Privileged Woman Whines “Feel My Pain!”

Privileged Woman Whines “Feel My Pain!”

Privileged Woman Whines “Feel My Pain!”

Leftism may not be a literal mental illness, but embrace of its dogma results in radically unhappy people. Loud, whiney, unhappy people who demand your acknowledgement of their pain. Even if their lives are one of power and privilege.

I am a graduate of Harvard Law School; a law professor; a municipal judge; a wife and mother. By any measure, my life is an example of success.

First line of the pity party is a humble-brag on how good she really has it. Harvard Law? Both a professorship and a judgeship? Married with children? And yet …

But that success has come at a steep price, paid for by denying my pain.

And what is this overwhelming pain that this highly privileged woman is enduring? Is she or a member of her family facing a terminal illness? Endured a devastating accident or lost their home and everything to fire?

Oh noes! Law Prof Njeri Rutledge is the victim of Everyday Racism™. And while Rutledge acknowledges she’s not ever endured violent racism, what she perceives as daily racist slights has made her angry and exhausted. What are those slights? Actually, Rutledge never says. The only concrete examples she offers of actual racism directed at her come from her childhood. She recalls being called the n-word by other children and not being invited to a birthday party because the father of her friend “didn’t like black people.”

Ok. I get it. Those are painful memories of unjust behavior. Like most kids, she was called a very hurtful name. Children are frequently hostile, little savages and will seize on anything different to cause pain. Use of physical characteristics – color, weight, height, disability, accent – in a verbal attack is something most kids will experience at one time or another. Jerk parents for the same reasons exist, too.

However, emotionally healthy adults learn to deal with that part of their lives, putting it in proper context and move forward. Emotionally healthy adults don’t use those experiences as an excuse to view everything through the distorted lens of professional victimhood. Not once in the article does she cite examples of the Everyday Racism™ she must endure. In her privileged position as judge or professor I’m sure she’s endured any number of instances of obnoxious, rude or less than respectful behavior. How does Rutledge suss out that any or all of them come from racist intent? She’s in a position of power over others and individuals can resent that power. Or is Rutledge assuming racism because the behavior is coming from non-black individuals? Hmmm…

However, Rutledge reveals that her view of America as a cesspool of unrelenting racism is borne not of reality but of emotion …

I am soul-achingly tired. … Tired of a lifetime of conversations about racism, service on diversity committees, and participation in anti-racism workshops.

Ah! She’s been caught up in the radical Left dogma of diversity committees and anti-racism workshops.

No wonder this privileged woman is acting like a spoiled teenager throwing a tantrum over getting a used KIA for her 16th birthday instead of a new Lexus. Rutledge has embraced the cult-mind of Critical Race Theory and the cognitive dissonance between holding all white people and American society as irredeemably racist while also knowing that same society provided her the opportunities to be among the elite. Rutledge has manufactured her own toxic personality.

Tired of waking my daughter up from nightmares where she’s asking me if the police are going to kill us. … Tired of being terrified every time my gentle, educated Black husband leaves our house, he will be the victim of police violence.

Rutledge is a poor parent if her daughter believes that. And she should be a lot more afraid of her husband dying in a car accident then at the hands of police. The data doesn’t support these hysterical views at all. Given her profession as both judge and a law professor teaching in the area forensic science she should be capable of evaluating evidence. Attorneys appearing before her should be cautious.

Leftism destroys everything it touches, including the mental health of its own acolytes. The very privileged Rutledge desperately needs to #WalkAway – for her family and herself.

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  • Mickey says:

    She and all the other liberals made their little make believe BS bed… now lie in it

  • Scott says:

    This woman is an idiot, and without question should be disbarred and prevented from teaching anything to anyone, as she is obviously incapable or critical, or even rational thought. CPS should also investigate her, as she, from her own statements appears to be an incompetent or abusive parent.

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