The Battle of Chapultepec. The victory of this battle is also memorialized in the Marine Corps hymn, in the very opening line: “From the halls of Montezuma… “

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  • Awesome quiz and a great cause you’re supporting here.

    For some demotivator posters:

    General Mattis’s old standby, “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy”.

    Less seriously, “5 drinks isn’t a binge, it’s a warmup!” Or, “We’re going to get an a circle with our arms around each other and sing Goodnight Saigon, and there’s not a damn thing you’ll do about it!”

  • kate says:

    lmao at the posters cassy!

  • Cassy Cassy Cassy How could you post that first poster? I honestly think there should be SOME clairfication. That Army guy was from the Reserves. NOT RA! Ahhhh Cassy it’s not like you to stoop to this low. But thats OK. I shall rise above that and donate and extra $10 to the Jarines just to prove that the Army does NOT stoop to the Marines level.

    OH you forgot to add a few questions:

    1) Who storms a hill with a full company of 250 men, looses 200 to wounds, does not take the hill and call it victory?
    2) Which branch of service have only one requirement to enter thier service?
    3) What would that requirement be?
    4) Which branch of service only uses a bowl and a weed wacker to cut thier hair
    5) Which branch of service require it’s members to buy a Mickey Mouse watch to tell time?
    6) Why is that?
    7) How many Marines does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    1)The US Marines
    2)The US Marines
    3)A pulse
    4)The US Marines
    5)The US Marines
    6)Only way a Marine can tell time
    7)They can’t becasue the Navy can’t get them there to do the job

  • Judy says:

    Hi,all…just letting you know that I’m supporting Project Valour-IT by donating a percentage of my book sales through Veteran’s Day.

    Read the first chapter on the “Sneak Peek” tab at

    Please help pass the word!

    Also, please encourage others to join the “Flag Still Stands for Freedom” campaign at


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