Progressives Have a Hypocrisy Problem

Progressives Have a Hypocrisy Problem

Progressives Have a Hypocrisy Problem

America, the problem is that you are full of sexist, misogynist, patriarchy loving citizens! It’s your fault that ALL of the women dropped out of the presidential race (err, almost all the women …#letTulsiDebate). Just kidding! Democrats need to take ownership that their primary votes went to old white men, and accept the blame for what happens in their own primary. Or, are they are sexist misogynists, who love the patriarchy? Maybe, they’re hypocrites. 

Oh, the Problem of Sexism!

Woke-Scold types are shouting the standard trope of “sexism.” Politico’s [edit: read in “sarcasm font”] boldly  titled “Was It Sexism?‘” interviews ten top political operatives for their insight. Both Democrats and Republicans responded. You can guess how each answered.

Erin Vilardi is founder and CEO of Vote Run Lead, a national training program for women to run for office.

Sexism is alive and well. Polls from Avalanche Strategies found that (and anecdotes abound show) that Warren was the woman we’ve been waiting for (or insert Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar or your favorite female candidate), but that we vote “electability” over who is the best person for the job.”

Another perspective from “Was It Sexism?“,

Beth Hansen is a Republican political strategist who managed John Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign.

So what will it take to become first woman president? Women leaders who blaze the trail as candidates and elected officials, and ultimately the same thing it takes any candidate to win: ideas, the ability to articulate those ideas as a vision that connects to voters, hard work, likability …. and a bit of luck.

#nailedit. Articulate ideas that connect to voters, hard work, likability, and luck. Same thing it takes any candidate.

My Gender, My Vote!

Ohmygersh! Voters want someone who has “electability” versus the person best for the job?! “Best” is subjective, whereas “electability” has hard data. Let’s focus on the “sexism” shall we?

 I’m a voter, and I am neither waiting nor voting for Warren. Ever.

I’m waiting for Nikki Haley. She values unborn babies. Has executive experience as SC Governor. Most importantly, she shares my values.

Just because I don’t want to support a female candidate who advocates baby-killing doesn’t make me opposed to a woman. Only that woman.

But blaming a generalized theory is easier than accepting that their own primary voters didn’t like or want to buy what Warren, Klobuchar, and certainly not Kamala were selling.

Oh, the Perspective of the View.

At the end of this video, Joy-less makes my point for me. She sour-faces Megan McCain when asked “Would you vote for me, Joy?”

Of course she wouldn’t. Because to Joy, being the “right kind” of woman candidate is more important than being a woman candidate. This is where progressive-woke have a problem. It’s the “I don’t have to vote for a conservative woman, I disagree with her stance”, while at the same time believing “Americans are misogynist because they didn’t vote for progressive women!”

It’s called “hypocrisy”, a pillar of the “woke-folk.”

How did she treat Sarah Palin? Will she vote for Nikki Haley? Yeah, no. But Americans are “sexist!” because they allowed Warren to get sidelined at the Democrat primaries. (Disregard that most states limit primary voting to “registered” party members… Shhhh!!! Don’t tell her they did it to themselves).

Newsflash, “America” didn’t place a referendum on your female candidates. Your fellow Democrat primary voters did. Stop making excuses for the people within your own party. Maybe they didn’t like the options either. Find better candidates.

It’s NOT “Sexism”, Stupid

Sexism isn’t the problem. Political dislike, yup. Opposing views, absolutely. Because if it’s “sexism” then democrats need to look at their own primary voters. But if democrats think the “Vagina-Vote” is the only topic that matters in a politician…. How did progressives feel about,

Condi Rice: First Black American (and first Female) National Security Advisor. First Black American woman to serve as Secretary of State.

Sarah Palin: Second female nominee for Vice President in a major party.

The democrats were lined up behind them! With knives and pitchforks. Everything from their clothing to their accents, to political gaffes was broadcast as important facts of the day.

Can we forget the “We love women!” media, and their rampant “gotcha” attacks? Were they being sexist and misogynist because they trashed a politician and political appointee? Or was it political?

I’d compare their treatment of Palin to their treatment of a democrat VP nominee, but the last one they had was in 1984. So very “pro-woman” those democrats.

But they did fawn over Susan Rice. She was the “right kind” of Black American female appointee…. A progressive liberal one.

It’s Already Time

There is absolutely sexism in our society. But it’s waining. If anything, the pendulum is rapidly swinging in favor of “Girl Power” and empowerment (Period Parties, anyone?). But to use what small amount remains as an example of all American citizens “sexism” weakens the word.

The progressives are living in a hypocritical safe-place where reproductive organs, not brains, should win a vote. A place where their attacks on conservative women is political, but attacks on progressive women is sexism.

It is their problem to fix. But, it’s more likely they will assign it a different name and ascribe it as a problem shared by all Americans

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  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Observing that progressives have a hypocrisy problem is a bit like observing that grizzly bears are large furry mammals. But the great thing about progressives and other leftists is that they are far less self-aware and self-critical than are grizzly bears. Pocahontas was soundly defeated in Massachusetts, an overwhelmingly Democrat state. Dems vote overwhelmingly for men, then cry “misogyny!” And from there it’s a few short steps to “it must be the fault of Republicans!” Which becomes “it’s Trump!” Which becomes “the Deplorables!” i.e. every one of us who isn’t as crazy as they are. They can’t help but see the world in terms of victims (themselves) and oppressors (everyone else); it’s baked into their ideology. Hence they can never self-correct.

  • […] Victory Girls Blog: Progressives Have a Hypocrisy Problem. […]

  • Dale C. says:

    The problem with the Warren and Dems cry of “misogyny” is that the Dems are the ones who did the voting and fundraising in these primaries. Republicans and Conservatives did not affect the outcome in any way. So Dem males must be the new “deplorables,” yet that does not account for nor tally how many Democrat women voters intelligently found the women Dem candidates unappealing.

    The Left’s standpoint must always be to avoid accepting any responsibility for failure because “what I say and believe and propose is absolute truth, therefore you who disagree with me are the problem.” See Hillary and Stacy Abrams ad infinitum.

    Another great Victory Girls article! Keep up the superlative work! Thank you.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Don’t forget that Obama’s “bitter clinger” remark was addressed at the Democratic primary voters who didn’t vote for him.
      The Democratic party is no longer the champion of the blue collar working man it pretended to be decades ago. It’s now the apparatus of a new ruling class, who would shelve any pretensions of democracy should they have the power to do so.

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