President Trump Announces Ban On Transgenders In Military, Internet Explodes [VIDEO]

President Trump Announces Ban On Transgenders In Military, Internet Explodes [VIDEO]

President Trump Announces Ban On Transgenders In Military, Internet Explodes [VIDEO]

Needless to say, President Trump lit the internet on fire this morning.

While everyone was focused on his battles with Sessions, Tillerson, the media, healthcare, Russia, etc etc; he sent out the following tweets.

And with that …social media exploded. Let’s take a minute to review the backstory regarding this ban

Last year, the Obama administration lifted the ban on allowing transgender troops to serve openly.

Under the policy set by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter, transgender troops also receive coverage for any treatment deemed medically necessary by their doctors, including surgery and hormone therapy.

That step left a decision for Trump Secretary of Defense James Mattis to make a decision on whether to allow new transgender troops to enter the military.

Of course, many are going to be pointing at Secretary of Defense Mattis testimony in January. However if you REALLY listen to his answers, he made it extremely clear to Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) that his concern is not the social policy, but the READINESS of our troops.

It is evident that he was concerned when he announced earlier this month that the review of transgenders serving in the military would have a positive or negative effect on the ‘readiness or lethality’ of the force.

“After consulting with the service chiefs and secretaries, I have determined that it is necessary to defer the start of accessions for six months,” Mattis said in a memo that was sent Friday to the service chiefs and secretaries and was obtained by The Associated Press. “We will use this additional time to evaluate more carefully the impact of such accessions on readiness and lethality.”

Of course, many weren’t happy with his decision even when presented with the costs of care (an estimated $1.35 billion over the next 10 years) that would be involved in this program.

As mentioned above, the internet exploded over President Trump’s decision this morning. The reactions are pro, con, and everywhere in between.

I could go on with the reactions. Needless to say, prior comments and tweets from President Trump and even Ivanka Trump will be getting a lot of play regarding this.

Basically we can expect a lot of hand wringing, temper tantrums, meltdowns, and more. But those on the side of social experimentation in the military strive to ignore a key fact.  READINESS and LETHALITY of our troops is more important than progressive political correctness!

As Jonn over at This Ain’t Hell points out, while there are a number of transgendered troops serving openly, if this policy had been enacted the following wouldn’t be considered until it was too late:

  • Those who join just to receive the “free medical care” to transition
  • The cost to readiness because of those transitioning are now on medical profiles
  • The costs of medical treatment to the taxpayers for the rest of their lives (Bradley Manning anyone?)
  • The problems with discipline and order in the ranks

Our military, for the last 8 years has been focused more on social experimentation and political correctness. The numbers of troops that are combat ready are at dangerously low levels and have led to multiple deployments for many; there are some I know who’ve been in for more than 10 years and are on their 9th deployment right now. Furthermore, the costs incurred for personal lifestyle choices take away from the military’s ability to provide the battle-ready resources and training that we need.

Secretary of Defense Mattis and President Trump are choosing battle readiness over “progressive” social experimentation, and that’s a good thing.

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  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Regarding the Trans folks’ argument that their projected medical costs are such an itsy bitsy teen weeny percentage of the GINORMOUS gazillions of dollars in the Defense budget and, therefore, a drop in the fiscal bucket so why can’t they swap fantasy genders in “biological science denial” of their fundamental, binary-option chromosomal makeup……..

    Those who wear braces and wish to join the military face also face a “discriminatory” obstacle.

    From the “Join the Military” website answering the question of whether or not those with braces can join the armed services:

    “Specifically, an applicant with braces or other orthodontic devices will be allowed to enter the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) if he/she provides a signed letter from their orthodontist that meets the following requirements:
    »Letter must be on orthodontist letterhead
    »Anticipated treatment completion date
    »Planned date of removal for the appliance
    »Explanation that no further treatment is required after removal

    So can I join the Military with braces? Yes, so long as you have a letter and they’re removed prior to departing for training.”

    In short, your braces “issue” must be completely resolved before you can enlist. The military is not interested in incurring the cost and care of such orthodontics for otherwise-fit applicants. They will be denied entry into the military.

    Considering the plethora of possible orthodontically-challenged recruits, their costs shrivel in comparison with gender-reassignment surgery and post-op care. Then we also have the repeated times of being medically sidelined from active duty status during the ongoing medical (and psychological) care required. Tends to take a bite out of the “readiness” profile of the Gender-bender Brigade.

    Where, oh, where are the Braces Matters demonstrators actively marching in the streets? Oh the shame! Oh the discrimination!

    That really bites, doesn’t it?

    • Nina says:

      Chris, this is perfect!

      FYI: if you are serving and diagnosed with a medical issue that hinders your readiness and deployability – you are either looking for a new job in the service or you decide how much longer to stay in. Some medical issues due lead to medical chaptering out as well.

  • GWB says:

    You missed Takei’s other tweet on the subject (I can’t link Twitchy at the moment, but it can be found there):

    Donald: With your ban on trans people from the military, you are on notice that you just pissed off the wrong community. You will regret it.

    Yeah, I couldn’t help but read that with a flip of the wrist and a silly prance in my voice. Oy.

    And yes, Nina, a medical issue can end up pushing you out without any sort of medical retirement or determination that the medical issue was ultimately the cause of your career termination.

    • Nina says:

      Hah! I can just picture that!

      Yes, a medical issue certainly can hinder or even halt a military career in it’s tracks. My husband is proof positive of that. But thankfully he was able to get his 20 before leaving on his own terms. 😉

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