President Obama “Looking Forward” to Immigration Executive Order

President Obama “Looking Forward” to Immigration Executive Order

In his bid to make his presidency Number 1 in the amount of stupid decisions made by one man, the PINO offers us lowly subjects this.

President Obama is “looking forward” to taking executive action on immigration, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in an interview published Tuesday.

“The president is disappointed that this legislative solution won’t be achieved, but the president is looking forward to taking executive action on his own, to solve as many of these problems as he can,” Earnest told Fusion.

Not only is he stupid, he is tone deaf. And I swear he is trolling us conservatives.

Recently, here in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon had a ballot measure that would have given “driver privilege cards” to illegal aliens.  Measure 88 got more votes than anything else on the Oregon ballot, and it went down in flames. In fact, by point of comparison, out of all the things Oregonians voted on in this election, it won more votes than pot legalization.  It also won more votes than the incumbent governor whose girlfriend had a sham marriage to an illegal alien, bought land for a pot farm, and is under an ethics investigation for influence peddling out of the executive mansion.  Measure 88 got more votes total than the incumbent senator or any of the six other ballot measures. It even lost by large margins in the bluest of the blue counties in Oregon.

Evidently, Oregonians believe in smoking their weed only from locally grown farms that aren’t staffed by illegal aliens.  It looks like there is work that Americans will do.  Exit polls also show that Americans are concerned about the economy, immigration, foreign policy and healthcare.

I promise two things if the president uses his pen and his phone to give illegal aliens who are breaking the law and stealing jobs amnesty.

The first thing is that all of those things I just listed that voters care about will all be affected in an epically negative way.  The economy will grind to a halt because unemployment will skyrocket (imagine adding at least some of those formerly illegal aliens to the unemployment rolls) and the people at the lower end of the economic spectrum (like Blacks, teenagers, Latinos) will now find themselves in competition for those already scarce jobs.  I would like the average black voter to thank the Dems and Barack Obama for that if this comes to pass.  Also immigration will no longer be something that anyone cares to follow the rules on, because we won’t enforce our borders or laws anyway.  The cost to the healthcare system that the PINO has already destabilized with Obama-Care will plunge this country into many years of economic depression (because it costs money to put those people on Obama-Care, regardless of what the law says, because now they are “citizens” you know), and the rest of the world will make a key tenet of their foreign policy toward us to just unload their undesirables on the USA because, why not?  No penalties for it right?

And I keep hearing from him how the immigration system is “broken” and I need that one explained to me.  My guess is that by “broken” the Democrats mean “it won’t let anyone in that promises to vote Democrat.”  Seems like it works under other presidents, even Democrat ones.  My guess is that if we actually had a president and a DOJ that would follow the law and enforce it, the system wouldn’t be nearly as “broken.”

The second thing executive amnesty, should it be carried forward, is going to do is galvanize an already motivated population of voters into action and ensure that if the president isn’t impeached for his law breaking (I don’t want that, because he can be the gift that keeps on giving for the next two years), that he will long be remembered as to why the Democrats became the permanent minority party.  This is the kind of issue that changes peoples minds, regardless of party.

There is no upside to what he is doing to the country by attempting this.  The only upside to him is that the PINO thinks that it will ensure that Democrats win every election for the rest of time.  In his hubris he will see what the American people meant in this election.  They saw his policies on the ballot and rejected them.

Now is the time for the Congress to stand against what the lawless and feckless non-leader of our country is trying to do.  Any and all measures, up to and including the words President Joe Biden need to be on the table.  This White House needs to know that the new majority party in Congress will fight as a co-equal branch of government to ensure that the law of the land is followed.  That is the message that needs to be carried forward.  If Barack wants a legacy, and not an asterisk next to his name, he should put down the pen and phone.

If Barack wants instead to make laws, perhaps he should get elected to the Senate.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Obozo has his legacy right here and now-the absolute worst president this nation has ever had. Prior to this media created fraud taking power every other one had wanted to do the right thing for the nation even if they went about it wrongly-from day one this creep has wanted to destroy the USA by any means possible.

    As for the Dem party becoming a permanent minority party-that would be oh so nice, but I don’t believe it will ever happen. So long as the far Left controls it and we have idiot voters around that party will always be like a poisonous weed ready to pop up again. One would have to reform or outlaw the Dem party and/or change the qualifications for voting in order to lessen its threat to the nation.

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